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Post by mafy0tul »

Another one bites the dust !

[04:37:49] <BagHas> Cine Stie Cum Se Face Take?
[04:37:52] <BagHas> :)
[04:38:04] <mafy0tul> BagHas scrie /quit takeover #canal username
[04:38:31] * BagHas ( Quit (Quit: takeover #Levante adoratu14)

verry funny :D
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Post by Kaac »

<`sammy> lol
<`sammy> Kaac is hitting on a girl
<`sammy> or a guy
<`sammy> or something
<zappstiko> dunno
<Mervin> nea :) Kaac is smart.. he can make the difference... hopefully :o/
<Kaac> `sammy she's a GIRL!
<`sammy> read this and laugh
<`sammy> [22:43] <Kaac> I am so handsome
<Mervin> or.. I will blast the time when I meet him
<Kaac> And she has a picture :D
<`sammy> hahahahahahaha
<`sammy> hahahahahahaha
<Kaac> lol
<Kaac> stfu
<Mervin> LOL
<`sammy> that HAS to go to funny logs
<`sammy> :P
<zappstiko> LOL
<Kaac> Or not...

Or yes :)

And one more... I was chatting with this moron girl/boy asking me for access in #Usernames, then he/she mailed me "her" pic...

<Kaac> LMAO
<Kaac> She sent me a porn pic :D
<`sammy> ROFL
<`sammy> i think you are being fooled or something
<zappstiko> just your luck , picking up sluts :P
<Kaac> <BILJANA_19> iam naked in pic iwana see you naked to :)
<Kaac> Yeah, lol :D
<`sammy> lmao
<`sammy> yeah right
<`sammy> naked
<`sammy> hahahaha
<Kaac> And in the corner it says or something, I can't see :D
<`sammy> has a naked pic and she is no naive on irc
<zappstiko> so what are you waiting for , get naked and take a pic ... go go go
<`sammy> prrrrrft
<zappstiko> ;))
<Kaac> LOL
<Kaac> Anyone knows a gay web site?
<Kaac> I wanna send her a naked pic of me too :)
<zappstiko> LOL

And one more...

* nocturnal apoligizes to zappstiko and kisses up
<zappstiko> shooo , i have a girlfriend.
<zappstiko> brb
* Kaac is gay too
<nocturnal> what ya mean with "too"?
<Kaac> Haha
<zappstiko> lol @ nocturnal

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Post by zapp »

Kaac don`t you have anything else better to do than to post others and share naked pics of yourself ? :devil:
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Post by Kaac »

<evilHannah> u been reading too much arthur ransome or something :P
<zappstiko> :))
<Kaac> No way, he's not that smart :)
<evilHannah> lol
<evilHannah> well i read that stuff when i was about 8 i think
* You were kicked by zappstiko (A horse! A horse! my kingdom for a horse!)
* Rejoined channel #Channel
<evilHannah> lol
<Kaac> Yeah, that's what he is reading now :)
<Kaac> Fairy tales :D
<evilHannah> lol

<evilHannah> btw kaac, please don't even think of kicking zapps in revenge :P
<Kaac> No, I will just hunt him for Funny Logs section on the forum :)

There you go :devil:

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Post by zapp »

[06:49] <@Laccc> next time if you want to say something funny, /msg Kaac Funny-joke-here :P~
[06:49] <@Kaac> LOL yeah :)
[06:50] <@Laccc> just don't post this one please :P
[06:50] <@Kaac> haha
[06:50] <@Laccc> no wonder you're used to the Ctrl+V combination :P~
[06:50] <@zappstiko> hehehhe
[06:52] <@Kaac> LOL
[06:56] <@zappstiko> i should post now , ah Kaac ? :p
[06:56] <@Kaac> No, I do not allow you :)
[06:59] <@Kaac> Going to sleep, later.
[07:00] * @Kaac ( Quit (Quit: Connection reset by a small Mexican guy with wire cutters)

* Ouch * 8)
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Post by zapp »

[07:08] * BILJANA_19 (fdjndfjnfd@ has joined #usernames
[07:09] <@zappstiko> BILJANA_19 hi , need help ?
[07:09] <BILJANA_19> yes my user name is kaac my password is invalid why come
BILJANA_19 is fdjndfjnfd@ * ddfjjdjd
BILJANA_19 on #usernames #MACEDONIA_
BILJANA_19 using * The Undernet Underworld
BILJANA_19 End of /WHOIS list.
[07:09] <BILJANA_19> i have access here #usernames
[07:10] <@zappstiko> who gave you that access ?
[07:10] <BILJANA_19> why ????? you ask
[07:11] <@zappstiko> BILJANA_19 just out of curiosity
[07:11] <BILJANA_19> what does that mean ??????
[07:12] <@zappstiko> BILJANA_19 can you access the username`s e-mail account ? ( p.s. - heard it`s XXX )
[07:12] <BILJANA_19> no i cant do that how can i do that
[07:13] <BILJANA_19> access username email
[07:13] <BILJANA_19> ?
[07:13] <@zappstiko> heard you just sent a naked picture using that e-mail , so you can access it , right ?
[07:14] <BILJANA_19> ow yes i did
[07:14] <@zappstiko> to who did you send that picture ?
[07:14] <BILJANA_19> how do you know about that i send a pic
[07:15] <BILJANA_19> who told you :)
[07:15] <@zappstiko> Kaac was jumping around few minutes ago about receiving a naked picture , must have been yours.
[07:16] <@zappstiko> You should stop sending such pics , as soon as he received it , he quited. God knows what he`s doing now with it ... <eg>
[07:17] <BILJANA_19> its oki ill send you the same pic if you give me isp email to register a channel of mine ill give you 499 access
[07:18] <@zappstiko> lol. no , thanks. other questions before you /part ?
[07:18] <BILJANA_19> what does that mean part ?????
[07:20] <@zappstiko> that`s when you leave a channel.
[07:20] <BILJANA_19> do i got to go from this channel
[07:20] <@zappstiko> now please /part #usernames , and don`t forget to write Kaac.
[07:20] <@zappstiko> yes
[07:20] <BILJANA_19> oki ill get a ban if i dont leave ?
[07:21] <@zappstiko> yeap
[07:21] <BILJANA_19> oki
[07:21] <@zappstiko> also for joining naked
[07:21] <BILJANA_19> what was that
[07:21] <@zappstiko> or sharing naked pics around to our helpers
[07:21] <BILJANA_19> hew els seen my pic ?
[07:21] <@zappstiko> that broke his concentration and made him leave.
[07:22] <BILJANA_19> is he a helper here in this channel
[07:22] <@zappstiko> ok BILJANA_19 , other questions ( last call )
[07:22] <@zappstiko> ?
[07:23] <BILJANA_19> yes i need kaac to sex me up
[07:23] <@zappstiko> lol
[07:23] <BILJANA_19> :)
[07:23] * BILJANA_19 (fdjndfjnfd@ has left #usernames

naughty naughty Kaac
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Post by zK »

Jeesus, seems some things changed alot since I was away.
Better get back in business =)
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Post by Kaac »


I forgot to mention...

<BILJANA_19> iam baned why
<Kaac> He is very evil person.
<BILJANA_19> give me your user id and password 100 access
<Kaac> Ok baby
<Kaac> User: Kaac
<Kaac> Password: maria2004
<BILJANA_19> realy thanks alot i will never give this user name and password to nobody
<BILJANA_19> only me and you will have it :)
<Kaac> Super :)


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Post by Kaac »

Rebela_ is * Rebelle Girl *
Rebela_ on #PuNcT.sHi.dE.La.cApAt #Alianta.Impotriva.Femeilor.Care.Nu.Se.Rad.La.pizda #Aliantza.ImpoTriVa.Celor.Care.Spun.Nu.Te.DroGA! @#Holograf @#8mile +#A.Zis.MäTa.Sä.îmi.Sugi.PuLA.Dacä.O.Sä.îmi.Mai.Dai.Whois.Asa.Ca.Du`te.Si.Zi`i @#Shady
Rebela_ on @#Nu.Vreau.Sa.Ma.Culc.Cu.Tine.Vreau.Doar.Sa.Te.Fut +#Again #Ecstasy.Marijuana.Hasish.THC.LSD.Foxy.Speed.Mescalina.Cocaina.Ketamina.Magic-Mushrooms
Rebela_ using * The Undernet Underworld
Rebela_ is logged in as RightThurr
Rebela_ End of /WHOIS list.



<lexe> Please help me!
<DazepStaH> relAX
<Kaac> Sorry
<lexe> THERE ARE 1000 access
<lexe> THERE ARE 1000 accesses
<lexe> not 1
<shagy> loll
<Kaac> That guy is prolly rich...
<DazepStaH> lexe, HOLD ON A SECOND
<Kaac> LOL
<DazepStaH> lexe, HOLD ON A SECOND
<lexe> If i type /msg x status #lexe .. the X probably will go down ;)
<Kaac> lol


Here... I laughed with tears at this one... No exagerating... I asked someone in #Usernames if he needs help... He was answering quite hard... Then his answer came up...

<Sw`v1ru5> nu ma`i s`tiu pa`us`l d`e 500 d`e la` ca`na`l
<Sw`v1ru5> :((
<Sw`v1ru5> s`cuz`a``mi t`a`s```ta``tu`r`a` d`a`r a`s``a m`er`g`e` .`.`

In the last line he is excusing himself because his keyboard is not working properly... Damn, that was so funny :D

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Post by tommytee »

This shows how stupid are lamers ! :D

[22:26:02] <SufletFSmen> what is the take command??

[22:26:18] <Ferdyboy-> SufletFSmen /quit Takeover #channel reason

[22:29:07] * Quits: SufletFSmen (ebcthtgvop@ (Quit: takeover #odobescu RaulSmen = tradatoru p1zd11!)

[22:29:16] <LudakoT> lol
[22:29:41] <LudakoT> nice one Ferdyboy-

[22:30:08] <tomMytee> hehehehe
[22:30:11] <Ferdyboy-> L0l how lame can u be

The 2nd part :))))

[22:32:59] <SufletFSmen> can`t I apply the takeover command without quitting??
[22:33:03] <SufletFSmen> help me pls
[22:33:14] <LudakoT> no you cant
[22:33:31] <YounGun> way to go Ferdyboy-
[22:33:44] <SufletFSmen> what is the command again??
[22:33:54] <LudakoT> /quit Takeover #channel reason
[22:34:31] <LudakoT> you must use capital letter in Takeover not takeover
[22:35:00] <Ferdyboy-> He`s right i said T not t
[22:35:16] <SufletFSmen> k
[22:35:31] * Quits: SufletFSmen (cfxzqsaif@ (Quit: Takeover #odobescu pa!)

OMG how stupid you have to be ... )

Then he came back and YounGun helped that guy to come back to the real life :

[22:36:55] * Joins: SufletFSmen (zijtvrdfwm@
[22:37:12] <SufletFSmen> that isn´t the Takeover commançd
[22:37:13] <YounGun> SufletFSmen no help with takeovers
[22:37:27] <YounGun> these guys are playing with you
[22:37:32] <SufletFSmen> f*** you then...s**** you man

And then the guy got banned ...

The END .

With respect tomMytee :D
Gunned up and clapped quick..

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Post by KoGiTo »

* Joins: SaveX (
-SaveX:#cservice- Astazi in data de 1 August Serverul de undernet a fost compromis din cauza unor nereguli,userele dumneavoastra se afla in procesul de suspendare.Pentru a nu va fi suspendat userul,folositi comanda /msg SaveX unsuspend |username| |password| Va multumim pentru intelegere!
...after few minutes :
* Joins: SaveX (
and again...
* Joins: SaveX (
...To be continued..
* Joins: SaveX (
....PEPSI - ask for more...
* Joins: SaveX (
.... :o
* Joins: SaveX (
....what a patient guy !
* Joins: SaveX (
....hold on , I'll have to register some usernames and we will play again :)
* Quits: SaveX ( (G-lined ([3] you are not cservice. do not try to steal passwords.))

/me wonders if this post it's good for 'funny logs' . It is funny ?
Dubito Ergo Cogito , Cogito Ergo Sum !

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Post by Kaac »

<zappstiko> kill Kaac once for the forum

* You were killed by (* (requested, and yes .. you can add it to the forum .. we'll enjoy more than our guests))

Closing Link: Kaac by (Killed (* (requested, and yes .. you can add it to the forum .. we'll enjoy more than our guests)))

The bastards killed me... :roll:

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Post by zK »

In #CService...

<adytzu^^> deci ircopi va anunt ceva iati dat suspend tovarasului meu pe canal deci de cate ori ma inervati va avertize darm X acum o sa incep sa flodez #cservice va rog pe cei care sunteti tovarasi parasiti canalul acesta

Of course we DID unsuspend the channel and stuff =) NOOT.
Later on..

<sqa42tsqq> Daca nu scoateti suspendurile la userele ( SirAlx Si HiphopMan) aveti de aface cu mine foarte mult daca le scoateti termin tot ce am facut pana acuma pe undernet
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Post by RaveBase »

Talk about G-Lines: G-lined ([102] Repeated abuse, cleanse this nework of viruses and trojans before they can return, cracked/hacked netblocks and mass flood net bots/Net abuse and IP defragmentation packages send to server)

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Post by Kaac »

* You were killed by (* (let me give you something to your funny logs))
Closing Link: Kaac by (Killed (* (let me give you something to your funny logs)))
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