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Post by Kahr »

OUTsider wrote:it would do YOU good.

What would do it's users good, would also do the network's users itself good. Undernet is nothing without it's users, neh?

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Post by Tomekeeper »

Personally, I"m a huge fan of the 12 character nickname limit now implemented. It means I can use my previous DALnet name, which was not grotesquely long (this name, in fact) and use it over on Undernet. I wouldn't even mind seeing it go up to 15 or so, but 12 serves any need that I have.

By now, even the most blunted user should have noticed that the 9-character limit resulted in a whopping load of truncated names that were missing vowels or suchlike to make it fit the nick length limits. I'm pleased with this change, for sure, and definitely give the IRC Awesome award to whoever changed it.

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Post by OUTsider »

Drones are easily able to find plenty of nicknames using dictionaries for example. Some use randomchars (but let's forget about those in this thread). There is no need for a longer nickname base in my opinion. Sure it would be nice so people wouldn't need to find alternatives.

Increasing nicklenght just so you could attach stuff like BRB/AWAY/GONE/SHOWER to it to state your status is no decent reason to increase it. use /away <reason> for that.

In the time Dalnet got heavily ddossed a lot of them moved to undernet. Most of them got used to dalnet's 32 char nicks, and then they had something like: What the heck ? Only 9 ???

Well, most people are used to 9 chars, I'm one of those and am able to live with it. (The fact that I use 15 on my own net has nothing to do with that)
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Post by silviu »

Well, I got used to the 9 chars length of the nickname during the years. Also I don't see the use for 3 more chars, but this is only my opinion.