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Post by Kiath »

* ColdAsIce grabs PAMELA__ and kisses her on and on for 69 mins
<Kiath-> ColdAsIce, I think I hate you.
* PAMELA__ 68 and i own u 1.. old joke eh?
<Skip> Ce bine sa fi acolo sus nimeni nu iti spune nimic nimeni nu iti face nimic oare e vis ? oare e realitate ? oare e ceva ce a mai fost oooh nu cred e pentru prima data ;-)~ Nu e asea ca sunt absurd nu e asea ca sunt absolut nu e asea ca sunt realist ? ah nu stiu sigur poate trebe sa mai invat sau nu ;-)
<ColdAsIce> :))
<Kiath-> "Oare... Not another Romanian lamer" :)
<PAMELA__> Skip are u married? if not come prv :P
<`^adi^`> geez
<ColdAsIce> uhm
* X sets mode: +o ColdAsIce
* ColdAsIce sets mode: +bb Skip!*@* PAMELA__!*@*
<ColdAsIce> <=- gealous
<`^adi^`> :]
<Kiath-> LOL!

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Post by ZubaZ »

|03:38:37| <route99a> hey is it possible for any 1 here to find out my ip address
|03:38:37| <@Userhelp> route99a your IP/host it`s

PS: Userhelp is bot for those who don't know

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Post by lilmoe »

zK wrote:[14:12] <@lilmoe> pot19: What typa channel you looking for?
[14:12] <@lilmoe> cuz this channel is for gay people
[14:12] <@Sulplised> huh ?
[14:12] <pot19> nothing in particular!
[14:13] <@lilmoe> Sulplised: what huh>
[14:13] <@lilmoe> pot19: try /list
[14:13] <pot19> ur all gay here?
[14:13] * @Sulplised slaps lilmoe :)
[14:13] * smplums ( has joined #mIRCBeginners
[14:13] <@lilmoe> yeah
[14:13] <@lilmoe> including Sulplised
[14:14] <@Sulplised> sul stands for big dick :P
[14:14] <@lilmoe> yeah
[14:14] <@lilmoe> plised stands for up my ass
[14:14] <@Sulplised> LOL
[14:15] <@lilmoe> lol
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Post by Homer »

(18:55:42): * asyraf ( has joined #cservice
(18:55:52): * zubz-g0n3 is now known as zubz-
(18:55:53): (asyraf) what country is this
(18:56:04): * TrapperX ( has left #cservice
(18:56:15): (ProLink) asyraf : this is not a country this is the official X help channel
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Post by zK »

lilmoe, YOU LITTLE F.U.C.K!!!!!!!!
Yeah I'm proud to be gay :P
Fear the Pufulix!
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Post by zK »

#intel help professionists :))

[12:40] <GuyBrush> y have a problem
[12:40] <GuyBrush> my CD-rom is smoking
[12:41] <Surprised> like in "The Mask" ?
[12:41] <Surprised> SSssssssssssssssssssmokin`
[12:41] <Surprised> =)
[12:41] <GuyBrush> mo like in Oh my GOD he SMOKES
[12:42] <Surprised> it*
[12:45] <GuyBrush> no, y call him Jimm
[12:45] <GuyBrush> ve grew up together
[12:46] <Surprised> you're like high or something ?
[12:46] <GuyBrush> no, little Jimmy suffers and y do not know what to do!
[12:47] <Surprised> end his pain, insert a romanian cd :)
[12:47] <GuyBrush> noooooooooooo, they-re poison for anny computer, nooo way!
[12:47] * Surprised rests his case
[12:48] * GuyBrush plz do not make me put him to ... sleep!
[12:51] * GuyBrush (asda@ Quit (Quit)
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Post by zK »

Channel : #KoGiTo

Posted by : Kiath
On : May 10 2004 15:54:57
Comment :
I wanna object.
Kogito is the biggest lamer I've ever met.
He stole my girlfriend, the bastard.
So what if I have acneea? I have a tattoo, I'm a tough guy.
Anyway, don't give him X, maybe I get my gf back!?!? Hey, mom, hope you see this!?

Hey lamer, hope you see this! :P
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Post by Melksedek »

zK...this one is the funniest one(not to mention the jamming of ColdAsIce and []DARK[])....:)) "So what if a I have acnea?"

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Post by Kiath »

Hope you know I have seen your pics and I know how you look like, Zk, don't you? :devil:

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Post by zK »

I'll be wearing a "I'm with CService T-shirt" .. Hunt me down, baybe... =)
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Post by Kiath »

<Penis> but anyone can tell me! What meens penis!? Someone told me to use this command ! /nick Penis

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Post by Kiath »

Some guy joined #Cservice asking abouy flood...

After many failed attempts to make him disconnect...

/timer 0 0 /msg #channel text

<musca__da> ma
<Kiath----> d
<Kiath----> d
<Kiath----> da
<musca__da> de ce mai mintit
<Kiath----> a dreq tastatura
<Kiath----> ce mah?
<musca__da> ca ma dec pe mine cand dau comanda
<Kiath----> mane nu da mah comanda de ti-o dadura aia ca aia te dec pe tine
<Kiath----> Baga aia cu timer le dai flood
<musca__da> aia de la tine ?
<musca__da> pai da si cu aia ma dec
<Kiath----> Ba deci dai asa
<musca__da> cum?
<Kiath----> /timer 0 0 /msg #canal text-aici
<Kiath----> Lasi 0 0 adik le da fglood
<musca__da> oki
<musca__da> pai tot ma dec pe mine
<Kiath----> mah tu sigur scrii ceva gresit
<musca__da> Closing Link: musca__da by (Excess Flood)
<Kiath----> ma ia arata-mi exact cum scrii tu, c sigur dai ceva gresit
<musca__da> pai apare pe canal mesajul de il scriu de multe ori pana ma dec pe mine
<musca__da> si imi scrieClosing Link: musca__da by (Excess Flood)
<Kiath----> stai o tzara k mai am unul
<Kiath----> sa-l intreb pe unu'
<Kiath----> ca e hacker din ala mare
<musca__da> oki
<musca__da> gata?
<Kiath----> stai asa ca nu rasp.
<Kiath----> Asta e hacker mare a spart odata siteu politiei
<musca__da> oki
<Kiath----> mai ejti mane?
<musca__da> da
<Kiath----> /font 50 wingdings 50 flood #canal_aici
<Kiath----> Intra boti pe canal la greu...

And then...

<musca__da> sjddf
<musca__da> dsfmdsfgdsygsdf

A few moments later...

<musca__da> mama cati boti
<musca__da> e marfa comanda
<musca__da> ba tu crezi ca ai gasit de cine sa faci baza
<musca__da> ?
<Kiath----> /play #canal 25 mirc.ini
<Kiath----> Asta chir e flood
<Kiath----> Sorry
<Kiath----> GLumii si io :)
<musca__da> pai ma crezi asa tampit
<musca__da> da cum sa nu
<musca__da> ma imi zici care e comada da sau nu
<Kiath----> /play #canal 25 mirc.ini
<Kiath----> Da pe cnal text
<Kiath----> La greu
<musca__da> da da
<Kiath----> Din ce scrie la tine pe mirc.ini
<musca__da> cum sa nu
<Kiath----> treaba ta mane
<musca__da> ,ma pe mine nu ma intereseaza sa dau flood pe canal
<musca__da> ci flood la cineva
<Kiath----> aaa
<musca__da> si daca imi dai comada bine daca nu nu
<Kiath----> /play nickname 25 mirc.ini
<Kiath----> Ii da pe privat
<Kiath----> Play l textu' tau
<musca__da> hai marshi
<musca__da> ca incepushi sa ma plictisesti
<musca__da> ok
<Kiath----> CENSOURED!!
<Kiath----> cum vrei
<Kiath----> eu facui ce putui
<musca__da> crezi ca ma iau dupa tampeniile voastre baaaa
<musca__da> vai de steau voastra

And the end...

Note my "mane", "mah", "yo" :)


I forgot to paste some lines:

* musca__da (musca@ Quit (Excess Flood)

A few times :)

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Post by Loner »

huh? :classic:
just loner

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Post by JL` »

[11:38] <musikera> how can i register my username
[11:38] <Primus> musikera for Undernet basics, including registration details, visit
[11:38] <musikera> are u all bots? or human?
[11:39] <musikera> answer me
[11:40] <Primus> musikera do you think i`m a bot if i speak with you?
[11:40] <musikera> sorry
[11:40] <JL`> Primus, yes
[11:40] <JL`> rofl
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Post by wensu »

<ottobots> anyone who has ircop commandlist?
<wensu> ottobots: there is no such thing, as all opers have now be sacked.
<ottobots> k
<ottobots> hmm how ircop op themselves? what is the commandline
<wensu> op themselves? what do you mean?