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Post by Mitko »

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Post by kid »

#1 wrote:[05:30] * xMorfeo is now known as Veroushkito
[05:47] * Joins: veroushka (
[05:59] <rebel> err, is it the beer or are there two of 'em?
[06:00] <@xplora> rebel 2 a and ito, i'm still trying to figure out the difference
[06:01] <rebel> i think Veroushkito is male for veroushka .. what's female for xplora tho? rofl
[06:08] * Veroushkito is now known as morfeo
[06:08] <rebel> ew, it's alive
[06:08] <acvamar|n> look out..ppl
[06:08] <@xplora> rebel now it is the alcohol

#2 wrote:[06:35] <rebel> I'm sure you do, but that rarely happens by just joining a channel. Try your luck in #zt or #nastrand.
[06:37] <IceTox> ok, thank you rebel .. I know what the reason is.. I have like 12 servers here and somehow I had forgot to remove a shell on one of them. Some romanian had got in there, But ive closed down the server now to secure.
[06:37] <rebel> that's it, blaim romanians =)
[06:37] <@xplora> (so says a romanian)
[06:38] <rebel> hey, i wasn't complaining, i can't even hack a test paper :/
[06:38] <IceTox> I have a lot of romanian friends, but somehow romanians have made this bad reputation on themselves..
[06:38] <@xplora> rebel take a knife and cut it up... and you will have successfully hacked a test paper :P
[06:39] <rebel> xplora, yeah, and get handcuffed after that. thank you for helping. Now that's senior adm material. rofl
[06:40] <rebel> why doesn't anyone blaim new zealanders anyhow? everyone thanks them at the oscar awards, yet still .. no one blaims them. bah. racism *G*
[06:40] <@xplora> they'ed handcuff you for taking a knife and cutting up your test paper? ... yeah i suppose, but only if they thought you were insane and should be committed
[06:41] <@xplora> rebel because new zealanders is too hard to say,m and kiwis is too hard to remember

#3 wrote:[06:53] <@wulf> hmm I have 7 mins to take my resolutions
[06:54] <rebel> take them where?
[06:54] <rebel> don't push the RED button!
[06:54] <@UCSCwatch> too late, RED button pushed
[06:55] <@wulf> rebel if you tell me to not push it, I will obviously do it ;p
[06:55] <rebel> wulf, did the pizza boy arrive yet?
[06:56] <@xplora> rebel so thats where my free pizza came from
[06:56] <rebel> duuh. red buttons rock.

#4 wrote:[07:06] -UCSCwatch:#Cservice- -- 2Happy New Year Everyone ~-~-~-~
[07:06] <shagy> lolll
[07:06] * shagy pokes UCSCwatch
[07:06] <@xplora> doh wrong control code
[07:06] <rebel> bot can't paint.

#5 wrote:[07:26] <StarteR2> Im still in 2004 :( Status: 21:29:15 31/12/2004
[07:27] <rebel> StarteR2, travel East =)
[07:28] <StarteR2> :D rebel cant...
[07:28] <rebel> you didn't kill anyone lately, did you?
[07:28] * rebel takes some distance
[07:28] <StarteR2> lolz... just myself
[07:28] <@xplora> bwahahaha
[07:28] <PureVision> lool
[07:29] <@xplora> suicides no way to travel t9 the future, it's good for staying in the past tho
[07:29] <@xplora> s/t9/to/
[07:29] <rebel> [/word of wisdom due to lack of coffee]
[07:29] <StarteR2> xplora u can suicide ureself by seen how complicated Undernet is in RegProc :D
[07:30] <rebel> StarteR2, xplora is a bot.
[07:30] <rebel> .say i saw mommy kissing santa clause
[07:31] <@UCSCwatch> i saw mommy kissing santa clause
[07:31] <rebel> gr!
[07:31] <rebel> .deauth UCSCwatch
[07:31] <StarteR2> .say merry christmas
[07:31] <rebel> StarteR2, you aren't added, mate.
[07:31] <@UCSCwatch> rebel deauthed.
[07:32] <rebel> .stabb Darth2005
[07:32] <rebel> .abort
[07:33] <@UCSCwatch> rebel I would, but you logged out, and I dont think Darth2005 would like that very much
[07:33] <@UCSCwatch> rebel abort what? you logged out remember :P
[07:33] * Joins: botbot (
[07:34] <rebel> .meet UCSCwatch botbot
[07:34] <rebel> rofl
[07:34] <rebel> .love botbot
[07:35] * @UCSCwatch eyes rebel suspeciously, do I know you?
[07:35] <rebel> .globalmsg i failed my Master.
[07:35] <rebel> .kill UCSCwatch -9 -1
[07:36] * You were kicked by UCSCwatch (try to kill me will you)
[07:36] <StewArd> UCSCwatch: i know u are a bot but u mostly kick drones and tell some rules
[07:36] <rebel> yeah .. kinda stupid bot, isn't it, StewArd?
[07:37] <rebel> it don't even date female bots.
[07:37] <StewArd> i dont think its stupid
[07:37] <@UCSCwatch> StewArd you say that like I am not allowed to have a break and have some fun :(
[07:37] <@UCSCwatch> rebel X may be an it, but X is still beautiful to me
[07:38] <rebel> there, there, Pinocchio. Some bots were just created ugly ..
[07:48] <@X> rebel are you calling me ugly?

#6 wrote:[07:49] <StarteR2> merry christmas X. Hope u join my chan
[07:50] <StarteR2> didint know he talks
[07:50] <StewArd> X and xplora are twince
[07:50] <rebel> StarteR2, feel free to spam it once or twice just to make sure we join it =)
[07:50] <rebel> no, can't be. X's way too good-looking.
[07:50] * StarteR2 is now known as X-father
[07:50] <@xplora> StewArd I'm a guy and ive never had a sex change, let alone attempt it twice as X has... beside X is a bot, I'm not
[07:50] <X-father> im his father
[07:50] <X-father> :D
[07:51] <rebel> you'll soon be his victim
[07:52] <StarteR2> X will you marry me?
[07:52] <StarteR2> [21:54] [X GENDER reply]: Tried to be a man again - there was a slip - now I'm an IT
[07:52] <StewArd> x will marry christmas
[07:52] <StarteR2> what this means?
[07:52] <@UCSCwatch> get away from X StarteR2, X is mine!
[07:53] <@xplora> StarteR2 X was originally a guy, then had a sex change, and became a beautiful girl, and then decided to go back to being a boy, but there was an accident with the knife, so now X is an IT
[07:54] <StarteR2> whats an IT?
[07:55] <@xplora> StarteR2 not male and not female, and not shemale either
[07:55] <StewArd> rebel: and xplora: W is here in my keyboard between Q and E
[07:56] <@xplora> StewArd wrong W mate, but if you really want to have a relations with a key on your keyboard go right ahead (rebel strange guy that StewArd ;)

#7 wrote:[08:20] <@xplora> wiht my back, i sure fel old today
[08:20] <rebel> your back was what? wipped?
[08:22] <rebel> well, that's because you sit on your butt all day in front of a computer, silly!
[08:23] <@xplora> rebel no thats because i made the mistake of getting up off my butt and attempting to do some work away from the computer, i should have stayed put :P

#8 wrote:[08:29] <@xplora> wow until now i never thought it would be possible to say gOd is deaf, but gOd is usermoded +d (deaf)
[[08:29] *** gOd on @#Lord,, +#TheHelp, +#Judge (deaf)

#9 wrote:[07:11] <_CyBoRg-> mo suspendat admini de cservice 3 canale = the admins suspended 3 of my channels
[07:11] <rebel> _CyBoRg-, Si care-ti este nemultumirea? = and what's your discontent?
[07:12] <_CyBoRg-> pai ce .. = what do you mean?
[07:12] <_CyBoRg-> li ciuda ca am cnale ? = are they jelous I have channels?
[07:12] <_CyBoRg-> sau ca-rei shmenu ? = or what's going on?
[07:12] <rebel> _CyBoRg-, Regulile serviciului de canale mentioneaza clar ca un individ poate avea un singur canal si un singur username. Tu cate ai? = The CService rules clearly state that a person can only have one channel and one username. How many do you have?
[07:12] <_CyBoRg-> 100
[07:12] <_CyBoRg-> da nu`s singuru = but i'm not the only one
[07:12] <_CyBoRg-> :P
[07:12] <_CyBoRg-> ce pula mea = wtf?!
[07:12] <_CyBoRg-> mie imi da glined la bncuri = they gline my psybnc'z
[07:12] <_CyBoRg-> la boti = my bots
[07:12] <_CyBoRg-> astia deja ma fut = they're really f•ckin with me
[07:13] <_CyBoRg-> zi-mi adresa lu un admin din romania = tell me a romanian admin's address
[07:13] <_CyBoRg-> ca il calc in picioare = i'll kick his a$$

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Post by Mitko »

(02:11:41) <+Mitko> X is alone :(
(02:11:52) * +Mitko : i love u X !
(02:11:53) -> *x* op #dmsetup
(02:11:54) * X sets mode: +o Mitko
(02:11:56) <WeBCaT-> Do NOT trust X, it takes over channels!
(02:12:04) <@Mitko> lol
(02:12:10) <@Mitko> is this a Quote from a person ?
(02:12:22) <WeBCaT-> Yes, you can quote me on that
(02:12:26) <@Mitko> okay
(02:12:31) <@Mitko> wait to open ;-)
Dimitar Tnokovski aka Mitko

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Post by Kaac »

[18:18] <*> so Kaacy where u from america?
[18:18] <Kaacy> * nah, i'm from europe as well...
[18:18] <*> sweden
[18:19] <Kaacy> * try again
[18:19] <*> norway
[18:19] <Kaacy> nope
[18:19] <*> france
[18:19] <Kaacy> and agan
[18:19] <*> germany
[18:19] <Kaacy> again*
[18:19] <Kaacy> Again...
[18:19] <*> give me a clue
[18:19] <Kaacy> Lamer.
[18:19] <*> romania?

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Post by Jay`Z »

ahahaah Image Image
"All people have the right to stupidity but only some of them abuse the privilege"

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Post by Mitko »

(16:02:24) <@Mitko> he wants to be an operator, to have bnc and everything :-)
(16:03:04) <@`eZ> Ok, does he want an O too?
(16:03:39) <@Mitko> hm, noone tought about that ;-)
(16:03:52) <@`eZ> dang
(16:04:00) <@Mitko> Do You Want to be an IRC OPERATOR ? copy/paste this-> :-)
(16:04:30) <@Roster> alrite
(16:04:34) <@Roster> i copy/pasted that
(16:04:36) <@Roster> what now? :PP
(16:04:44) <@`eZ> operup
(16:04:55) <@Roster> i`m a oper now?
(16:05:00) <@Roster> omg i`m so excited!
(16:05:14) <@Mitko> :)
(16:05:26) <@Roster> ./kill `ez test
(16:05:31) <@Roster> why isn`t working? :/
(16:05:39) * Quits: @`eZ ( (Killed (* (test)))
(16:05:43) <@Mitko> :)
(16:05:45) <@Roster> LOL
(16:05:50) <@Roster> LOOOOL
(16:05:55) <@Roster> LOOOOOOOL
(16:05:56) <@Roster> OMG
(16:05:57) <@Mitko> stfu
(16:05:57) <@Mitko> :)
(16:06:07) <@Roster> this logs must be saved :P
(16:07:03) * Joins: `eZ (
(16:07:03) * X sets mode: +o `eZ
(16:07:08) <@Roster> haha ez
(16:07:12) <@Roster> you are crazy :p
(16:07:45) <@`eZ> abuse!! i'll remove yer O
(16:07:55) <@DarkOn3> lol
(16:07:56) <@Mitko> good
(16:07:56) <@Mitko> :)
(16:08:03) <@Mitko> Roster now you are not an IRC OPERATOR
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Post by roster »

Mitko you`re such a cheater, this ain`t fair, i was the "star" in that log, why Mitko posted it? :devious:

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Post by Cautious »

[22:29] <thee`s> Cautious tu oublie les regles ?
[22:29] <Cautious> thee`s, maudit c vrai
[22:29] <thee`s> les Québécoise son a moi


Cautious, did u forget the rules?

Oh right!

all female quebecers are mine...

{blah blah blah }
Cautious or Cauti0us
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Post by Svarre »

OzzY wrote:Wolfyx sorry but it is NOT funny, also as a helper you should explain that flooding is lame and annoying.
Another point is, your reply is unethical, he has trusted you and you deceived him.

Haha, I think it was sorta funny, I'd have done the same.

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Post by MartYanu. »

Trivia in help channels? :D

<MartYanu> hello dafian, how could I help you?
<dafian> -X- AUTHENTICATION FAILED as dafian. (Suspended)
<dafian> mi-am luat suspend ca am cerut trivia pe un canal..
<MartYanu> dafian, please join #Usernames and deal with that in there.
<dafian> aha
<dafian> thx
*** Joins: adina20 ( (Romania))
* X sets mode: +l 79
<adina20> Trivia On!
<adina20> Question 19 / 193: Care este cel mai inalt varf din lume? You
have 30secs to answer.
<Tweak> loooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllll
<adina20> No one has gotten it yet! Here's a hint: *v*****
<dafian> omu
<adina20> Time's up on that one! The answer was: everest
<dafian> :))
<dafian> lolz
<dafian> parca era omu
<adina20> Question 20 / 193: Care este cel mai tare antivirus din lume la
ora actuala? You have 30secs to answer.
<dafian> in fine
<MartYanu> LOL
<dafian> bitdefender
<MartYanu> Norton.
<MartYanu> avg
<dafian> rav
<Tweak> Someone stop this !
<adina20> No one has gotten it yet! Here's a hint: n***** **t****** *0**
<MartYanu> norton antivirus 2005
<adina20> Time's up on that one! The answer was: norton antivirus 2001
<adina20> Question 21 / 193: Cum se numeste componenta de calculator
folosita la stocarea informatiilor fizice? You have 30secs to answer.
<MartYanu> LOL
<adina20> de ce?lasa sa mearga
* Joins: MasterWindu (
<adina20> No one has gotten it yet! Here's a hint: **r* **s*
<adina20> Time's up on that one! The answer was: hard disk
<@Apollos``> hmmm
<vEnNoms> ban him dude
<MasterWindu> so cool
* Apollos`` sets mode: +b adina20!*
<MartYanu> hard disk
<MartYanu> =p
<MasterWindu> free trivia
<Tweak> lol
* adina20 was kicked by Apollos`` (is different, time is gone)
* Parts: dafian (~dafian@
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Post by MartYanu. »

I know this ain't a funny log.. but is a old funny mail! :D

Subject: Re: hacking mirc advice needed
From: "Some one!" <>
Date: 1997/01/14
Message-Id: <>
Newsgroups: alt.2600,,alt.2600.cardz,alt.crackckers wrote:
> i want to learn how to hack ops on mirc help me please before i kill myself email me
> -------------------==== Posted via Deja News ====-----------------------
> Search, Read, Post to Usenet

Oh well,
Kill your self then.. Because you CAN NOT hack irc... What people call hacking IRC is flooding, and gain ops by having a damned op op you,then deoping every one else.. I'am sorry, but people that "HACK" irc are hello lamers, and are completly stupid..

-Cisco Kid head of -NiK-

dooh! :devil:
The new project will be published, IRC Security.

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Post by lupuroshu »

{15:50} <@multiple> I
{15:50} <@multiple> do
{15:50} <@multiple> not
{15:50} <@multiple> know
{15:51} <@multiple> where
{15:51} <@multiple> family
{15:51} <@multiple> doctors
{15:51} <@multiple> acquired
{15:51} <@multiple> perplexing
{15:51} <@multiple> handwriting;
{15:51} <@multiple> nevertheless,
{15:51} <@multiple> extraordinary
{15:51} <@multiple> pharmaceutical
{15:51} <@multiple> counterbalancing
{15:51} <@multiple> transcendentalizes
{15:51} <@multiple> intercommunications'
{15:51} <@multiple> incomprehensibleness.
Windows loaded - System in danger. To fix this error, please install Linux or *BSD. mIRC loaded - User in danger. To fix this error, please type ALT+F4.

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Post by Wolfyx »

* Now talking in #cservice
* X changes topic to '(Etherfast) Dat fiind faptul ca sunteti niste porci, imi voi ura singur un calduros " La multi ani ! "'
* le_killer has left #cservice
<tenye2003> so is there no problem if i login from an internet cafe where maybe login many users on a day?
<Ehterfast> GRR!
* netjunkie has joined #cservice
* X sets mode: +o Ehterfast
<Wolfyx> LOL
<kiath> ROFLMAO
<Wolfyx> ROFL
* Ehterfast changes topic to 'Welcome to Channel Service! The X help channel - Registrations are OPEN - Contact:'
<kiath> Hahahaha :)
<Wolfyx> this goes into the funny logs!!!
<kiath> Yeah :D

Translation for the bolded part:
X changes topic to: But because we`re all big fat pigs, i`ll wish myself a happy birthday" :lol:
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Post by tommytee »

finally a funny log :thumbsup: :lol:

Best regards :)
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Post by sirAndrew »

[04:46] <`Flopi> look: i have a channel that is ready for review. Can you come and see it ?
[04:47] <|EL_REY|> `Flopi which channel is this and how did u loose ops there?
[04:47] <Phobia> ok
[04:47] <`Flopi> |EL_REY| i have op. but i want someone to come and review it
[04:47] <`Flopi> if it's possible
[04:47] <Phobia> same here
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