That is abuse by a IRC Operator

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Hello again,

I Will remember this as well.2 years ago an IRC Operator and helper friends joining the channel and gave that Unregistered channel to another person (I was op on that channel) I did try to explain thats abuse cause we have logs for 3 years but they didn`t listen me and kidding me like :Who are you?.etc and I mailed at with proof logs which proving the channel is ours and couple of hours later Hidden /msg'ed me and told me to join that channel then re-opped us,and then the IRC Operator`s Helper friends who made a mistake apologised from me.

And you are saying that mail is working for nothing, I can't understand that, IRC Operators mustn't be removed with a single report and cause of little mistake, but you can get what you deserved and injustice can be stopped.

King regards,

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This really boils down to using the tools at your disposal.

For example, I hang out in a channel. This channel is not an open channel.
It is not a chat channel, it is our channel. There is no key, and no +i.
BUT, only those we permit shall stay.
If you join just for the sake of joining you will be kicked and banned.

Now as an oper, we usually get provoked more, and if you do not heed to warnings /kill's usually follow. Why do we /kill ? Well it is an abrupt tool at our disposal. Is it always needed ? No.

What an abuse would be, is if an oper stalks you and /kill's repeatedly without provocation. You were removed from a channel, by a channel op. It matters not if he was an oper or not. Then you decided to /invite him. Would you have done so had he not been an oper? most likely not. Most users after being kicked just leave. So since you continued to contact him, the oper used a tool to "shock" you and make you stop.

All said and done, to avoid this kind of thing, don't message/invite/chat to an oper who as no desired to interface with you.

Now having said all of that is there better ways to handle things? Sure. Did the oper in question handle it the way I would. Maybe, Maybe not. But what did is handle it. This oper is know for abruptness, but is also know for obliterating a lot of baddies on our network. My hats off to him.

If you where in a mall and you did not like a person, would you just avoid them? or cause a scene? Opers control our network. They keep things running. They handle the baddies. They handle servers. But remember they are people and people do get perturbed from time to time. Opers are not just here for you to command. And remember these opers may or may not have their own channels which they may or may not want you a part of. If they remove you and you still persist, they can and will step up their reinforcement.

-- Donnie

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points to WHIZZARD, in my 12 years on undernet, is the first time I saw a POST from him and was very nice, and totally true...
...jonathan gabriel... a.k.a. Truenos

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Here we go, TheDawn why you trying to play with all of us? What is your point with this discusion, I can not find the END of this story, but for luck I found something interesting that you will be MUCH interested for it, first of all, when you connected to the Undernet Servers and if you didn't know the RULES, please type /MOTD and read careful if you can not accept that rules what is on the motd, then please type /quit and connect on other Network or make your own and play there as you want.


[10:53] ••• #radio404 ~Raf Rafynatul Hix Rafynat
[10:53] ••• #omg ~Z Zipman- Hi
[10:53] ••• End of WHO matching - 2 user(s) found

Multiple usernames are NOT allowed on Undernet Network, you can use only 1 username , multiple usernames are not toleratet and accepted as abusing.


And finally, when got banned from pomol, he msged him again

[10:55] (Rafynatul): whats the problem?
[10:55] (Pomol): hi TheDawn
[10:56] (Pomol): use 2 usernames isnt allowed for undernet
[10:56] (Rafynatul): yes ? i know is not allowed
[10:56] (Rafynatul): bot i m login with 2 usernames
[10:56] (Rafynatul): maybe this is of my friend nope?
[10:56] (Rafynatul): you can check ;)
[10:57] (Pomol): you were in my channel with this username, because the other one was banned
[10:57] (Rafynatul): yes
[10:57] (Rafynatul): i asked of my friend
[10:57] (Rafynatul): to get me 1 username
[10:57] (Pomol): im sorry, i will report you for abuse in this network
[10:58] (Rafynatul): you can report this one
[10:58] (Rafynatul): because is not mine
[10:58] (Pomol): good bye ;)
[10:58] (Rafynatul): bye
[11:04] (Rafynatul): where are you from?
[11:04] (Rafynatul): Brasil right?


Ok, maybe you are lazy to write /MOTD, but here I will show you

- Welcome to Tampa.FL.US.Undernet.ORG Hosted by desync
- +-----------------------------------------------------------+ n
- | Client limit - 10,000 users. | e
- | Usage policy - No spam or general abuse is permitted. | t
- | Non-abusive bots are allowed. | w
- | | o
- | | r
- | For help, contact bw or jdk | k
- | also available via email @ | s
- | |
- +----------------------------------------+------------------+
- \ Remember: DON'T SPAM OR WE WILL BE \ ( Tampa, FL.)
- \ angry Angry ANgry ANGry ANGRy ANGRY \ -----------
- +----------------------------------------+

So STOP keeping disturbing the opers/helpers and stay away from private channels that you're NOT invited or NOT welcomed to join, you making that trouble by yourself!

Regards / cOnGuR

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I think we heard both sides of the story. What`s the conclusion i think nobody knows or cares.

Things is TheDawn`s miserable attempt to put someone in a bad light failed. He could have just glined you and wouldn`t have been an abuse. Why? Well using undernet is a priviledge and not a right which can be revoked at any time, by who else? That`s right IRCOPS since they have the power to do it.

Use your brain ( doubt you habe one though ). If someone from a channel you are op in, would invite you to his channel, wouldn`t you ban him from the channel you`re opped in? I would. Use association. Pomol is an ircop, ircops can kill, he punished you and had every right to do it. IF you had the power to kill someone for inviting you to a channel you don`t want to join or be invited to, wouldn`t you have done the same. i`m 101% positive you would have acted the same way too.

Topic closed. You made your point, we made our.
sirAndrew @

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