Please, do not spam me!

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Please, do not spam me!

Post by Heimdal »

Dear Sir or Madam:

I have been using the Undernet on a regular basis since 1997. I mainly stick to the channels where my friends are, and every now and then, I join others just out of curiosity.

The purpose of my usage of Undernet has been communication. And the main problem on the channels that I participate in, are people joining and sending out advertisements for other channels, pornographic links, or simply just filling the channel with useless information. Spam.

I would like to point out that I regard a global message about a channel named #eurovision as useless as the above mention spam. And that it, even though it is an Undernet event, is of no interest to me.

I thereafter joined the channel, to make my point about this advertising. Only to find that it was the most spam filled channel that I had ever encountered, filled with kids shouting the name of their country, and sending banners of text/colours etc.

Please consider the way you run this network, and please do not spam me!

Yours faithfully,
London, the 21st of November 2004


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Post by tommytee »

Well Heimdal, first of all you should know that most of *private spammers* are not doing that on purpose, they are infected with so called 'spam scripts' - How do they get infected with this spam scripts ?
Well, when the *user* navigates on different web-sites or when he click on an site he got spammed with on IRC without having his updated patches, for his OS.

"How does the spam system works?
Simple: by Victim visiting an web-site wich exploits activex vulnerabilities of Internet Explorer vulnerability wich in his code searches for mirc program instalations and drops there an custom script, wich is loaded on remotes of mIRC, script wich actualy can perform some custom commands on some events, commands wich depends of spam script version. "
®Chip :P

On the other half, some of the *channel* spammers are kiddies that advertise certain channels, most of them personal channels, to gather more people on their channel. :)

Of course there some examples of channels that spam on purpose such as mp3 trading, porn, warez channels - Undernet does not support their activityes.. and in some cases its useless to fight against them because they can move to another channel after that certain channel was closed.

P.S: when someone is bothering you use full advantage of the /ignore command.

I apologise for any mistakes :)

Best regards, tomMytee.
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Post by cArLiLLoS »

Heimdal, you are free to disregard any global message sent to users and simply continue with your chat if the event announced is of no interest of you. In this particular case, no spam was intended or meant to be.

Global messages are part of the day-to-day network running to announce events or news that affect the whole user community. They can or cannot be of interest to users given the dynamic characteristic of an IRC network.

The channel was set up precisely for users to keep track of the Eurovision live event and support their fellow countrymen. People interested in the event or just curious joined, and left if they found it unbearable.

This kind of circumstances usually happen and while they are not intended to cause a nuisance, a bit of comprehension is expected. Undernet does its best to manage the network in the most fair and userfriendly way.

For futher references, please read the Undernet's Acceptable Use Policy at

Online help in #help or #userguide

Good luck and enjoy the good features of the Undernet.


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Post by Heimdal »

Dear Carlillos,

Would you evaluate the #eurovision event as successful?

I think I made my point and shall leave the subject to rest, whilst I for now, humbly and with great gratitude and gratefulness continue to make use of the features provided by the Undernet, this until the day the number of official events exceeds what I find acceptable.

I remain, Sir, your obedient servant,
London, the 22th of November 2004