How to Connect on Mibbit using Undernet

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How to Connect on Mibbit using Undernet

Post by Diamondeater »

Hello Guys!! please anyone could help me to connect from using undernet I am using mibbit before under undernet server its working but now its dead the hostname/ip was and has a messeage
468: | [0] pancakehaus, [1] Your username is invalid.
468: | [0] pancakehaus, [1] Connect with your real username, in lowercase.
468: | [0] pancakehaus, [1] If your mail address were, your username would be foo.

I already follow the instructions but still not working. guys help me.


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Post by Clubbin »

Maybe you haven`t understood exactly so let me explain again:
If you would have e-mail and your ip is your should have the settings like this test@ not TEST@ - so make sure you have the settings set as i stated above (thats what the mibbit system asks you to do)

Good luck
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Post by Diamondeater »

hello its still not working on mibbit and the server undernet was terminated and the server was by mibbit i think there's something wrong with the site please try to visit it so that you know..


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Post by xplora »

that IP is the server, however that error appears to be an issue with the mibbit client, and/or the IP you are connecting to that undernet server with, anyway, try the following:

1. Try a different undernet server.
2. Ask the creators of mibbit
3. Try to contact the server admins ( with the ip you are trying to connect from is a good place to start, incase it is a g-line issue, otherwise they will be able to advise you who to contact regarding the specific server).

As mibbit is not a client/service controlled by Undernet, it's creators are probably the best people to talk to first, as there doesn't appear to be any issue with the undernet server in question or Undernet in general. :/
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Post by Diamondeater »

thank you so much xplora for the info.


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Post by fancywoman »

Can we still connect to undernet using mibbit? I've tried it for several days already and i can't connect, I always got this error G-lined by the server.

Please advise if there are other web chats that i could use preferrable similar to mibbit.

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Post by Spidel »

i don't think it matters what client you are using as the message will still be the same. mail at including ip and ask for a removal.

Apparently your ip is glined thats why you cannot connect to any of undernet servers.
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Post by Puck7 »

Mibbit assigns it's own ip, so it doesn't matter what the users ip is. Would be helfull if the "helpers" would check out the service and get to know it before they "help".