Let`s get T-shirts for our network

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Let`s get T-shirts for our network

Post by olavinho »

Hi all is Olavinho

Just an Idea maybe someone already had the same Idea I Just want to know why our network Undernet is not making T-shirts for sale. I know we are an Organization but you can sell T-shirts for Users. So we can advertise our network .

That is All Folks


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Post by Precedent »


I agree with you! That would be cool. Not just to advertise but to proove that we are real Undernet fans. http://shop.undernet.org/ for example. Then people from different countries could make commitees that sell these products.
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Post by DUNCAN_ »

With all do respect , even though this ideea seems nice , that would mean Undernet officials would have to open an online banking sistem , and turn a section of the undernet comercial. As far as i know , Undernet never had comercial purposes or goals , and this thing will totally ruin it's reputation. If you are interested in these kind of t-shirts , you cand always save the undernet logo into your hard drive , and then go to some t-shirt printing shop and have it printed. The satisfaction is the same as buying one , even though the price might not be :lol:

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Post by simba »


Actualy dont dismiss the idea too quickly.....

Im gonna forward the idea onto the admins to see what they think :)

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Post by Kahr »

I actually think it's a brilliant idea. This means that Undernet could earn a little profit to help them expand services and all. This could be the start of something great for Undernet. :)

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Post by simba »

The project has been discussed, and its something im working on.

Dont ask about it again also untill we finish it :)

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Post by ayrshire »

Ive always wanted a T-shirt with "A/S/L?" on it.. I might just have to make one.. still, I know Id buy some undernet goodies.. but hey, if undernet doesnt go for it, doesnt stop other individuals making alot of profit from it ;) (unless undernet sues?)

good luck :bandit:

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Post by simba »

You are right,

The use of the undernet logo without prior consent from the undernet webmasters is prohibited.

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Post by kenv »

Finally the Undernet Online Store is open !
Hope you will sell more products than your expectations :P


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Post by clonebx »

an unworthy efnet-store clone, haven't seen anything that i'd buy so far. at least if the logo would look different, geesh... it looks like a Green Peace logo.

the disappointed clonebx :/

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Post by Napoleon »

i dont like them.

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Post by K8oard »

I believe that Undernet webmasters are only advertising, not more than that, so the ideea it looks good cause this was the main point I believe... anyway... same as British use to say: Sound as a pound
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Post by Razvanet »

The store was open for like 2 days...and then closed...however i heard it will be back soon...and as for the prices i can tell you that for USA the "Price is Right" and they are not that bad...i like them because they are simple...good job. I would like to congratulate all the volunteers who worked on this project !

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