That is abuse by a IRC Operator

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I dont private him, he private me :)HAHHAHA
The Dawn

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I'm sorry for posting a bit late.
TheDawn, the only abuse I can see its you abusing of precious packets for you "little-girl-dressed-in-pink" fantasies.
Regarding Undernet, yes, it is private. You dont pay anything for access to the network, and none of you spend days and nights maintaining servers. And I bet 0 of your taxes are going to the Undernet. The servers run thanks of the money and effort of some people, and, amazingly, the damn bastards that spent even years in running Undernet, they are so rude that they even called themselves IRCOPs in their own servers.
It is their money, and you have the right to stfu, obey or die.
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usroye I just have to say that what you are talking about is not that true, they have the right to ignore you if they want to, that is true, everyone has that right. I just wanted to say that why talk to someone if the person is rude, I bet TheDawn already knew how he was so why even start talking with such a person, I don't want to say anything rude about anyone but really my point is. Ignore the person if he/she is not nice to you, why make such a big deal on this case really? An IRC Operator is a person just like you, me, TheDawn and everyone else, only because he has that extra special doesn't make him a God.

I can't really understand this big case... just drop, I also suggest that someone should lock this tread because there is no point in it, if TheDawn really thinks it was an abuse than he was explained before what to do... just mail and have it done, so simple as it is.[/url]

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as much as we'd like to think otherwise, usroye is right
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As far as i know.. servers are sponsored by companies who look for publicity.. as we can see in approximatly every motd on every server.
so am not sure about individuals paying for the server. but if that's the case, i don't think anyone is obligating any of them to pay money if they don't want to. and if you guys find paying money a problem, just send a global notice that you will give an oline to anyone who pays monthly money (thousands of replies you'll get from rich people who'd do anything for an o, just put em on a small unstable server).
my point is, no one owns us just because he's an oper. after all, undernet would be nothing without it's users.
correct me if am wrong.

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Is true HotCreep.

NiceGuy, you know why i dont send email to, because nobody answer you and nobody help you when is "talking" about an irc operator, i explain here because all can see the topic and what i explain , my problem etc etc.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards.
The Dawn

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Hello to all, first eval, this issue has been discussed i might say over-discussed and the user who has posted the complain that he had or what so ever, he's been answered, now you guys are talking about something else, non sense to me. :roll: What i'd like to point out if you feel frustrated by someone or you think he's rude or she's rude depends on the case, feel free to use ignore feature as most of mirc clients has it as for irc operator abuse cases, if an irc operator has committed an abuse feel free to report him/her at rather than creating chaos in here (but this is NOT the case of e-mailing there as it's not an abuse) and talking about his behavior in here and so on, he has right to ignore you and to be rude with people like you, as you have the right to ignore and to be rude with the people whom you think that are disruptive to you and they are annoying you. then again it's non-sense to me, for the simple fact that we're all human beings, we are not perfect, we can't be like "hi i'll give you one million of dollars, just for nothing" just an example, can we be like this? no we can't. :classic:
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it might be public, but then again it's his channel, correct? therefore he created his own channel policy and he can ban or to msg whomever joins that channel to ask him to leave without any questions asked.

Example below:

it's like having your own channel and asking a disruptive individual that you know actually is annoying for other people and for you too and ask him privately to leave in a good manner or rude manner, and if he doesn't obey you, what else you can do? to boot him out for not obeying.

Later edited :
Indeed this topic doesn't go somewhere into an ending point and the user who posted has been well answered and got his answers that he wanted to hear or at least an satisfy answer from us.

Oh and i forgot something, help is a privilege and you help whom you want that you think deserves to be helped. that's all i wanted to say.
"A wise man writes down what he thinks, a stupid man forgets what he thinks, a complete idiot punishes himself for what he thinks."

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1. mind the language
2. #arlington isn't the channel in question
xplora @
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everyone says: send to
but if anyone didn't notice, that contradicts with what usroye said.. and i quote "It is their money, and you have the right to stfu, obey or die."

does that means oper are above undernet rules (which they supposetly set in the first place) now? if so.. why does even exists?
btw xplora.. the statement i quoted also contains bad language..
maybe opers just can get away with it.

i am not pasting to defend anyone, TheDawn since you joined his private channel, he can private you and ask why.

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Undernet staff it's too good with the realy lame users. That's why undernet it's full with stupid "pseudo-hackers" kids, warez, mp3&stuff etc.
TheDawn remenber that:
Use of the Undernet network IS a priviledge, and undernet staff ARE always right and for good reason. Undernet staff are in effect the police, judge and jury all rolled into one. Staff always make sure the punishments are pointing in the right direction and of a suitable length(if is g-line).
You don't have the right to use Undernet you have the priviledge. The majority of the opers have something to do with the sponsors who provide this service so you should appreciate it and not expect it as a right. This topic make me to believe that punishment was to little for you. Try more maybe do you win a G-Line.
All chat undernet chat services are free.. so why do you complain? You get (only) a kill because you have a big mouth and do you violated the rules.
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Post by HotCreep »

then is a bluff..
so delete it, would be better, if "opers are always right" then it's practically useless..

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I think a few of you are missing the point.

1.- Abuse contact is for reporting an abuse -it´s obvious- but what to report, the user who spam reporting him self.?

2.- At the same freedom the user takes de liberty to answer with
the sentence "i do it my self, or ... i won´t respect a channel rule", or
simply performing a spam, doesn´t need from the other side a guy
being nice. Should anyone reply a spam msg/invite with a simple "thank you, have a nice day" ?.

3.- You can be agree or not at any point from an answer, but u can´t be selective when u consider an abuse as it, since at the start the first user appears to be spamming and in the other hand he claims a kill abuse for the same reason. IE "don´t kill my abusive bot spamming".

4.- Not all ppl will answer with the same reaction, but not forget, never will be a nice word if you start breaking a rule.

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Hi to all.

TheDawn First you join the channel.. (Private channel) than you r inviting the OWNER of the channel and also Oper to join your channel.. And you can tell me that you don’t know why u was /killer or Warned ? hamz... u have luck because u got Only warning.

Stefanoo: once.. like two years ago.. a guy was like beggigng for help in #arlington for like 8 hours going and coming.. he sound like a newbie he just wanted to reop himself in a room where he he lost op..
while no one helped him.. i told him to ask in #zt .. for so i got baned in #arlington by pomol and hello as lamer. (intresting)
then he pvt me why u sent him to other competitive helping channel.. damn.. (no comment)

Hamz.. Stefanoo As I know that channel has policy so You can’t help the others with NO + or @, So Pomol have the right to kick u from the channel.

HotCreep: As far as i know.. servers are sponsored by companies who look for publicity.. as we can see in approximatly every motd on every server.

It’s true HotCreep But first of all someone need to search that sponsor.. They are not comming to you.. So it`s not easy today to find sponsor.. So say Thanks to all Admins and Opers who is making Everything for US to be on Undernet and to Chat.. Not to Spam/Flood e.t.c and they protect u from flooders do not flood u.

I can see that noone is /killed with NO reason... If you are nice with the Opers and they will be nice with u.. I like the msg from REvival: I respect to people who deserves to be respected...

See Ya
Best Regards

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Post by HotCreep »

i didn't miss the point, and i was clear frm the beginning, i am defending the point that if a user got abused, he has the right to report it, not just shut up. wasn't defending this case in specific.

Pajdak, i heard many cases of people who applied to link to undernet, and they had good a good sponcer, and got rejected... some even discribed the routing com as the "untouchables" .. did you know that only opers who link are getting accepted? global ones even.. not all local ones get accepted. and i asked an undernet admin about that before and he didn't deny it..

linking to undernet is very hard.. so "So it`s not easy today to find sponsor.." doesn't hold.