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Post by wensu »

nobody listens though, but perhaps I can try it again anyway :)

<arl> Ask your question on the channel and wait (be patient). Remember we DONT HELP warez - mp3/music - psy/bnc/shell - porn - sex - or any trade Channel.

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Post by evi|one »

[16:37] <@TornadoW> (i'm typing with one hand, excuse my typing :)
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Post by Homer »

evi|one wrote:[16:37] <@TornadoW> (i'm typing with one hand, excuse my typing :)
And And And wheres the other hand ? ehhh, what a naughty boy :P
If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you!

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Post by mxxl »


[18:27:28] *** LordLuke ( has joined #idlerpg
[18:27:28] *** sammy ( has joined #idlerpg
[18:27:28] *** sam-my ( has joined #idlerpg
[18:27:28] *** BOTidler sets mode: +b *!*
[18:27:28] *** [#idlerpg] Banned- X, sam-my, sammy, sprinkler, Ratler, Revenger, NiKoLaS, NetForce, LordLuke (9 users)
[18:27:30] *** sprinkler was kicked by BOTidler (banned:join flood)
[18:27:31] *** Ratler was kicked by BOTidler (banned:join flood)
[18:27:34] *** sam-my was kicked by BOTidler (banned:join flood)
[18:27:36] *** sammy was kicked by BOTidler (banned:join flood)
[18:27:39] *** NiKoLaS was kicked by BOTidler (banned:join flood)
[18:27:41] *** Revenger was kicked by BOTidler (banned:join flood)
[18:27:43] *** NetForce was kicked by BOTidler (banned:join flood)
[18:27:45] *** LordLuke was kicked by BOTidler (banned:join flood)
[18:27:46] (DinTn): ROFLMAO

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Post by lemuel »

[15:16] <+Tzintzi> type /oper hello off several times.. and you`ll get killed ;]
[15:16] * Quits: +Tzintzi ( (Killed (* (You have been warned, have a nice day!)))
[15:16] <@SysTem-X> lol
[15:16] <@JL`> rofl

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Post by YounGun »

* YounGun activates superman powers
*** Using X for command: OP #512kbps YounGun
*** X sets mode: +o YounGun
* YounGun flies next to zK-
(YounGun): :)
(Surprised): =)
(Surprised): Superman is here ;)
(KNIGHT77): hahaaaaaa
(YounGun): ..have no fear.
(KNIGHT77): where is superwoman
(YounGun): she is coming
(YounGun): ...doing some shopping
(lemuel): shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
(lemuel): im sleeping
(YounGun): incredible, how can u write at the same time?
(YounGun): HE must be superman.
(KNIGHT77): heheh
(KNIGHT77): :P

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Post by zK »

Just joined that guy's channel once, and then he started bugging me :P

[17:17] <@Surprised> Argh, I'm slow today
[17:17] <Tzintzi> Surprised, you`re slow in many things (your girl told me herself)
[17:18] <@Surprised> Tzintzi ; I don't have a girl lately... And I'm a virgin
[17:18] <estefano> whi are u a virgin , Surprised
[17:18] <@Surprised> estefano : Because I didn't fruck anyone yet
[17:19] <estefano> i know , but why haven`t you ?
[17:19] <@Surprised> Cause I'm not a naughty girl
[17:20] <estefano> well , i don`t believe u
[17:20] <@Surprised> estefano : You don't have to believe me
[17:20] <estefano> surprised : nobody is willing to do it with you , or u don`t wanna ?
[17:21] <@Surprised> estefano ; I told you I'm a good girl, I'm too young for this
[17:21] <estefano> but how young are you Surprised ?
[17:21] <@Surprised> estefano ; 17
[17:22] <estefano> and this is too young ? I know lot`s of girls your age that are`nt virgins
[17:22] <@Surprised> estefano ; Well they're SLUTS
[17:23] <estefano> well , they aren`t sluts , surprised ! One of them is my girlfriend
[17:23] <@Surprised> estefano : Tough luck, isn't it ?
[17:24] <estefano> surprised , nobody else has done her but me ! So she isn`t a slut
[17:25] <estefano> surprised , nobody else has done her but me ! So she isn`t a slut ! Do u agree , Surprised ?
[17:26] <estefano> and watch status
[17:27] <@Surprised> estefano : So you're proud of it ?
[17:30] <estefano> Surprised , can i help too on this channel ?
[17:30] <@Surprised> estefano : It's for virgins only, but.. I'll put you as an exception
[17:30] <@Surprised> estefano: Information concerning your interest in helping in #cservice being sent to you via /notice
[17:31] <estefano> 10x surprised , but why is this only for virgins ?
[17:32] <@Surprised> estefano : Because when you're a virgin, you think about frucking all the time, and it's raising your helping potential
[17:32] <estefano> surprised , i like how u`re thinking
[17:33] <@Surprised> Thank you :)
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Post by zK »

[17:39] <WebXpertu-ON> Kiath
[17:39] <@Kiath> Inregistrezi iar. Dar nu folosi mai multe usere, te rog eu mult, sincer iti zic, iei suspend la amandoua.
[17:39] <WebXpertu-ON> ce sa intregistrez ma
[17:39] <WebXpertu-ON> canalul sau ce
[17:39] <@Kiath> Da.
[17:39] <WebXpertu-ON> loooooooool
[17:39] <WebXpertu-ON> glumesti nu e asa
[17:39] <WebXpertu-ON> :)))
[17:39] <@Kiath> Aha :)
[17:39] <WebXpertu-ON> mda
[17:40] <@Kiath> Zambeste, esti la Camera Ascunsa! Sunt Chelu' de la Vacanta Mare si vorbesc serios.
[17:40] <WebXpertu-ON> inseamna ca nu meriti accessul asta pe carte il ai acia
[17:40] <WebXpertu-ON> ma
[17:40] <WebXpertu-ON> tu esti turc
[17:40] <WebXpertu-ON> ce dreaq ai
[17:40] <WebXpertu-ON> |:(
[17:40] <@Kiath> Da, dar vorbesc si romaneste.
[17:40] <Kaddy> :))
[17:41] <WebXpertu-ON> pai ce dreaq
[17:41] <WebXpertu-ON> Surprised
[17:41] <WebXpertu-ON> ajutama tu
[17:41] <@Kiath> WebXpertu-ON renunta la el, apoi inregistreaza-ti canalul, este o regula pe Undernet, nu poti folosi mai multe usere.
[17:41] <WebXpertu-ON> ma ma lasi
[17:41] <WebXpertu-ON> nu renunt la nimic
[17:41] <@Kiath> Asta e.
[17:41] <@Surprised> WebXpertu-ON : Eu sunt Mugur Mihaescu, cu ce te pot ajuta ?
[17:42] <@Kiath> LOL Surprised :D

A few seconds later, in private
[17:43] <WebXpertu-ON> ba
[17:43] <WebXpertu-ON> tu faci misto sau chiar esti mugur
[17:43] <WebXpertu-ON> LOL

In the channel...
[17:44] <WebXpertu-ON> defi nu puteti sa ma ajutati nu >
[17:44] <WebXpertu-ON> ?
[17:45] <@Kiath> Te-am ajutat deja.
[17:45] <WebXpertu-ON> nu mai ajutat eloc ma
[17:45] <WebXpertu-ON> cu ce ma ajutasi
[17:45] <WebXpertu-ON> nu mai ajutat deloc ma
[17:45] <@Kiath> Te rog frumos sa folosesti apelativul "Domnule" cand discuti cu mine, nu "Ma".
[17:46] <WebXpertu-ON> pai ?
[17:46] <WebXpertu-ON> nu zisesi ca esti mugur?
[17:46] <WebXpertu-ON> santem vecini de loc.
[17:46] <WebXpertu-ON> :P)
[17:46] <WebXpertu-ON> glumeam
[17:46] <@Surprised> De la Dâlga ?
[17:46] <@Kiath> Nu, Surprised e Mugur. Eu sunt Lila.
[17:46] <WebXpertu-ON> pai si ia zii domnule Kiath
[17:46] <WebXpertu-ON> lol
[17:46] <WebXpertu-ON> liloooooo
[17:46] <WebXpertu-ON> hmmmmm
[17:46] <WebXpertu-ON> ma voi faceti misto
[17:46] <WebXpertu-ON> pe bune
[17:46] <WebXpertu-ON> a?
[17:46] * X sets mode: +b *!*sadsa@213.154.104.*
[17:46] * WebXpertu-ON was kicked by X ((Kiath) Esti amuzant, sa moara mama)
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Post by zK »

[17:53] <TrapperX> bai vreau sh io access pe chanu asta !
[17:53] <TrapperX> :P
[17:53] <Hyperion^> TrapperX cere lui Surprised :)
[17:53] <TrapperX> ce jmecher sunt !! ;)
[17:53] <TrapperX> daaa cu sigurantza imi va da stii
[17:53] <@Surprised> TrapperX : Sigur, cat acces vrei si pe ce username? Poti folosi mai multe
[17:53] <Hyperion^> Surprised serios ? :)
[17:54] <@Surprised> Hyperion^ ; Da

And in privates

[17:53] <dRaK> man
[17:54] <Surprised> ?
[17:54] <dRaK> tu esti seful?
[17:55] <Al^PaCiNo> salut
[17:55] <TrapperX> mane

[17:57] <WebXpertu-ON> alo
[17:57] <@Surprised> WebXpertu-ON : 931 - Informatii. CU ce te pot ajuta ?
[17:58] <WebXpertu-ON> Surprised iarasi tu
[17:59] <WebXpertu-ON> Surprised raspunzi ma la un private?
[17:59] <@Surprised> WebXpertu-ON ; E cu taxa inversa ?
[17:59] <WebXpertu-ON> :))))))))))
[17:59] <WebXpertu-ON> da

And enough for 2day :P
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Post by Tzintzi »

(12:05:39) (Tzintzi): ce muncesti ?
(12:05:42) (Mervin`): fac muia

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Post by zK »

[18:11] <@Surprised> |MaXiM| : We do have that idle bot. It's my bouncer. You have a username to it ?
[18:11] <@|MaXiM|> I dont
[18:11] <@Surprised> Humm...
[18:11] <@|MaXiM|> I dont remember someone added me to it
[18:13] <@Surprised> -zK- Added username maxim with permident *!* on #usernames
[18:13] <@Kiath> There you go :)
[18:13] <@Surprised> -zK- Modified maxim's access level to 200 (idle)
[18:13] <@|MaXiM|> how can I use it now?
[18:13] <@Surprised> Wait, there are a few more things to configure :)
[18:14] <@Surprised> Type /msg zk- login maxim changeme
[18:15] <@Surprised> Good
[18:15] <@|MaXiM|> logged in
[18:15] <@Surprised> What does it say ?
[18:16] <@|MaXiM|> <zK-> Login successful as maxim. Do NOT loose your password
[18:16] <@Surprised> Okay, seems fine. Now , you're auth'ed with a permident =)
[18:17] <@Surprised> Your commands are .opme and .noidle . .next works only when +m is set to channel
[18:17] <@Surprised> The bnc must be opped and in the channel :)
[18:17] <@|MaXiM|> however, I cant see zK- in #usernames
[18:18] <@Surprised> [18:17] -> *zK-* join #usernames
[18:18] <@Surprised> Okay :) This will do. By the way, users with userflag +o (opers/local/global) have priority to the commands
[18:19] <@|MaXiM|> oh
[18:19] <@Surprised> =)
[18:19] <@Surprised> lmao!!
[18:19] <@|MaXiM|> I just got over one joke, now I will have to go over another
[18:20] <@|MaXiM|> omg
[18:20] <@Kiath> LOL
[18:20] * @Kiath laughing
[18:20] <@|MaXiM|> I have never been spanked enough hard
[18:20] <@|MaXiM|> it was enough for today
[18:20] <@|MaXiM|> laters everyone
[18:20] <@|MaXiM|> lol
[18:20] <@Kiath> LOL
[18:20] <@Surprised> Tc :)
[18:20] <@|MaXiM|> but you will see, I wont forget you
[18:20] <@Surprised> Of course :)
[18:20] <@Kiath> Catch you later.
[18:21] <@|MaXiM|> payback
[18:21] <@|MaXiM|> :-)

And in the 'bot's' privates :
[18:15] <|MaXiM|> login maxim changeme
[18:15] <zK-> Login successful as maxim. Do NOT loose your password
[18:19] <|MaXiM|> hm:P
[18:19] <zK-> :)))))))))
[18:19] <|MaXiM|> daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn
[18:19] <zK-> Lmao lmao lmao :)
[18:19] <|MaXiM|> will someone stop joking with me today?
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Post by Nice|GuY »


Session Start: Sat May 08 23:31:47 2004
Session Ident: bi_4_cluj
23:31:47 Session Ident: bi_4_cluj (the_best@
23:31:47 <bi_4_cluj> hello im bisexual man foreigner for few days in romania and i search sex and i pay for that if you can be interest?
23:32:04 <Nice|GuY> sure
23:32:10 <Nice|GuY> how much you pay?
23:32:24 <bi_4_cluj> that depends from what you can do and how you look like
23:32:31 <bi_4_cluj> so if you are serious we speak
23:32:46 <Nice|GuY> I am serious.
23:33:11 <Nice|GuY> Speak up
23:33:27 <bi_4_cluj> so me 27/183/80 and you
23:34:06 <Nice|GuY> 20/185/70
23:34:20 <bi_4_cluj> ok and you have a picture for trade
23:34:35 <Nice|GuY> No sorry. I am at an internet caffe
23:34:38 <Nice|GuY> You?
23:34:46 <bi_4_cluj> ok so give me a precise description of you pls
23:35:26 <Nice|GuY> Well... brown eyes, dark hair, tanned, and 20 cm big co*k
23:35:30 <Nice|GuY> Precise enough?
23:35:40 <bi_4_cluj> ok
23:35:45 <bi_4_cluj> and what you can do in sex for money with a man
23:36:07 <Nice|GuY> I su*k good, I might let you fu*k me if you pay good
23:36:25 <bi_4_cluj> so you are bisexual, hetero or gay ?
23:36:34 <Nice|GuY> bi
23:36:52 <bi_4_cluj> ok so you can su*k me and maybe i can fu*k you
23:36:55 <bi_4_cluj> so lets speak about price
23:37:02 <Nice|GuY> ok...
23:37:08 <Nice|GuY> How much do you offer?
23:37:17 <bi_4_cluj> so first of all we speak in lei
23:37:22 <bi_4_cluj> and lets be reasonable
23:37:26 <bi_4_cluj> for the price
23:37:33 <Nice|GuY> ok.
23:37:41 <bi_4_cluj> so how much you want for only oral
23:37:57 <Nice|GuY> 500.000
23:38:52 <Nice|GuY> So?
23:38:59 <bi_4_cluj> its ok
23:39:03 <bi_4_cluj> and for oral and anal
23:39:11 <Nice|GuY> 1.5 milion
23:39:19 <bi_4_cluj> its ok for me
23:39:24 <bi_4_cluj> so now lets speak some details
23:39:42 <Nice|GuY> Ok..
23:39:44 <Nice|GuY> speak up
23:39:53 <bi_4_cluj> so where im alound to ejaculate
23:40:21 <Nice|GuY> Not on me... that is an extra 100.000
23:40:39 <bi_4_cluj> so give me proposition and price for the proposition
23:41:19 <Nice|GuY> hmm... ok
23:41:36 <bi_4_cluj> so if i juice on your face i pay extra 100.000
23:41:43 <bi_4_cluj> and if i juice in you how much extra you want
23:41:51 <Nice|GuY> Oral+anal+ejaculate wherever you want 2 milions
23:42:02 <bi_4_cluj> its ok for me
23:42:21 <Nice|GuY> Me too...
23:42:28 <Nice|GuY> Are you in Cluj?
23:42:36 <bi_4_cluj> yes and you
23:43:05 <Nice|GuY> Me too...
23:43:19 <Nice|GuY> we can meet at Sora Supermarket in exactly 1 hour
23:43:31 <bi_4_cluj> who is YounGun he speak to me about you
23:44:04 <Nice|GuY> Used to be my boyfriend... he choose to be only gay... I like bi more
23:44:24 <bi_4_cluj> and why have come to speak with me just now he know what we speak
23:44:46 <Nice|GuY> He asked everyone in some channels
23:44:55 <bi_4_cluj> ok
23:45:06 <bi_4_cluj> so the deal is fu*k su*k and ejaculation where i want for 2million
23:45:18 <Nice|GuY> Deal!
23:45:30 <bi_4_cluj> ok and if i want some pervers staff
23:45:44 <Nice|GuY> What kind of stuff?
23:46:05 <bi_4_cluj> what you can do in pervers staff
23:47:23 <Nice|GuY> I can su*k without touch
23:47:30 <bi_4_cluj> that is not pervers
23:47:55 <Nice|GuY> I can let you fist me
23:48:04 <bi_4_cluj> are you sure you can be fist
23:48:09 <Nice|GuY> Sure
23:48:16 <bi_4_cluj> so and how much for to fist you
23:48:28 <Nice|GuY> 1 milion extra
23:48:32 <Nice|GuY> this is 3 milions now
23:48:53 <bi_4_cluj> its pretty expensive 1million for that
23:49:02 <bi_4_cluj> you putt a extra pervers staff and its ok for 3million
23:49:33 <Nice|GuY> No... well if you don`t want to.... I am not in the mood for boning
23:49:54 <bi_4_cluj> or we stay at 2million for oral and anal
23:51:38 <bi_4_cluj> so we deal or not
23:52:01 <Nice|GuY> At Sora Supermarket in 1 hours
23:52:05 <Nice|GuY> hours*
23:52:11 <bi_4_cluj> its too late in one hour
23:54:13 <bi_4_cluj> ok i see you are not anymore interest to win 2million
23:57:54 <bi_4_cluj> ok bye bye
23:59:50 <bi_4_cluj> i was searching a serious guy
00:00:19 <Nice|GuY> I told you be in front of sora in 1 hours
00:00:40 <bi_4_cluj> its too late if i pay i decide when i meet i think its logic when we speak about 2.000.000lei
Session Close: Sun May 09 00:00:47 2004

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Post by Kiath »

<N-Y-K-Y> brb, my girlfriend just borned my damn child ...

<Creatorul> !seen mata
<Hercules0> Creatorul, I don't remember seeing mata.

<Creatorul> vere
<Creatorul> lasa ma nu fii trist
<Kiath> da
<Kiath> de ce ma?
<Creatorul> ca mai stiu eu pe unu
<Kiath> care ce?
<Creatorul> ma duc cu el prin baruri la weceu
<Creatorul> eu ma duc la weceu si el se p*sa in chiuveta
<Creatorul> ))))))
<Creatorul> nu-i place in veceu
<Kiath> Eu asa fac si acasa
<Kiath> La bucatarie
<Creatorul> looool
<Creatorul> sa mori tu ?
<Kiath> De unde mananci tu cand vii la mine
<Creatorul> )))))))))))))))))
<Creatorul> nu mai mananc
<Creatorul> nu mai vin la tine
<Kiath> LOL

kylie23): nu mai sunt banned?
(@Nebuna): x b *!*@ 336 400 Acum da! A zis e|ectric sa-i sugi p**a!
(kylie23): de ce?
(@Nebuna): Intreaba-l
(kylie23): de ce sa-ti sug p**a e|lectric?
*** MrEggy sets mode: +b *!*@
*** [#webchart@mtv] Banned- kylie23
*** kylie23 was kicked by MrEggy (Fara injuraturi...! Incearca pe Status!)

<[8]Mile> [19:46:11] <Modeus> vand poster cu Iisus cand il eutanasiau romanii
<[8]Mile> [19:46:27] <Modeus> romanii erau rockeri iar Jesus era manelist
<[8]Mile> Lol

* Pitonu manilor gasesc domeniu .mp3 ?
<Pitonu> bah
<Pitonu> gasesc domeniu .mp3 ?
<umc> nu cred...
<[8]Mile> LOL.
<Kiath> Pfuahahaha

[16:04] <jardelake> sal
[16:05] <Kethal-> Salut.
[16:05] <jardelake> mai
[16:05] <jardelake> bagi
[16:05] <jardelake> si u pe psych
[16:05] <jardelake> pe un chan?
[16:05] <Kethal-> Daca imi faci o felatie.
[16:05] <jardelake> adik?

<gothica> stii c a facut kethal
[15:19:03] <HellutZ> ee?
[15:19:09] <gothica> dar oricum nu-s sigura ca el a facut
[15:19:17] <HellutZ> ce sa fie?!!!!
[15:19:57] <HellutZ> ce draq a facut?
[15:20:42] <gothica> mi-a pus anunt la matrimoniale si ma trezesc cu zeci de telefoane pe zi
[15:21:00] <gothica> nici un lol
[15:21:03] <HellutZ> lasa ca faci minute!!!!!!!!
[15:21:09] <gothica> looooooooooool
[15:21:14] <gothica> asta asa-i
[15:21:26] <HellutZ> bai ce faza mijto!!
[15:21:31] <HellutZ> nenorocit omu ala!
[15:21:35] <HellutZ> ii dau o bere pe kestia asta!
[15:21:53] <gothica> lol
[15:21:55] <gothica> bine
[15:21:56] <gothica> pa
[15:22:19] <gothica> da m-am saturat de mistouri
[15:22:27] <HellutZ> gata gata!
[15:22:33] <HellutZ> da' tre sa recunosti ca e mijto faza!
[15:23:02] <gothica> k
[15:23:10] <gothica> auzi....cum draq caut??
[15:23:15] <gothica> ca io nu am vazut anuntu
[15:23:21] <HellutZ> ce sa cauti?
[15:23:22] <gothica> decat m-au sunta astia
[15:23:25] <gothica> pe net
[15:23:27] <HellutZ> )
[15:23:32] <gothica> vb serios
[15:23:33] <HellutZ> pai depinde unde draq l'a pus!
[15:23:39] <gothica> piata online
[15:23:49] <gothica>
[15:23:50] <HellutZ> te'a bagat la piata!!)))))))))
[15:24:42] <gothica> cica ma iau astia cu c faci gagica, vrei s-o facem

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Post by Kiath »

Alright, check more logs here:

Most of them are in Romanian.

And also

Enjoy them :)

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Post by zK »

Not fair, lamer :P
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