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here you can make posts that do not belong in other forums
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Post by YounGun »

I will post the following log not because of his funny content, i'm just pointing out, in response to the posts on this topic, that having a sense of humor requires intelligence, so think about before posting one of your jokes, if you don't want to end up like this guy :

[08:53] (YounGun): Mikeoxbig hello and welcome, can we h3lp you with anything?
[08:53] *** ········································
[08:53] *** Mikeoxbig is ~ron_bel_9@ip.not.hidden
[08:53] *** Mikeoxbig is «ronnie»
[08:53] *** Mikeoxbig on *
[08:53] *** Mikeoxbig on #dmsetup, #ottawa
[08:53] *** Mikeoxbig idle 6 s, signed on «Sun 25th Jul 2004 07:44a»
[08:53] *** ········································
[08:54] (YounGun): .idle Mikeoxbig
[08:55] (Mikeoxbig): hello, yes.
[08:55] (Mikeoxbig): is your refridgeorator running?
[08:55] (YounGun): no i bet your is , so better catch it
[08:55] (YounGun): old one
[08:55] (Mikeoxbig): your stove running?
[08:55] (Mikeoxbig): you better go catch it.
[08:55] *** Mikeoxbig (~ron_bel_9@ has left #dmsetup
[08:56] (YounGun): idiot
[08:56] *** YounGun sets mode: +b *!*ron_bel_9@24.222.167.*

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Post by Jay`Z »

heh this was fun:

<kok> btw, is userguide the chatter a bot or a person?
<+Jay`Z> UserGuide is a bot
<UserGuide> is a bot - no information on topic

"All people have the right to stupidity but only some of them abuse the privilege"

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Post by Cautious »

[15:56] <sammy`> actually PAMELA__
[15:56] <sammy`> sometimes you make me hard
[15:56] <sammy`> ;)
[15:56] <PAMELA__> geez.. rofl


Don't worry Guys! I'm gonna go trough my whole logs of #cservice and find timeless ones :D :classic: :D
Cautious or Cauti0us
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Post by LadyLu »

Cautions, i`m going to get u... :devil: u evil..!

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Post by zeee »

[12:58] * Quits: Kaac ( (Quit: Connection reset by a small Mexican guy with wire cutters)


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Post by KoGiTo »

* Silv_ana was kicked by X ((agoodfriend) *!*@ I might look imbecile, but I am not.)

agoodfriend - is a good friend , with his username :)
Dubito Ergo Cogito , Cogito Ergo Sum !

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Post by chip »

Umm, staying several minutes to read such post replys should make any sad person laughing.
Personaly I could NOT stop laughing at some of them :D

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Post by ZeroSlashe® »

I don't get it, what i do wrong? :o

[18:05] <Zero_Hunter> besides, let me rephrase myself
[18:05] <sexywoman> go ahead
[18:05] <Zero_Hunter> "the personality counts mostly, not just seperated parts, as once told me one time, if the personality of someone rocks, the rest is definitely a bonus"
[18:06] <sexywoman> thats tru
[18:07] <Zero_Hunter> great :)
[18:08] <sexywoman> soo...r u a christian??
[18:08] <Zero_Hunter> hmmm no, i have no religion
[18:09] <sexywoman> then this is bye
[18:09] <sexywoman> sorry..christianity is the way to go
[18:09] <Zero_Hunter> okiedokie, what u want
[18:10] <sexywoman> all right....bye....nice talking to u
[18:10] <Zero_Hunter> same here, cya
that's the last time i talk with a sexywoman :P

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Post by Kiath »

KoGiTo` wrote:* Silv_ana was kicked by X ((agoodfriend) *!*@ I might look imbecile, but I am not.)

agoodfriend - is a good friend , with his username :)
Thanks God it wasn't me :D

Chip, yeah, I know... But everyone makes mistakes :)

Ok, I admit it, I'm an imbecile :D

And then...

<LorenaGirl> whahhaha

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Post by Kiath »

A new one...

* sammy^ ( has joined #usernames
* X sets mode: +b *!*
* sammy` was kicked by X ((Kaac) lamer!!)
* X sets mode: +b *!*
* sammy^ was kicked by X ((Kaac) lamer!!)
<Kaac> Aaahhhhhh

<sammy^> [21:57:50] *** sammy` was kicked by X ((Kaac) lamer!!)
<sammy^> ;))
<sammy^> good one

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Post by zeee »

*** Parts: XTro ( (United States))

sorry i can`t translate this in english too hard . trus me it`s someting that makes u realy laugh

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Post by Kiath »

In #Usernames, after I instructed someone to get an username, he pasted me an "error"...

<TYGER1> That username is already in use, please choose another
<TYGER1> You are not allowed to create a username using this email account (p*@p*.r*).
<TYGER1> You must be 13 years old or more in order to process your request.
<TYGER1> You must choose a question in order to process your request.
<TYGER1> Your answer must be different than your username.
<TYGER1> You entered an invalid code from the picture. Please try again.

The funny thing is NO STEP was completed corectly, eh...

One more...

* evilHannah ( Quit (Quit: brb, reconnecting, death to all ISPs that have a 2-hour autokick :|)

Heh, funny...

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Post by Kiath »

Pretty long one, but really funny :D

<zappstiko> ok , movie started
<zappstiko> bbl
<zappstiko> poke me if needed
* Kaac pokes zappstiko
<Kaac> ZAPP!!
* You were kicked by zappstiko (WHEN NEEDED !? :)
* Rejoined channel #Channel

<Kaac> Just checking.
* `sammy fwaps zappstiko
<`sammy> what you looking at zappstiko?
<`sammy> is it a good movie zappstiko?
<`sammy> zappstiko, where are you?
<`sammy> we miss you zappstiko
<zappstiko> spiderman 2
<Kaac> Hahaha
<Herodes> zappstiko
<Herodes> heheh
<Kaac> Zappy??!?
<`sammy> how it looks zappstiko?
* zappstiko ignores *!*@*
<Herodes> zappstiko are you having fun?
<Kaac> LMAO
<`sammy> it is a DVD-R zappstiko?
<`sammy> zappstiko, are you reading me?
<Herodes> zappstiko i hope you enjoy :)
<`sammy> we will have to kill zappstiko then
<Kaac> Do it! Do it! LOL
<`sammy> that would be a nice poke huh?
<Herodes> zappstiko i promisse i wont poke you
<Kaac> The best :)
<Herodes> ok zappstiko?
<Herodes> see ya zappstiko
<Kaac> Bah, mind if this one goes for Funny Logs on Unet web site? :)
<zappstiko> YES!
* Quits: zappstiko ( (Killed (* (When POKE doesnt work .. kill does the job :P)))
* Kaac laughs like crazy

After one minute and zappstiko not joining...

<`sammy> i wonder if he noticed :P


* zappstiko opens abuse@
<Herodes> zappstiko he will got the email and delete :P


<`sammy> amazing
<`sammy> i have never been in those funny logs
<`sammy> and i have three in the same page
<`sammy> :/
<zappstiko> lol
<Kaac> LOL
<Kaac> Four with this one :D
<Kaac> lmao
<`sammy> maybe i should gline you for four days
<zappstiko> wouldn`t be a bad idea
<Kaac> Maybe I should edit my posts.

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Post by wulf »

17:40 *** Quits: Kaac ( (Ping timeout)
17:41 *** Joins: Kaac (
17:41 <Kaac> I hate the blue screen.
17:42 <wulfy> Kaac dont worry... they will fix this in next version, screen will be green :)

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Post by mavericku »

[04:04] (stupidBoy): Razvvan Comanda este : /quit TAKE #canalul motivul !
[04:04] *** Parts: SaTaN`666 (
[04:04] (Razvvan): numai stiu nimik
[04:04] (stupidBoy): asta este comanda
[04:04] (Razvvan): okz
[04:04] (stupidBoy): de mai sus !
[04:04] (SetPass): lol
[04:04] (stupidBoy): SetPass sht
[04:05] (aimar^f): zappstiko, it says that i can't login using my current e-mail address
[04:05] (dark_L|Nk): oyeee stupidboy ke onda si hacemos una junta con los ops ke estamos y lo decidimos?
[04:05] *** UCSCwatch sets mode: -b *!*
[04:05] *** Quits: Razvvan (~Vampire81@ (Quit: TAKE #hertz sunt cel mai bun)
[04:05] *** Joins: Razvvan (~Vampire81@
[04:05] (SetPass): loooooooool
Huston we got a problem.. Apollo 13 is going down....