I have a problem with some DNS's

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I have a problem with some DNS's

Post by `Dan »

[18:19] * Dns resolving cservice.undernet.org
[18:19] * Dns resolved cservice.undernet.org to
[18:19] * Dns resolving routing-com.undernet.org
[18:19] * Dns unable to resolve routing-com.undernet.org
[18:19] * Dns resolving forum.undernet.org
[18:19] * Dns unable to resolve forum.undernet.org
[18:20] * Dns resolving coder-com.undernet.org
[18:20] * Dns unable to resolve coder-com.undernet.org
[18:20] * Dns resolving http://www.undernet.org
[18:20] * Dns resolved http://www.undernet.org to

Server not found

Firefox can't find the server at routing-com.undernet.org.

* Check the address for typing errors such as
ww.example.com instead of

* If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network

* If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

I can't understand what's with this , some of them are working , some not , i`m going crazy! Please help me !
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Post by xplora »

Staying on topic, and even tho this is an old topic, If your ISP is RDS, this is a known issue, where the ISP has hijacked the domain in order to make sure irc clients all connect to their Undernet irc server. As a result this is an issue to take up with Undernet's irc op dudu, and your RDS technical help staff.
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Post by tunaleya »

Where can I find the correct Primary and Secondary DNS Numbers? I'm setting up my PS2 online by connecting it to my computer. My computer gets its internet from my wireless Linksys adapter. On my PS2, I entered the IP address information. I tested the connection, and it does connect. However, when i try to go online, it says DNS server does not respond. I entered the DNS number from the " Start, Run, cmd, IPCONFIG/ALL" This number didn't work. Am i missing something?

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Post by ikogelo »

I have similar problem as tunaleya but this in my case, I need to connect the DNS of network

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Post by louielocks »

you can jut add the gatway address as the primary dns serve on your ps2, and that should work

but if you are using dhcp - the ps2 automatically requests ip adress/gateway/dns server will get populated by themselves

hope that helps

smile :)

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Post by FrederickSmith »

Let me present some troubleshooting suggestions to effectively deal with the problem.

A Complete PS Power Down & Restart
Power down your PS2, remove all connections and make them again. Then power up and connect with the Internet back again. This procedure works most of the time to fix the PS3 DNS error, quite effectively.

Restart Modem and Try Connecting Again
One reason why the Internet connection might fail is a problem with the modem settings. Restart modem and reconnect with the Internet. This usually solves the problem immediately.

DNS issue with wireless router

Enter the Internet Connection Settings Precisely
Configure the PS2 Internet connection back again. Get information about the correct primary and secondary addresses, along with the DNS server addresses and enter it manually in while configuring to fix the problem.

Upgrade the PS2 Firmware
One way in which you may fix this PS2 DNS error is through a firmware upgrade. This may solve any software issues that may be causing the error.

Check Out Firewall Settings
Your router Firewall might be blocking out PS2 or your wireless router may have a MAC address filter enabled, with the PS2 MAC address not entered, causing the connection problem. See to it that the firewall is not blocking PS2 and enter the MAC address of your PSP device in the filter list to fix the problem.

Check out every one of the possible problems that may lead to a PS2 DNS error, mentioned above. You are bound to find a fix for your particular problem, in the suggestions presented there. Generally a complete power down and restart of the entire system, along with the modem should solve your problem. Otherwise, update the firmware and check the Internet connection settings. Check out the online PlayStation System Software user guide provided on the Playstation website, to get more details about connecting PS2 to the Internet and dealing with DNS errors. Happy gaming!

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Post by MattCol1 »

Super thanks to louielocks, his advice is very good. I use my gateway add as my primary dns server and it all works! :)