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*** Nice|GuY sets mode: +ooooo Blade` DeNiro IceKid Love^animaX pyriel
*** Nice|GuY was kicked by YounGun (mass op trigerred :)))

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[05:25] <X> \
[05:25] <X> /
[05:25] <X> `.-D
[05:25] <X> \
[05:25] <X> /
[05:25] <X> ^^^ one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater.

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Post by Kiath »

In #Cservice...

[07:56] <Surprised> Laccc, would you please get off me? :) j/k
[07:57] * Laccc sets mode: -o Surprised
[07:57] <Laccc> voila

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Post by Kiath »

In #Usernames...


[08:29] <htaiK> Cu placere, PaPuSiKa``.
[08:29] <htaiK> Daca nu mai ai nevoie, da /part #usernames si /msg htaiK Numarul_tau_de_telefon
[08:30] <htaiK> PaPuSiKa``, nu uita de partea cu "/msg htaiK Numarul_tau_de_telefon" :P
[08:31] <PaPuSiKa``> adika la numaru_tau_de_telefon bag numaru meu d etel ?
[08:31] <Surprised> LOL
[08:31] <htaiK> Da, ca sa te putem contacta.

In privat...

[08:31] <PaPuSiKa``> Numarul_tau_de_telefon


[08:31] <htaiK> :)
[08:32] <PaPuSiKa``> sti sa faci user ?
[08:32] <htaiK> Ai deja unul, foloseste-l pe acela :)
[08:32] <htaiK> Ai nr. de telefon, sa te putem contacta?
[08:32] <PaPuSiKa``> 0740 5194** (sunama sunt fierbinte)
[08:32] <htaiK> Pe bune?
[08:32] <PaPuSiKa``> dap


[08:29] <htaiK> Welcome, PaPuSiKa``.
[08:29] <htaiK> If you don't need help, do /part #usernames and /msg htaiK Your_phone_number
[08:30] <htaiK> PaPuSiKa``, don't forget the part "/msg htaiK Your_phone_number"
[08:31] <PaPuSiKa``> so at your_phone_number I enter my phone number?
[08:31] <Surprised> LOL
[08:31] <htaiK> Yes, so we can contact you.

And in private...

[08:31] <PaPuSiKa``> Your_phone_number
[08:31] <htaiK> :)
[08:32] <PaPuSiKa``> do you know how to make an user?
[08:32] <htaiK> You have one, use this one :)
[08:32] <htaiK> Got a phone number, so we can contact you?
[08:32] <PaPuSiKa``> 0740 5194** (call me im hot)
[08:32] <htaiK> Really
[08:32] <PaPuSiKa``> yep

[moderator note]
telephone number is censored
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Post by Kiath »

I forgot the last part...

Asa... Dupa ce o intreb cat se poate de direct daca doreste sa intretinem relatii sexuale si zice ca nu si ii zic pa, izbucneste pe canal...

[08:37] <PaPuSiKa``> baaa vedeti ca htaiK vrea numai p*zda !!
[08:37] * X sets mode: +b *!*danutza@62.231.71.*
[08:37] * PaPuSiKa`` was kicked by X ((Kiath) Sh*t, don't tell 'em!!)

Heh :)

Consoured by me :)


Then I asked her very directly if interested in having sexual relationship with me, she said no, I said bye and she got nervous in the channel...

[08:37] <PaPuSiKa``> bah be carefull htaiK wants p*ssy !!
[08:37] * X sets mode: +b *!*danutza@62.231.71.*
[08:37] * PaPuSiKa`` was kicked by X ((Kiath) Sh*t, don't tell 'em!!)

And another log...

[08:44] * msCmie ( Quit (Killed (* (stop that! please ( |MaXiM| ))))

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Post by zK »

[18:51] <@htaiK> Later [amsg]
[18:51] * @htaiK ( Quit (Quit)
[18:52] * htaiK ( has joined #*****
[18:53] <htaiK> Damn who set the clock 2 hours before...
[18:53] * X sets mode: +o htaiK
[19:03] <@Surprised> LOL
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Post by Kiath »

[14:41] <T00ta_TaRa> tell me the site of undernet for login
[14:41] <htaiK> T00ta_TaRa
[14:41] <lordwilli> T00ta_TaRa
[14:41] <htaiK> Ok, np.
[14:41] <Cyrux> :)
[14:41] <T00ta_TaRa> i love you
[14:41] * T00ta_TaRa ( has left #cservice
[14:41] <htaiK> I have a girlfriend.
[14:41] <intoit> ; ask us if we care
[14:42] <htaiK> Do you care?

Not quite funny... But for the moment...

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Post by Sergiu »

<@NaV1GaToR> Windows: okey, is there anyone in the channel now online who can support you for getting back ops?
* Windows is away (D-I-S-C-O-N-N-E-C-T-E-D)
<@NaV1GaToR> Windows: you still with me ?
<@NaV1GaToR> pfff Microsoft :P

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Post by [8]Mile »

[11:55:35] <[8]Mile> !help Cisco
[11:55:36] -CiscoHelp- There is no help available for that topic.

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Post by anaxor »

In a channel :

[21:49:19] <@|Victor> <@cxrano> —`·.¸¸.·´—`·.¸¸.·´—`·.¸¸.·´—`·.¸¸.·´—`·.¸¸.·´—`·.¸
[21:49:19] <@|Victor> * Quits: @cxrano ( (Excess Flood)
[21:49:23] <@|Victor> hahhahahahah
[21:51:03] <@tespio> ¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´
[21:51:33] <@tespio> vroiam sa vad daca imi iau excess flood

(Translate : I wanted to see if i will quit with excess flood)

after a few minutes :
[21:53:16] <@tespio> ¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´
[21:53:19] * @tespio ( Quit (Excess Flood)

[21:47:22] * MEXIKANOO ( has left #********* ( daca calc pe bec,inseamna ca merg pe tavan!)
[21:57:00] * @tespio ( Quit (Quit: Windows asks where you want to go. Unix gets you there!)
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Post by anaxor »

[14:57:34] <Nice2you> Cyrux care e comanda aia sa ii scot pe toti de pe canal??

(Translation : Cyrux what is the command so I can get them all out in a channel?)

[14:57:36] * Forward ( has joined #************
[14:57:46] * X sets mode: +l 44
[14:57:51] <SuFleTzeL> loloz
[14:57:55] <Cyrux> Nice2you /quit
[14:58:26] <Nice2you> cu quit ma deconecteaza mai??

(Translation: With quit i wont disconnect?)

[14:58:36] * Nice2you (nice@ Quit (Quit: Protections, quotes, tools, jokes and much more you find in »¡« Scøøp Script 2003 »!« download it at )
[14:58:40] * Nice2you (nice@ has joined #************
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Post by ZubaZ »

|19:09:28| <@ZubaZ> A_Blondu daca nu mai ai nevoie de altceva trebuie sa dai part (translation: if you don't need anything else, you must part)
|19:10:00| <A_Blondu> ;)
|19:13:00| <@ZubaZ> A_Blondu nu glumesc (translation: it's not a joke)
|19:13:13| <A_Blondu> ce e ala part ? (translation: what is part?)
|19:13:23| <@ZubaZ> A_Blondu tasteaza: /part #vh (hint: tasteaza = type)
|19:13:32| * A_Blondu ( has left #vh

some minutes later...

|19:16:05| * wqerrew ( has joined #vh
|19:16:12| <wqerrew> ZubaZ (translation: ZubaZ)
|19:16:16| <wqerrew> ce miai facut (translation: what have you done to me?) (hint for those who wants to learn romanian: it's "mi-ai" not "miai" :)
|19:16:17| <wqerrew> ?? (translation: ??)
|19:16:21| <wqerrew> sunt A_Blondu (another hint: sunt = I am)
|19:16:22| <wqerrew> ?? (translation: ??)
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Post by anaxor »

In a channel.

[23:34:21] <@nickname> [23:32:35] * Quits: DJ_Giuve ( (Quit: op me on #romania NOW!)
[23:34:21] <@nickname> HAHHAHAHAH!!!!!!!
[23:34:25] <@nickname> [23:31:52] <nickname1> /quit op me on #romania NOW!
[23:34:25] <@nickname> [23:32:12] <nickname1> scrie comanda aia oriunde /quit op me on #romania NOW! (translation : write that command anywhere /quit op me on #romania NOW!)
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Post by zK »

In #usernames ...
O745_888_XXX / Webchart is Kiath

[15:05] * Grunt ( has joined #usernames
[15:05] <O745_888_XXX> hi Grunt, need help?
[15:06] <Webchart> Grunt need help or not?
[15:06] <Grunt> i just want to watch if that is possible
[15:06] <Webchart> Grunt that would be $ 50.
[15:06] <Webchart> Grunt out account is 4587356346347538 in Romanian Comercial Bank. Deal or not?
[15:07] <Grunt> Webchart i cannot send money through dcc sorry
[15:07] <Webchart> Grunt then part.
[15:07] <Grunt> ok ...
[15:07] * Grunt ( has left #usernames (ok)

In my private..

[15:07] <Grunt> salut
[15:07] <Edgemont> Salut
[15:07] <Grunt> ce mai faci?
[15:08] <Edgemont> Am intrat shi eu pentru scurta vreme..
[15:08] <Grunt> nu e voie sa stai sa obeservi pe #usernames?
[15:08] <Edgemont> Decat daca platesti 50 $ la bcr.. Sa-tzi dau contul ?
[15:09] <Grunt> :)))
[15:09] <Grunt> tzeapa
[15:10] <Edgemont> Daca zici tu..
[15:10] <Grunt> vorbesti serios?
[15:10] <Edgemont> Dap
[15:11] <Grunt> adica platesc 1.700.000 ca sa stau pe un canal? :))
[15:11] <Edgemont> Pai, banii sunt folositi in scopuri caritabile, sa sponsorizam un server care sa tzina nickservul. Fiecare face ce poate..
[15:12] <Grunt> totusi e cam mult
[15:12] <Grunt> si in afara de acest beneficiu mai e ceva?
[15:16] <Edgemont> Pai...
[15:17] <Edgemont> Nu stiu, ai fi pe lista celor care au contribuit, primesti pixuri si calendare cu sigla Undernet
[15:17] <Grunt> :))))))
[15:17] <Grunt> si unde e lista contribuitorilor?
[15:19] <Edgemont> Deocamdata nu e facuta public, dar vom tine o conferinta de presa despre asta la Hotel Sofitel, daca esti din Bucuresti
[15:19] <Grunt> nu ....
[15:19] <Grunt> sunt din Radauti
[15:20] <Edgemont> Hmm
[15:20] <Edgemont> Atunci cred ca o sa-ti dam un mail daca esti de acord..
[15:20] <Edgemont> Sau o sa facem un tur national prin toate orasele mari. Am vorbit deja cu 3SE si cu Cristiana Raduta
[15:20] <Grunt> :)
[15:20] <Grunt> sa o aud pe raduta: undernet rulez! :)))
[15:21] <Edgemont> Nu, de fapt ea o sa fie imbracata in mascota.. O sa poarte un costum care reprezinta un mos de 50 de ani, care sta pe irc...
[15:21] <Grunt> :)))))))))))))))))
[15:21] <Edgemont> Eu vorbesc serios. Daca ma intrebi pe mine, eu nu as purta asa ceva nici mort
[15:22] <Grunt> eu as purta pt bani :)
[15:22] <Grunt> dar sa nu stie lumea cine sut
[15:22] <Grunt> sunt
[15:22] <Edgemont> Heh, nevermind..
[15:23] <Edgemont> So ?
[15:23] <Grunt> deci ... eu platesc 50$, apoi o sa fie o conferinta de presa, apoi cristiana raduta si 3SE ...
[15:23] <Grunt> si primesc stilouri etc
[15:23] <Grunt> imi place ideea
[15:24] <Grunt> dar cam multi bani
[15:24] <Edgemont> Vei fi celebru..
[15:24] <Grunt> ei da
[15:24] <Grunt> nu prea cred
[15:24] <Grunt> doar sa iau acc pe #cservice as plati atat :)
[15:26] <Edgemont> Hmm, tu stai in cservice pentru acces ?
[15:26] <Grunt> nuuuuu
[15:26] <Grunt> da whois
[15:26] <Grunt> pe mine
[15:27] <Grunt> pe nici un canal din acestea nu am acces
[15:27] <Edgemont> Ok
[15:27] <Grunt> doar 80 pe #research
[15:27] <Grunt> mai tii minte, nu?
[15:27] <Edgemont> Da ;)
[15:27] <Grunt> pacat de canal
[15:27] <Grunt> dar lasa
[15:28] <Grunt> asta-i tot?
[15:29] <Edgemont> Nu, eu sunt Chelu' de la Vacanta Mare, iar tu ai fost la Camera Ascunsa :)
[15:30] <Grunt> si ce cauta chelu pe undernet?
[15:30] <Grunt> se modernizeaza prin "fenomenul asl plz" ?
[15:31] <Edgemont> Chiar daca-tzi explic, n-ai pricepe. Surprised e un prieten de-al meu, iar eu CHIAR SUNT Mugur Mihaescu
[15:32] <Grunt> demonstreaza-mi
[15:32] <Edgemont> Costeleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[15:32] <Edgemont> *fond sonor*
[15:32] <Grunt> :>
[15:32] <Grunt> :>
[15:33] <Edgemont> Ei ?
[15:33] <Grunt> nu sunt convins
[15:33] <Grunt> putem face asta toata ziua
[15:33] <Grunt> dar tot nu te cred
[15:33] <Grunt> pune-te in locul meu
[15:33] <Grunt> Sunt Bill Gates
[15:33] <Grunt> ma crezi ?
[15:34] <Edgemont> Nevermind..
[15:34] <Grunt> o sa fac tot posibilul sa strang bani
[15:34] <Grunt> dar nu-mi da contul acum
[15:34] <Grunt> poate peste vreo luna
[15:35] <Edgemont> Bai, deci n-ai priceput, sunt Chelu' shi a fost o gluma...
[15:35] <Grunt> ca a fost o gluma cred
[15:36] <Grunt> ca esti chelu nu
[15:36] <Grunt> e cumva o gluma dubla?
[15:36] <Edgemont> Nu, a fost o gluma cu #usernames
[15:37] <Grunt> mi-am dat seama de cand mi-a spus asa ... webchart
[15:37] <Edgemont> Nevermind, nu uita sa ne urmaresti duminica seara numai la ProTV
[15:37] <Grunt> :)
[15:37] <Grunt> da desigur
[15:38] <Grunt> daca esti mugur ... povesteste-mi despre balada lui Pintea
[15:38] <Grunt> hai ca trebuie sa o stii
[15:38] <Edgemont> Lang-o tufa de macrisha...
[15:38] <Edgemont> Shade Pintea shi se... Spune ca facea numai lucruri buneee
[15:38] <Grunt> :>
[15:39] <Grunt> hai ca esti durere
[15:39] <Edgemont> Acum ma crezi ?
[15:39] <Grunt> sunt tentat doar sa te cred
[15:40] <Edgemont> Treaba ta
[15:40] <Grunt> dar ratiunea se opune instinctului
[15:40] <Edgemont> Sure..
[15:40] <Grunt> ei na
[15:41] <Grunt> nu-mi spune ca chelu are nick Edgemont
[15:41] <Grunt> ca mor de ras nu altceva
[15:41] <Edgemont> N-am gasit ceva mai bun, imi place serialu' ala de pe Romantica TV
[15:43] <Edgemont> Altceva ?
[15:45] <Grunt> ce altceva?
[15:45] <Grunt> daca mai am o intrebare?
[15:45] <Grunt> unde-i radu?
[15:45] <Edgemont> Acasa la el, nu m-a sunat azi, poate ii dau un telefon mai incolo
[15:46] <Edgemont> Hai ca il las pe Bogdan la pc, ca urla in spatele meu :)
[15:46] <Grunt> bogdan esti aici?
[15:47] <Edgemont> Duminica, a fost filmata prima parte, iar aia cu noi la orash va fi montata maine cred
[15:47] <Edgemont> Acum il las :P
[15:47] <Grunt> gata
[15:47] <Grunt> m-am convins
[15:47] <Grunt> lasa vrajeala
[15:48] <Edgemont> Daca zici tu..
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I have no idea what the above log says