Regarding a new operhelp channel... Please vote

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Regarding a new operhelp channel... Please vote

Post by Stefano »

I would like your vote (by posting a reply) about opening a new operhelp channel.
Just to let you know, i am against the NEW channels called "HELP"... In my opinion, the most trusted, reliable help channels are #cservice , #help , #userguide , #coder-com (coding issues). I find none of the operhelp channels reliable for a user to join, state the problem and part the channel satisfied.
I don't want to make you tire, i just want to understand the reasons i took this decision. I know that #zT admins, staff, helpers will reply (if they do :P) that the zeroTolerance channel is there for takeover issues and opless channels.
But! There are thousands of channels on Undernet and a single channel cannot afford such a mess. I am checking #zT in GMT TIME +2 every morning, and afternoon about 15:00 (GMT+2) and i see many people there sitting and waiting for their turn but noone is there.. just Tadd voiced and idleeeeed. Note: No offence to tadd, #zt or anyone else... I respect #zT.
The channel i plan to open, will be a LIVE operhelp channel. Opers of different GMT time will be invited to volunteer there (if they wish to). I have already decided the administrative team but i would like to remain secret. By doing that, i hope that every single time of the day (GMT time +...) users will be able to be assisted without any inconvenience.

P.S Channel name has been already decided but it will be announced after your votes.

My best regards, fets
Stefano Sordini

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Post by Razvanet »

This is one of the best thing i heard leatly...a LIVE help channel for unregistered channels will be just's true that zt is a good channel but as you said for Undernet that is not enough...we need another channel for opers to make undernet better, that is my opinion so my vote is YES ...GO GO... :)
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Post by Eenie »

I must be old fashioned, but I remember when Undernet had a policy of IRC ops not getting involved in channel politics, and reopping was not their main purpose! Personally, I see no need for a registered channel to need reopping, and unregistered channels should either maintain the channel using their ops or register the channel if they want to keep the channel.

When we lost X and W on undernet for a number of months, IRC ops were needed and came to the bat to help reop in certain instances. We got channel services back and they continued the reopping services. It used to be the ops who were responsible for running the channel, and if they could not maintain it, then perhaps someone else should.

So personally, I see no need for reopping channels on Undernet at all.


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Post by OUTsider »

sorry to disappoint you, but YOU are already complaining about there are thousands of helpchans already, yet you want to start another one ? Try to join an existing channel and put your efforts in there.
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Post by cArLiLLoS »

I personally witness all the time the big effort of the #nastrand team to help users with their mode problems. They have assistants that cover almost all the time zones and who are amply and properly trained.

Anyway, if you think your team will be able to handle user problems in a fair dedicated, honest and professional manner, your idea is very welcome. If this is used only to brag about diving in the same pool as ircops do, my vote is NO, please, rather go contribute with the red cross.

My best regards


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Post by simba »


My vote is NO !

There are already a number of re-opping channels such as #arlington #zt and #nastrand.

Normal help channels such as #help and #userguide are also there to guide users.

Lets have all the help spread into them 3 chans and not open any more help chans, to many help channels is pointless and will never work.

End of thread.