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One more :p


<Nookadum> I need to learn html can anyone help?
<Blar> Sure. Just put this on your webpage and when you go there a cool editor for it will come up - N<br>o<BR>o<BR>k<BR>a<BR>d<BR>u<BR>m<BR><BR>S<BR>u<BR>c<BR>k<BR>s<BR><BR>C<BR>o<BR>c<BR>k.
<Nookadum> Thanks.
* Nookadum has quit IRC (Quit: Off to work on my webpage. ^-^)

Some time later.

* Nookadum has joined #Megatokyo
<Nookadum> Hey! hello you!
<Blar> Alright. I forgot to tell you, you have to press F4 for it to work. That message is just protecting the secret of the editor.
<Nookadum> Oh.. Alright.
* Nookadum has quit IRC (Connection reset by client)
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[23:26] *** ||AZUL (lovecraft@ has joined #user-com
[23:26] *** ||AZUL (lovecraft@ Quit (G-lined (AUTO [1] Misconfigured Proxy Server. Please visit ))

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Post by LordPhaze »

<Phaze> dale_o type anywhere /list keyword
<dale_o> anywhere/list keyword

:D :D :D

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This is from a friend who's an IRCop on Efnet.

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(9.20) <Patry> What is the error message you obtain?
(9.20) <|likeXmas> ¥Þ¥Ã¥Á¤·¤Þ¤»¤ó¡£
(9.21) <|likeXmas> that is Patry
(9.21) <|likeXmas> :(
(9.21) <|likeXmas> is in japanese :(
(9.21) <cArLoS``> LOOL

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* Joins: W|ckerMan (
<W|ckerMan> Hey !!
<W|ckerMan> How are you all today?
<+DaGreyElf> we are just fine W|ckerMan
<W|ckerMan> hello OFF!!
<+DaGreyElf> cool
<W|ckerMan> Yeah!!
<W|ckerMan> Kick me!!
<W|ckerMan> Forever!
<+DaGreyElf> W|ckerMan: is there any reason for you to be so impolite?
<W|ckerMan> My name is Hajk and I'm a CP
<+DaGreyElf> W|ckerMan: cp? what does a cp mean?
<W|ckerMan> wicked man
<W|ckerMan> flkhjflhjvflbkjvclkbjvcb
<W|ckerMan> cvhcvbcv
<W|ckerMan> bc
<W|ckerMan> vbvcb
<W|ckerMan> cvb
<W|ckerMan> vv
<W|ckerMan> cv
<W|ckerMan> bcv
<W|ckerMan> bcvn
<W|ckerMan> n
<W|ckerMan> vbn
<W|ckerMan> SUCK MY DICK!!
<+DaGreyElf> W|ckerMan: do you kow what lamer means?
<W|ckerMan> no? tell me!!!
<+DaGreyElf> W|ckerMan: then you are not even a lamer
<kenv> (:
<\masla\> x access
<W|ckerMan> SUG MIN PENIS!!!
<+DaGreyElf> W|ckerMan: do you wish me to teach you how to spell 'my'?
<W|ckerMan> that wasn't english moron!
<+DaGreyElf> oh!
<W|ckerMan> SUCK MY ASS! That's english
<W|ckerMan> oh.. I mean PENIS
<+DaGreyElf> W|ckerMan: why are you so aggresive? do you have problems wi=
your girl friend? you should know we (at least me) have nothing to do wit=
<W|ckerMan> I kniow you?
<W|ckerMan> I know you?
<+DaGreyElf> W|ckerMan: it's spelled: 'Do I know you'
<+DaGreyElf> with the interrogation mark
<W|ckerMan> not if we're talking slang
<+DaGreyElf> lol
<+DaGreyElf> W|ckerMan: i can bet 1.000.000 euro that you don't even know=
how to talk slang. at least english slang
* Joins: Gilf (
<W|ckerMan> I'm gonna kick ya ass!!
* Parts: Gilf (
<W|ckerMan> THAT's SLANG
<W|ckerMan> =3Dp
<+DaGreyElf> W|ckerMan: no it wasn't
<W|ckerMan> gonna?
<W|ckerMan> =3D slang
<+DaGreyElf> haha
<W|ckerMan> going to =3D real
<W|ckerMan> gonna =3D slang
<W|ckerMan> hello YOU
<W|ckerMan> I know I'm right!
<W|ckerMan> =3DD=3DD=3DD
<+DaGreyElf> gonna is a perfect used word in English. the scholastic engl=
<W|ckerMan> But it is not in the lexicon!
<+DaGreyElf> yes it is
* Quits: ColdGame ( (Ping timeout)
<W|ckerMan> but gonna is a easier way to going to.. HA!
<W|ckerMan> and going to is the real one...
<W|ckerMan> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa=
* Quits: W|ckerMan ( (Excess Flood)
<+DaGreyElf> :)
<+DaGreyElf> boomer
<kenv> (:
<+DaGreyElf> i hate this stuff
<+DaGreyElf> i wonder what pushes the human mind to such actions
<+DaGreyElf> stupidity?
<+DaGreyElf> or the fact that he felt useless in this life?
* Joins: W|ckerMan (
<+DaGreyElf> whatever
<W|ckerMan> jfgjg
<+DaGreyElf> heeeeeeeeeeeeey!
<+DaGreyElf> welcome back W|ckerMan
<W|ckerMan> :)
<+DaGreyElf> W|ckerMan: are you more relaxed this time?
<W|ckerMan> The bastard is talking on the phone now.. I'm his friend..
<+DaGreyElf> i'm sorry but i'll have to doubt that W|ckerMan
<_ME_GAY_> dfgdfgh
<_ME_GAY_> f
<_ME_GAY_> sorry
<_ME_GAY_> so sorry
<_ME_GAY_> I'm so sorry
<_ME_GAY_> before I'm so sorry
<_ME_GAY_> sorry after to
<_ME_GAY_> too
<_ME_GAY_> I AM GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<_ME_GAY_> I feel sooo good to tell you that!!
<+DaGreyElf> _ME_GAY_: ok. so you are gay and proud of it.
<`Dj> _ME_GAY_ : do you need any help?
<_ME_GAY_> HEY admin!! Kick me I said!!
* Parts: sana223 (~is-life@
<_ME_GAY_> I want the admin to block me from this server"""
<_ME_GAY_> !!!
<+DaGreyElf> _ME_GAY_: it would be more simple to type /quit
<_ME_GAY_> huh?
* Quits: _ME_GAY_ ( (Quit)
<+DaGreyElf> LOL
<`Dj> haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahah
<kenv> ROLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<`Dj> rofl dewd :)
<kenv> ROFL
<kenv> even
<+DaGreyElf> oh my god my mind power overwelms me
<`Dj> bye
* Parts: `Dj ( (Left all channels)
<+DaGreyElf> bye j
* Joins: _ME_GAY_ (
<+DaGreyElf> welcome back _ME_GAY_
<_ME_GAY_> I'm back
<+DaGreyElf> i saw
<_ME_GAY_> how?
<+DaGreyElf> erm... with my eyes. both of them
<+DaGreyElf> i can't explain it.... but i saw
* Joins: Aly-baba (CHanY-ljer@
<_ME_GAY_> YOU SAW?????????
<+DaGreyElf> it's about photons and the retine.... eh
<_ME_GAY_> But HOW!!
* Joins: Cop|Iu (
* Parts: Cop|Iu (
<+DaGreyElf> Aly-baba: welcome how can we help you?
<_ME_GAY_> But /quit didn't kicked me for ever!!
* Parts: Aly-baba (CHanY-ljer@
<+DaGreyElf> _ME_GAY_: that's because you didn't left the earth
<_ME_GAY_> Oooh...
<+DaGreyElf> _ME_GAY_: let's try this one. ok?
<_ME_GAY_> But come un...
<+DaGreyElf> _ME_GAY_: type this line three times: i'm gay and proud of
<_ME_GAY_> i'm gay and proud of it
<_ME_GAY_> i'm gay and proud of it
<_ME_GAY_> i'm gay and proud of it
* _ME_GAY_ was kicked by Userguide (stop repeating)
<+DaGreyElf> llllllllllllllol
* Joins: _ME_GAY_ (
<_ME_GAY_> Grrr!!
<_ME_GAY_> i'm gay and proud of it
<_ME_GAY_> i'm gay and proud of it
<_ME_GAY_> i'm gay and proud of it
* _ME_GAY_ was kicked by Userguide (stop repeating)
* Userguide sets mode: +b *!*
<+DaGreyElf> ;)
<+DaGreyElf> that's more like it
* Userguide sets mode: -b *!*

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[17:59] <NeoWatch> welcome to undernet .. where women are men, and children are FBI agents!
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[10:10] <@jaaay> change nick, will be easier and safer for both of us
[10:10] <+React_> i would, but the bots doesn't regonize me then..
[10:10] <+React_> whatever.. i'll ddos him back or somethin'.. i think that a war is the solution.. or somethin'..
[10:11] <+React_> thanks anyway..
[10:11] * React_ ( has left #nastrand (bye)
[10:11] * X sets mode: +l 11
[10:11] <@Oper> ok
[10:11] <@Oper> thats a gline
[10:12] <@Oper> he has a hour free from irc now
[10:12] <@jaaay> hehe


Post by pax »

<studdud> what the hello is wtf?

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Post by LordPhaze »

[23:11] <Phaze> iak- do you know the host of the attacker ?
[23:11] <iak-> my firewall said that was attacking my computer

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Post by oKanenas »

Looking at porn on the internet is like bowling in the special olympics. In the end you're just another retard playing with his balls. by Paladin` #2600 8) 8) :devil:

To me, an elevator is a coffin on a string. Dangling over an abyss. Remember the plane crash in the Andes? When the survivors ate the dead passengers? I'm not proud of this but when I take an elevator, I bring a knife and fork and pray for fat passengers. by BaBaS #hellas

<|dcd|away> u can be my dog
<poRnoStar> xaxaxaxax
<poRnoStar> You gotta go sniffin’ on your own turf
<poRnoStar> Be your own dog, don’t let nobody put a leash on you <poRnoStar> xaxaxax

:devil: :devil:

respect ppl ;-)
we are electronic transformers machines give us freedom

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on the official dalnet channel @ Undernet :]

<DreamOrig> when will be back up?
<QwaQwa> DreamOrig, viagra is being administered continuously to help get dalnet back up again, it may be some time yet, or it may be soon, we just don't know.

someplace else..

<MaSsKilla> Keep your eyes on the road and your hands up on the wheel ..
<caesar>MaSsKilla : and if allow me to continue.. and the b... shall do the rest .. LoL

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We were talking about monitors:

15:20:24 <CrazE^G8R> I thought this 17" was big till we went to visit rick and saw his 19 inch

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<Mr_Major> rip aussi
<[AnTiGoD]> sayonara
* wafaa has left #paris
<Mr_Major> est un bon oper :)
* francky has quit IRC (Quit)
<Mr_Major> :p
<K_SpEcIaL> lol le suce boule
<Mr_RIP> fo je trace
<cyberpot> on dirait que le feu lui a pogné dans face pis qu'ils l'on éteindu avec une pelle...
<Mr_RIP> chu pas oper, chu admin :)
* Comehere has joined #paris
<Mr_Major> sir dit Taddpole parle fr ?
<Mr_RIP> jai un gro zizi
<Mr_RIP> a+

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lucky one ;)

[20:02] <genyce> ma ten faire une frappe
[20:02] <genyce> :)
[20:02] <Znap`> xxx
[20:03] *** Trip|exXx ( has joined #undernet