Goodbye Underneters!

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Goodbye Underneters!

Post by Xaifas »

Before starting to laugh or flame or whatever you have in mind, I want you guys and girls to know that I'm not leaving Undernet because of stupid reasons like drones, illegal activity on the network or personal problems.
I've decided to leave it permanently because I found a network with an huge scripting community and as most of you people know *I R Scriptz0r*. As most of us knows IRC is a place to learn stuff and maybe make some friends along the way. I consider that I have nothing more to learn from Undernet (No! I don't know everything).
I want to say thank you for all of you guys who supported and hated me, and I appologize if I ever managed to offend any of you in anyway and I'm sorry if I'm letting anybody down.

And I can't leave the network without saying some words for the following special people:
-Sanitarium: I will always be your number 1 fan dude!
-LadyLu: Your the best, thank you that you believed in me.
-ChaMeLioN: All my virii removal knowledge that I learned was because I had the best mentor around!
-chalcedony: <<<<<<hugs mom>>>>>> I will miss your c00kiez :cry:
-sh0cknock: Keep on riding dude \m/ ! I admire your way/skills of managing a channel
-znarrez: Still trying to get your bed back from the ebay sell :oops:
-xplorer: My favorite person that I like to tease and bitch at hehe! Who needs an boxing bag when you can get xplorer :P
-SPIR: Thank you for keeping my brain working with your gazilions of scripts requests haha :lol:

And I want to personally appologise to the following people:
-Huggins: Sorry for calling you a d**b mother f***er you d**b mother f***er :evil:
-Simba: Sorry for letting you down with the user-com UUS project
-Eenie: Sorry that my forum signature image was always to big *not* according to the AUP :lol:

Take care and good luck Underneters!
Sincerely Xaifas

*Date and time of perma quit from Undernet: 30.12.2008 10 PM GMT +2*
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Post by Spidel »

lol, bye.
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Post by xplo »

tc dude, we will miss ya, and i will miss beeing your punching bag :p
Go to hell with your questions, my time is done here. It was fun, but this network is sooooo corrupted by morons, its not worth it.

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Post by ^5 »

dang Xai I still need yea to bugg with a few scripts :/ I am very sory you left and maybe when you got time leave me an email to contact yea ;)

And btw thanks a lot for all the scripts ;P Still running them
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Post by Huggins »

:baaa: :classic:

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Post by Dooku »

Fair play spirit ! :inlove:
Take care Xaifas.
Hope we'll see you again.
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Post by ChaMeLioN »

I'm sorry to hear this, this late. Expect a call from me when i get to Romania + a real punch for not letting me know about this before hand. Take care buddy.