Greeting Ramadan

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Greeting Ramadan

Post by Revival »

Selam and happy Ramadan to all fortunate people,

First of all, I wish it will cause goodness for all the muslims and hope that our prays, fasts are approved
Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. It is during this month that Muslims observe the Fast of Ramadan. Lasting for the entire month, Muslims fast during the daylight hours and in the evening eat small meals and visit with friends and family. It is a time of worship and contemplation. A time to strengthen family and community ties

See a lot of people think Ramadan is just a month where you can have a diet and then it's all over...but there is much more to it than that...refraining from food / drink everyday until sunset is just a small part...the month is a time to reflect, ask Allah for forgiveness, increase your good deeds, pray more, read more Quran, visit your friends & family, remember how fortunate you are, at the end of the day when you have all sorts of delicious food...remember those who would literally do anything for just that cup of water that is in-front of you...
so this is a time where we shouldn't only think of being a better person for a month, but to be a better person for the remainder of our lives...

Remember me in your prayers :o
Best regards,RevivaL

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Post by AgentZed »

Hello Revival :)

It`s nice to see people reminding of these stuff from time to time :) It`s good to see we have who to pray for and there is someone to pray for us...It`s good to see people still have faith,they what to believe in,they have a good thought for someone,they want a better world,a better life.I really appreciate this,you`re a good man with a good heart.
You sure will be remembered in my prayers,like many people i know.

Be nice and take care :oops: :oops: :)

Update: I always forget something,sorry ;) Happy Ramadan :)
Welcome to Earth!

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Post by KaVaBaNGa »

Ramadan Kareem, We welcome you the best of months Ramadan :P

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Post by guitarist »


Ramadan is such an important month for all the muslims, but as Revival said it must be thought to be a good person for the rest of our lives. Having a faith isn't bad thing, but unfortunately we cannot see people as having that. Thanks to Revival, he put this to Undernet forum so people can see, learn and share their thoughts about ramadan.
You Revival and Agent will be remembered in my prays as well :)

Happy Ramadan
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Post by lebmilano »

Revival its really nice to have someone to remind people about ramadan purposes.
we shall all pray and ask god for forgiveness
when we get hungry we should remember poor people who pass through this daily and thank god for everything
i wish good wishes to everyone and happy ramadan :--)

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Post by DjChulo »

Happy Ramadan guys

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Post by Dianaa »

Ramadan Greetings to all,

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Post by TomRiddle »

A joyful Ramadan to all!

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Post by Huggins »

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Post by JulieM »

:devil: Happy Ramadam to all :) :classic:

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Post by FooFighter »

KaVaBaNGa wrote:Ramadan Kareem, We welcome you the best of months Ramadan :P
And From me... :)

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Post by KoGiTo »

May Allah bless your efforts.
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Post by Revival »

God bless you too Kogi :}

And thanx: agent,lebmilano,diana,guitarist,kav and to the all fortunate people :} my prayers with you

What's changing? How does Ramadan effect your business before, during and after ?
(Please feel free to contribute even if you're not Muslim and have similar breaks like 'fasting cure')

- No smoking during fast and getting your body clean and clear.
- Enough moral and having more oxygen to feed your brain
- No enough sex :} and Renewal of the feeling that you have your body, mind and soul under control
- Starting the thought, It's you of your found and re-thinking of your thoughts
- Remembering the mean of life doesnt that only to taking oxygen and giving the carbondioxide,reaching deeper spirituality
- What's the purpose of our created? thought,thought.. and trying to be one deserve it and all good things given by ALLAH.

Thank! Allah, Elhamdulillah
Ahi Revival, remember me in your prayers :)

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Post by Sw1ft »

Salam Alekum,

What can I say about Ramadan..

Ramadan has a very special meaning for me, it's obviously the best praying section of year for us. During the time we fasting for a month we don't eat/drink about 12/14 hours and it lets us learn to stand "what hunger is".
I feel myself full with emotions during the Ramadan. We understand how poor people lives, rich people creates iftar centers that poor people can feed theirselves with no money. With all this beauties Ramadan is an awesome thing.

I wish everyone Great Ramadan * Ramadan Kareem * May Allah forgive us *

with my best wishes,