A job well done!

Here is where you can post your comments about the network, give ideas for changes and what live-events you would like to see.
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A job well done!

Post by LordPimp »

The first server I used when I started using IRC was DalNet. DalNet ladies and gentlemen is pretty hello in comparasion to UnderNet. So I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank UnderNet for a wonderful service. Small Channel owners or just normal chatters like myself don't encounter huge or grave problems... yes some big channel owners do encounter flood problems but in my opinon most of them are incompetent to handle any situation.

Since everyone pretty much complains complains complains... I thought it would be nice to give the UnderNet team a post where people can talk about the good things.

Nicklength Increase - EXCELLENT IDEA
Ban Limit Increase - EXCELLENT IDEA
X Ban Limit Increase - EXCELLENT IDEA
+r Restricted Access - EXCELLENT IDEA

I to be honest have recieved prompt replies from #arlington and #zt yes sometimes they say email abuse@undernet.org well its understandable in each major organisation when you have a complaint they refer you to the complaints department.

I would also like to thank all the major sponsers to undernet for providing there resources to the UnderNet community.
With over 100,000 users a day, UnderNet is doing a damn good job in supporting its users and providing a stable service.
In my knowledge no major network actually listens to its users... UnderNet has.

but in all those good things... one thing still hello me off. #CSERVICE improve that hello dudes, it needs some serious organisation. Its chaos there... you have too many helpers who have ambitions to become cservice admins... most of them are useless... and just have some script running with automatic answers... Perhaps have two channels... one for the big channels the latter for the small channels... thats the only part on UnderNet in my opinion needs serious working on. SBU is the key here...

Once again, thank you for the services... after checking out several networks... i am truly pleased with UnderNet. WELL DONE!

Asif Hanafi

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Post by lemuel »

Can you be more specific on which part you want to improve the CSCommittee?
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Post by Etherfast »

We have many volunteers there, and we cannot discriminate . We cannot say "we don't like you, please don't answer questions anymore". Everyone is welcome to help as they can, as long as he answers correctly and he respects the guidelines. If some don't, that's another story, and it's treated likewise.

On the other hand, we couldn't have 2 channels. It's useless. Imagine the users not getting helped or banned in one place, would join the other. Imagine the effort you'd need to make to be active and wary in two channels of this type.

Want a real example? Compare #CService with #usernames . This is an appropriate case :)

Anyway, in closing, thank you for your suggestions, comments, and regards. We are glad to see there's another happy user, content with Undernet Network. We're doing our best out there. It's not that easy as it looks like.

Keep up the good thoughts =)

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Post by Compy »

lemuel wrote:Can you be more specific on which part you want to improve the CSCommittee?

If im not mistaken, this is a feedback reply (so hes not intending to address one specific improvement), and all I have to say is likewise. :D

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Post by LordPimp »

Well what I meant by two channels was...

Lemme give an example

In a big organisation... you have a department that handles corporate accounts i.e. large accounts. And the you have a department that handles the rest of the small businesses.

So what I mean by having two channels is that you work alongside some of the big channels. Channels with 200+ users, this way you will get feedback and suggestions from the people who "theoratically matter most"
The department for small channels could handle new user registrations. help with X and various other topics.
Perhaps the Oper division could also structure itself in such a way.