Suggestion with bans

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Suggestion with bans

Post by TheLinux »


I would like the banns which are 14 days goes up until 30 days. This is possible, because on #Op there is many takeover.


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Post by sirAndrew »

Bans should have such a long period.... 2 weeks is just fine, a month is too long, X is on a channel to help the ops of that channel and the owner to maintaint certain rules that the manager makes. The ops are responsable for the channel, X is just an addition help which eases their work....If an op sets a ban for 30 days....and say that he banned a drone, if the infected user gets his pc cleaned he won`t be able to join the channel because the ban has a too long period.\

Anoter reason might be that in a months the X banlist from a channel gets full more easy if bans don`t expire in that you will have to delete them after a week or two when you`ll have the banlist filled with old bans and you won`t be able to add new bans..

So it`s a bad ideea in my oppinion!
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Post by Kaac »

I agree with Sir Andrew and I would like to add one more. If an Op wants to set a ban on someone for a month or for how long he or she wants, then set it manually and ask not to be removed. Generally, as I said, I agree with the second post, this is a bad idea.