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Post by MartYanu2 »

<@MartYanu> Three Dronerunners Arrested
<@MartYanu> hahaha
<@LeChuck> MartYanu: how come you're still here?
!MartYanu! Your name was told in #**** by ******
<@MartYanu> they didn't caught me
<@MartYanu> I run
!MartYanu! Your name was told in #**** by *****
<@LeChuck> no doubt
<@MartYanu> uh oh! and you? why are you still here!?
<@LeChuck> the cops were romanians
<@MartYanu> oh.. I see..
<@LeChuck> I just gave them $10 to go away
<@Sebi-> lol

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Post by MartYanu2 »

<c-wolf> HaCk3r-XP : And DONT flood !
<HaCk3r-XP> ok.
<HaCk3r-XP> pls give me my chann.
<HaCk3r-XP> :(
<c-wolf> HaCk3r-XP , did you read what i wrote above ? we are NO reoping channel.
<HaCk3r-XP> yes.
<HaCk3r-XP> my channel is dont registered.
<||nemo||> HaCk3r-XP, are there any ops left in that channel?
* c-wolf thinks that people should have to pass a reading test befor join
<MartYanu> LOL

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Post by dutu »

in need of help in #coder-com

<dutu> I'm having problems... I did gmake in gnuworld after ./configure --enable-modules=openchanfix,dronescan and I got these errors: collect2: ld returned 1 exit status gmake[2]: *** [] Error 1 gmake[2]: Leaving directory `/home/gnuworld/gnuworld/mod.openchanfix' gmake[1]: *** [all] Error 2 gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/gnuworld/gnuworld/mod.openchanfix' gmake: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
<dutu> it compiled for a while and I've got these errors....
<X> the real error message is just before the line that says "collect2: ld returned 1 exit status"
<dutu> LOL

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Post by MartYanu2 »

<@Hound> I'm going out side to play with my brand new toy car!
<@MartYanu> LOL

Happy Childhood I guess :D

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Post by Chilis »

(01:42:38) * Joins: Truenos (
(01:49:03) <LordLeon> Chilis doesnt have hair la la la la la :)
(01:49:06) * LordLeon hides
(01:49:25) <JiX> :)
(01:49:33) <Chilis> who
(01:49:34) <Chilis> ?!
(01:49:35) <Chilis> heh
(01:49:51) <JiX> are u bold?
(01:49:51) <LordLeon> you :P
(01:50:01) <JiX> :p
(01:50:10) <Chilis> you
(01:50:13) <Chilis> me!
(01:50:15) <Chilis> him
(01:50:31) <Truenos> Chi is GIRL ?
(01:50:32) <JiX> Jim
(01:50:34) <Truenos> chili *
(01:51:12) <Chilis> Truenos sexy hairless girl! =)
(01:52:12) <Truenos> I love HAIRLESS girls ;)
(01:52:20) <Truenos> I dont like girls with HAIR there .....
(01:52:28) <Chilis> me too
(01:52:38) <Chilis> especialy when i am with my girl friend =)
(01:52:42) * Chilis is lesbian
(01:52:46) <Truenos> UH ?
(01:52:52) * Truenos rofl, im gonna cry now
(01:52:56) <Chilis> why ?
(01:53:15) <Truenos> Cause I love lesbians girls too ;) hahaha..... threesomes
(01:53:31) <Chilis> cool
(01:53:36) <Chilis> but who are you ?
(01:53:53) <Truenos> you always ask the same question ?
(01:54:14) <Chilis> Truenos i dont like to invite someone i dont know to my cam
(01:54:21) <Chilis> sorry if you didnt like my question
(01:54:41) <Truenos> is because you ask me that question like 10 times and I always answer ;)
(01:54:46) -> -LordLeon- let's have somethin new to the funng logs forum
(01:54:55) <Chilis> me ?
(01:55:06) <Chilis> well i talk with alot of guys
(01:55:18) <Chilis> and they are always asking me if i like to show this night
(01:55:30) <Chilis> and i dont like ppl to ask me whne i feel free to do a show i will
(01:56:03) <Chilis> LordLeon liked the last move :))))))))
(01:56:13) <Truenos> ok, send me the webcam
(01:56:34) <Chilis> Truenos dang dang, dont tell me what to do!!!
(01:56:52) <Truenos> hahaha sorry
(01:57:30) <Chilis> what kind of messenger you use ?

Truenos is *  
Truenos using * The Undernet Underworld
Truenos is logged in as truenitos
Truenos has been idle 31secs, signed on Thu Jul 20 21:51:16
Truenos End of /WHOIS list.

(01:58:21) <Truenos> HOTMAIL MSN
(01:58:37) <Chilis> ooh i am showing on yahoo!
(01:58:40) <Chilis> can you wait ?
(01:58:44) <JiX> lol
(01:59:07) <Chilis> JiX stop msgin me i am not gonna send my cam now for you
(01:59:09) <Truenos> of course
(01:59:10) <LordLeon> :))))))))
(01:59:35) <JiX> pleaseeee
(01:59:38) <LordLeon> :D
(01:59:42) <LordLeon> damn !
(01:59:42) <Chilis> LordLeon got 10 mins only for you babe
(02:00:00) <LordLeon> msn disconnected me :(
(02:00:31) <Chilis> LordLeon with who on msn ? you already with me on yahoo :@
(02:01:16) <Truenos> Chilis want my MSN ID ?
(02:01:49) <Chilis> Truenos may you wait pleaSE? godddddddd why all guys come in the same timeee :@ like there is no other show girls
(02:01:50) <Chilis> :(
(02:01:53) <Chilis> wait please
(02:01:58) <Chilis> LordLeon are you done with me ?
(02:02:06) <LordLeon> done !
(02:02:20) <Chilis> ooh good can i clothes ma self back ?
(02:03:14) * sNiTcH is back
(02:04:34) <Chilis> JiX 5 mins for you okay ?
(02:04:55) * pHnz is now known as phnz420
(02:05:03) * phnz420 is now known as phnz420420
(02:05:07) <JiX> ok
(02:05:16) <Chilis> okay JiX, jump to my msn i open it now :)
(02:05:39) <JiX> ;)

Then we moved to another channel, where we can have more fun!!!

(02:07:32) * Now talking in #******
(02:07:33) * Topic is ' Welcome To #******....'
(02:07:33) * Set by X on Fri Jul 21 02:12:22
(02:07:33) * X sets mode: +o Chilis
(02:07:33) <LordLeon> :))
(02:07:34) <LordLeon> lol
(02:07:35) * X sets mode: +l 16
(02:07:37) <Chilis> lol
(02:07:41) <LordLeon> welcome
(02:07:50) <Chilis> LordLeon invite him here and ask him to wait
(02:07:51) <Chilis> lol
(02:08:01) <LordLeon> enjoy with you funny logs :D
(02:08:15) <SvEtEc> kazi mi koj e ovoj be
(02:08:25) * Joins: Truenos (
(02:08:27) <LordLeon> drugarce edno
(02:08:34) <SvEtEc> ok
(02:08:54) <LordLeon> welcome Truenos, hold on Chilis is busy of the moment, your number is 2. Please wait.
(02:09:21) <Truenos> ok
(02:10:03) * SvEtEc sets mode: -o SvEtEc
(02:10:31) <LordLeon> SvEtEc good you are too fast with Chilis...
(02:12:02) <SvEtEc> yeah
(02:12:05) <SvEtEc> she is too cute
(02:13:48) <Chilis> SvEtEc thanks you are really cute babe :)
(02:14:39) <SvEtEc> LordLeon she is very cute hairless girl. I can belive, but tomorrow is new day i hope I'll have time to spen with her more.
(02:14:51) <LordLeon> sure.
(02:15:12) <LordLeon> from tomorrow you will have % 1 min $0,2
(02:15:21) <Truenos> lol
(02:15:34) <LordLeon> .next
(02:15:37) * LordLeon sets mode: +o Truenos
(02:15:42) <Truenos> cool ;)
(02:15:44) <LordLeon> welcome Truenos.

(02:15:49) <LordLeon> Chilis is now your
(02:15:54) <LordLeon> you have 10 min free time.
(02:16:01) <Chilis> Truenos what you like to do ?
(02:16:07) <Chilis> i have to know a lil about you..
(02:16:08) <Truenos> about ?
(02:16:13) <Chilis> b4 we start showing :)
(02:16:21) <LordLeon> if you wish to continue with rer more then 10 min, you need to pay $10 per min. Enjoy
(02:16:23) <Truenos> I like to race cars ;) and drink beers, partys, girls, sex, weed, alcohol ;)
(02:16:32) <LordLeon> her*
(02:16:41) <Truenos> but race my car is the best
(02:16:54) <Chilis> Truenos, what kind of sex you prefer ?
(02:17:06) <Truenos> rofl.............. what kind?
(02:17:08) <Truenos> whatever
(02:17:18) <Chilis> Truenos, how many times you make sex ?
(02:17:48) <Chilis> Truenos thoes questions are already added by the channel scripter, if you wish to not be asked i have to stop the applicant
(02:18:14) * Truenos die laughing
(02:18:20) <Truenos> how many times? 2 times per day
(02:18:25) <Chilis> i am adding you to my show list, that means i have to know every thing about you to make you a good show
(02:19:08) <Chilis> Truenos, do you like to have wld sex or romanitic sex ?
(02:19:16) <Chilis> wild*
(02:19:24) <Truenos> both
(02:19:58) <Chilis> Truenos, how much it takes you to cum on your keyboard? and do you like Cyber sex ?
(02:20:12) -LordLeon- loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
(02:20:51) <Chilis> Truenos you can answer VIA notice.
(02:20:54) <LordLeon> 5min left.
(02:20:59) <Truenos> I dont masturbate on my computer, also I dont need to masturbate me, I have my GIRLFRIEND.
(02:21:30) <Chilis> Truenos, sorry but why you want to watch me? i do show for guys who like to masturbate on cams.
(02:21:37) <Truenos> ROFL
(02:21:41) -LordLeon- loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
(02:21:44) <Truenos> cause I like to watch new girls ;)
(02:22:21) <Chilis> Truenos i am not new in this job, and i am gonna turn your life to become mine. so if you like to watch me i have to know what type you are !
(02:23:43) <Chilis> Truenos, Is it important to have sex with someone you care of? someone know her history?
(02:23:52) <LordLeon> counter says 8min left.
(02:23:57) <Truenos> nah
(02:25:00) <Chilis> Truenos any thing eals you would like to tell me about? like what you feel when you make love? please remember this is top secret informations will stay in the channel and would NOT part outside this walls
(02:25:34) <Truenos> nothing more :S
(02:26:35) <Chilis> LordLeon thanks sweety i am done with Truenos :) thanks for your helpful informations you may part now and you will be invited to join back after few mins.
(02:27:30) <Truenos> Im leaving, disconnect, my cousin here, going out to drink and smoke, and thanks, I dont want to be invited back ;) cya, take care
(02:27:32) * Parts: Truenos (
(02:27:42) <LordLeon> lol
(02:27:43) <Chilis> loooooooooool
(02:27:47) <LordLeon> hahaahahahhahahaha
(02:27:49) <LordLeon> he scare
(02:27:50) <Chilis> =)
(02:27:53) <Chilis> loooooooooool
(02:28:36) <LordLeon> :D
(02:28:42) <Chilis> heh i forget to give him the msn contact !!! =)
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Post by truenitos »

Hey guys dont let this topic die please, keep posting funny logs !!! keep up the good work.
...jonathan gabriel... a.k.a. Truenos

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Post by N0bodycareS »

<FAJFWK> !ssh
<FAJFWK> !port
<FAJFWK> !gay

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Post by H3zEN »

*** W has quit IRC (NewYork-R.NY.US.Undernet.Org Baltimore-R.MD.US.Undernet.Org)
*** Hidden1.Undernet.Org sets mode: +o X

At least, when one was down, the other was there.

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Post by Spidel »

[00:12:04] (TupacServ): how do you say in spanish
[00:12:12] (TupacServ): i love you and i wanna have babies with you ?
[00:12:29] (@fiorella): te amo y quiero tener bebés contigo
[00:12:37] (TupacServ): fiorella : te amo y quiero tener bebés contigo
[00:12:40] (S-p-i-d-e-l): fiorella, te amo y quiero bebes contigo
[00:12:42] (@fiorella): o bien te amo y quiero tener bebés con vos (Argentina)
[00:12:43] (S-p-i-d-e-l): lol!
[00:12:49] (@fiorella): roflmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[00:12:50] * S-p-i-d-e-l posts to funny logs.
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Post by Spidel »

funny tho
[17:19:05] (S-p-i-d-e-l): i have no smokes, how wonderful life can be ;)
[17:19:09] (@fiorella): Tupac don't do anything relax and enjoy :))))
[17:19:21] (d3mon): heheh
[17:19:45] (+TupacServ): can't i look like a mess gotta shave gotta bla bla (:
[17:19:49] (@fiorella): kidow i bet you are cranky :|
[17:19:58] (S-p-i-d-e-l): fiorella, shoot yourself
[17:20:00] (+TupacServ): he's horny
[17:20:00] (S-p-i-d-e-l): i don't know you
[17:20:01] *** fiorella ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[17:20:05] (S-p-i-d-e-l): lol
[17:20:08] (+TupacServ): lol
[17:20:17] * S-p-i-d-e-l posts this to funny logs ;P
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Post by araw1 »

Aug 02 17:09:10 <jail> ResidentEviL what do u need in here ?
Aug 02 17:09:23 <ResidentEviL> jail
Aug 02 17:09:24 <ResidentEviL> I want give help users
Aug 02 17:09:32 <jail> no u dont
Aug 02 17:09:40 <ResidentEviL> Reason?
Aug 02 17:09:46 <jail> u cant even help u self
Aug 02 17:10:04 <ResidentEviL> jail
Aug 02 17:10:07 <ResidentEviL> I am know commands
Aug 02 17:10:30 <jail> ResidentEviL the quality of help is higher here then u can do
Aug 02 17:10:46 <ResidentEviL> jail I want
Aug 02 17:10:47 <hello> bbl later i'm lagged so much :S
Aug 02 17:11:04 <-- hello has quit (Quit: bbl later i'm lagged so much ;-S)
Aug 02 17:11:07 * X sets channel limit to 14
Aug 02 17:11:32 <jail> so find another place to help in
Aug 02 17:11:49 <ResidentEviL> jail
Aug 02 17:11:53 <ResidentEviL> This is good a help chan
Aug 02 17:12:44 <Lomax> Most of turkish people acting like ResidentEviL :)
Aug 02 17:12:50 <jail> ya
Aug 02 17:12:52 <ResidentEviL> I am turkish
Aug 02 17:12:55 <ResidentEviL> Sunt Din Turcia
Aug 02 17:13:00 <ResidentEviL> I can speack some romanian
Aug 02 17:13:05 * Lomax sets ban on *!*
Aug 02 17:13:06 <-- Lomax has kicked ResidentEviL from #help (I know you like it when I do this)
Aug 02 17:13:13 <Lomax> I dont care
Aug 02 17:13:19 <jail> :o)
Aug 02 17:13:20 --> SiLaHSoR`` ( has joined #help
Aug 02 17:13:21 <uZerS> :P
Aug 02 17:13:29 <uZerS> he/she went Lomax
Aug 02 17:13:30 <Lomax> They are lying all the time
Aug 02 17:13:49 <-- SiLaHSoR`` ( has left #help
Aug 02 17:13:49 <Lomax> I cant forget Spia and Genie
Aug 02 17:14:38 <uZerS> ;P


<sel> hello
<sel> vula nereye giddiz ha
<araw1> sel, english only... here.
<sel> no englsh
<sel> wat your name sadece bilmek ben
<araw1> then if you want help in turkish if you are turkish, then follow what c-wolf told you.
<araw1> the channel c-wolf gave you.
<sel> telefon numaran ne
<sel> 0542648
* HelpBot sets mode: +o c-wolf
* sel was kicked by c-wolf (Information regarding your behaviour has been sent to you via /kick .)
<araw1> :P


--> sko (sko@ has joined #help

--------[ whois sko ]----------------------------
| userhost: sko@
| ircname: sko
| channel: #help +#Christian-Chat @#schizophrenia +#jazz #mensa #biology @#biotechnology @#security #hjelp @#ilovemsjones +#blackmetal #depression #deathmetal #hackphreak #Doom-metal
| idle: 0:00:04, SignOn: Thu Oct 19 05:35:01 2006
| authed as: sko
| server: * (The Undernet Underworld)

<sko> i need information about products that can help relieve pain/itch on dry and soar skin... specifically in the crotch area :P (balls)
<araw1> sko= : go to the nearest clinic available..
<araw1> specifically dermatologist ?
<sko> clinic? like pharmacy or doctor?
<-- Dolcianu has quit (Read error: EOF from client)
<Baffs> yes
<sko> which?
<Baffs> stop visiting with ladies of the nite!!! and now you can leave. we dont help with rashes in the groin here...
<Baffs> you could ask wensu if he was here.. he is australian .. they all have rashes
<Eenie> lol
<araw1> :)
<sko> its deffo not an STD, i havent gotten any in 10 weeks
* sko is away "brb pharmacy"
Last edited by araw1 on Thu Oct 19, 2006 10:38 am, edited 1 time in total.
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Post by MartYanu2 »

* Quits: DarkOn3 ( (Read error: EOF from client)
* Quits: Ioad ( (Ping timeout)
<TeamRocke> I'm looking for a channel
<MartYanu> TeamRocke? and?
<MartYanu> you cannot search it or what?
<TeamRocke> I'm looking for a channel
<MartYanu> TeamRocke what kind of channel?
<TeamRocke> the one I'm looking for
<TeamRocke> why won't you quit playing dumb and help me? are you jelous?
<MartYanu> LOL
TeamRocke is * LIlo
TeamRocke on #mirchelp
TeamRocke using * The Undernet Underworld
TeamRocke has been idle 22secs, signed on Sun Oct 08 00:06:48
TeamRocke End of /WHOIS list.
<TeamRocke> english please
<MartYanu> can you please tell me what channel do want to find?
<TeamRocke> maybe you're causeing this to happen and don't want me to find out
<MartYanu> LOL!
<TeamRocke> english please
<MartYanu> LOL (Internet slang), meaning "laugh out loud".
<TeamRocke> english please
<TeamRocke> do you not know english?
<Clark> TeamRocke what do you want? you already been helped
<TeamRocke> that would explain you're stupidity
<Clark> and behave or else i kick your ass
<MartYanu> I think you are an idiot, TeamRocke. sincerly.
<MartYanu> no offence
<TeamRocke> You wouldn't know ass from your face Clark
<TeamRocke> look I want to find a channel
<Clark> TeamRocke Ioad helped you with your problem an hour ago
<TeamRocke> OH!
* X sets mode: +o Clark
<TeamRocke> you're retards that don't know what a channel is
* Clark sets mode: +b *!*
* TeamRocke was kicked by Clark (help yourself) (7531)
<MartYanu> LOL

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Post by Revival »

[07:45] <Peynir> Firenow I have got this story wanna fancy hearing it?
[07:45] <Firenow> yea
[07:46] <Peynir> alright...
[07:46] <Peynir> i was talking to revival one day
[07:46] <RevivaL> muhauhahuahuua
[07:46] <Peynir> and i learnt a word from him
[07:46] <Peynir> it was " HIRRIM "
[07:46] <RevivaL> lol
[07:46] <Firenow> @@
[07:46] <RevivaL> its kurdish word
[07:46] <Firenow> nooo really
[07:46] <Firenow> LOL
[07:46] <RevivaL> yeah
[07:47] <Peynir> yeah its kurdish word.. Im not kurdish therefore i dont know it...
[07:47] <RevivaL> means : d!ck
[07:47] <RevivaL> lol
[07:47] <Peynir> and then i started using that word to everyone.. i thougt it means dude or something...
[07:47] <RevivaL> mhuauhauhauhauhahuahua
[07:47] <Firenow> rofl
[07:47] <RevivaL> i called him everyday as hirrim
[07:47] <RevivaL> hello hirrim
[07:47] <Peynir> i neved asked him what the meaning was.... but never thought it was really a bad word *:
[07:47] <Firenow> hahahahahaha
[07:47] <RevivaL> how are you hirrim
[07:47] <RevivaL> lol
[07:47] <Peynir> means really cock
[07:47] <Peynir> zauhahaahaahahaahah
[07:47] <Peynir> and
[07:48] <Peynir> i was talking to a girl
[07:48] <RevivaL> gf`s sister
[07:48] <Peynir> she was a really good friend of mine.. and i talk to her in real
[07:48] <RevivaL> :}
[07:48] <Peynir> yeah
[07:48] <RevivaL> lol
[07:48] <Peynir> and i said hello bla bla HIRRIM.. how you doing?
[07:48] <RevivaL> i wont hear that
[07:48] <Firenow> hahahahahahahaha
[07:48] <Firenow> lol
[07:48] <Peynir> and she went like " WHAT?!! "
[07:48] <RevivaL> lol
[07:48] <Firenow> hahahahhahahaha
[07:49] <RevivaL> bomb! she know that mean
[07:49] <RevivaL> yeah?
[07:49] <Peynir> i didnt know why she really got upset.. and then she said do u know what " HIRRIM " means
[07:49] <RevivaL> lol
[07:49] <Peynir> and then i straightaway asked it to RevivaL.. to find out what it means..
[07:49] <Peynir> and he said it means D!CK in kurdish
[07:49] <RevivaL> zhuauhahuahahuauhaahahuahua
[07:50] <Firenow> i could of told ya that
[07:50] <Firenow> LOL
[07:50] <Peynir> I was so blushed...
[07:50] <Firenow> hahahahahahaha
[07:50] <Peynir> Firenow how would you know hirrim means?
[07:50] <RevivaL> and he msg me says : heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! what means HIRRIM? dont tell me its bad lang?
[07:50] <Peynir> have u had a kurdish BF before god's sake (:
[07:50] <RevivaL> and i said him slowly yeah its very funny word
[07:50] <RevivaL> as my d!ck
[07:50] <Firenow> LOL
[07:50] <RevivaL> lol
[07:50] <Firenow> hahahahahaha
[07:50] <Peynir> asdhudhausdhasudhasudhasudhuasdhusauhd
[07:50] <Firenow> no i have a friend who told me what that meant
[07:50] <Firenow> LOL
[07:51] <RevivaL> zhuahuahuaahuahahua
[07:51] <Firenow> hahahahahha
[07:51] <Peynir> i ll start calling you hirrim from now on
[07:51] <RevivaL> i think
[07:51] <Firenow> lol
[07:51] <Firenow> whos but?
[07:51] <RevivaL> how can she know that mean?
[07:51] <RevivaL> lol
[07:51] <Peynir> she had a kurdish friend beside her
[07:52] <Peynir> hello sake
[07:52] <Firenow> omg
[07:52] <Firenow> lol
[07:52] <RevivaL> maybe one of the kurdish showing that to your gf`s sister or someting like that
[07:52] * Firenow falls off her chair laughing
[07:52] <RevivaL> I never seen a boy called to gf`s sister as hello my d!ck
[07:52] <Peynir> HEHE
[07:52] <RevivaL> zhuahuahua
[07:52] <Firenow> hahahahahahahaha
[07:53] <Peynir> I WAS SO SO SO BLUSHED..
[07:53] <RevivaL> lol
[07:53] <Firenow> i bet you were
[07:53] <Firenow> lol
[07:53] <Firenow> hahahahahhaha
[07:53] <Firenow> rofl
[07:53] <Peynir> Firenow keep in mind
[07:53] <Peynir> dont let him teach u anything
[07:53] <RevivaL> i said her dont worry he couldn`t f*ck himself
[07:53] <RevivaL> :D
[07:53] <Firenow> no i dont keep that in my mind
[07:53] <Firenow> LOL
[07:53] <Peynir> Firenow (:::::::
[07:54] <Peynir> u r quite interested in the topic
[07:54] <Peynir> hehe
[07:54] <Firenow> lol
[07:54] <Firenow> hahahahahhahaha
[07:54] <Peynir> i ll call her something else next time
[07:54] <Peynir> RevivaL
[07:54] <RevivaL> yeah
[07:55] <Peynir> have u seen my Girl Friend's Picture?
[07:55] <Peynir> i have got one in turkey.
[07:55] <Peynir> i started going out with her 4 monts ago
[07:55] <RevivaL> nex time use : Hello heleveretenrum
[07:55] <Peynir> when i was in TR last summer
[07:55] <RevivaL> okay
[07:55] <Firenow> lol
[07:55] <Peynir> Need to ask it to google first (:
[07:55] <RevivaL> i didnt see
[07:55] <RevivaL> hope she aren`t very nice than my gf
[07:56] <Peynir> i trust google but not u anymore man
[07:56] <RevivaL> can we change then
[07:56] <Firenow> rofl
[07:56] <RevivaL> :D
[07:56] <Firenow> hehehehhe
[07:56] <Peynir> aahahahaahahhaahahahaahahahah
[07:56] <Peynir> we would be able to change them if we were twins
[07:56] <Peynir> (:

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[03:40] <Secup> I'am IRCOperator because i'am beautiful and IRCOperator [#montréal] 03:47]


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[02:29:39] (+Rautacioasa): im not so beautiful as your girlfriend
[02:29:40] (+Rautacioasa): :|
[02:29:45] (_linkin): i know :)
[02:30:07] (_linkin): oh well
[02:30:08] (+Rautacioasa): no
[02:30:09] (_linkin): ni ni ;)
[02:30:12] (+Rautacioasa): im twice beautiful than your girlfriend is
[02:30:16] (_linkin): you wish :)
[02:30:19] *** Rautacioasa is now known as Modest
[02:30:22] (+Modest): lol
[02:30:23] (_linkin): lul =))
[02:30:23] (Sp1del): lol
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