Some words on tolerance, IRC and the internet. by bloke9

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Some words on tolerance, IRC and the internet. by bloke9

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The internet is no place for tolerance.It's just a place where you can bury your
flag just in your own territory. Don't ever wish or think for a second that
Tolerance or a new version of the thing will come out of the internet. It
surely won't. Regarding the Undernet and their channel service, I can only
say that it does not promote any unity among people. If the CService staff
believes in Diversity as a rainbow, they have already assumed that each
colour will eventually have its own #channel. If you don't like a certain
channel or you're banned from it, just don't complain but create your own.
Nobody will believe you or folow you with denouncing that in channel #X
people promote siesta or neonazism. It just doesn't matter. Some have even
created channel #idle for the sake of being IDLE the whole time. I remember
Daltnet had a channel dedicated exclusively to swearing and there were other
channels where you were required to act dumb if you wanted @ccess.

However, everything happens for a reason. By reading channel logs or just by
staring at the monitor for a few hours one can jump to quick conclusions.
For example, we learn that Tolerance has nothing to do with LOVE. In fact,
tolerance has to do with 'having to stand something'. In a non-virtual world
where building an exclusive club for negroes costs hundreds of thousands of
dollars we can only hope that non-negroes will be tolerant, whereas in a
100% virtual environment there's no need for tolerance and people WILL NOT
BE TOLERANT. Therefore, we can infer that people DO NOT WANT TO BE TOLERANT.
They are driven to tolerance due to the conditions in which they live.
Provided an environment where tolerance is not needed, HUMANS will just do
not recur to tolerance.

It's funny how people treat the internet as their own zero-tolerance virtual
environment most of the time. Now, why do I say 'most of the time'?. Well,
it's silly though when kicked and banned from channels most of us invoke
Tolerance and denounce the behaviour of those who banned us. However, as I
said before there is no tolerance online and it all looks sort of 'An eye
for an eye' like in Jewish law at times in cyberspace.

People do not take the internet seriously yet. The virtual world hasn't
produced a Saviour yet. There are no 'Bienaventurados' online yet.

Yes!, there's definitely something you can do IF YOU'RE SICK AND TIRED OF IT ALL ONLINE. You can just disconnect
yourself from cyberspace completely and enjoy the company of a complete
flesh and blood, body and soul human being. Just remember that cyberspace
emanates from Man, not from God. Complaining about how things happen at
cyberspace is worthless.If you're banned and complain or become a little
obsessed with it, the situation will eventually become worse and you will be
banned from more channels. We are all very different from each other which
makes up for clashes between each and everyone of us. Cyberspace is one hell
of an arena for fights. I sometimes think that maybe Satan lives in
Cyberspace. Satan is the Father of Separation and separation breeds Hatred
and Contention and puts us far from God.

Remember that 'THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE' or inside of you, not at #channel



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uhh, wow.. ok

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It's blacks or afro-americans, not negroes. And this post is just a waste of hdd space.

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lol why u think i'll read all this ? :o :lol:

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wow... :o

nice one bro.. :wink:
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Well, mr Bloke.
All i can tell you that :"YEs, you are right!", But ....
so here comes the but ... tolerance is not here yet, that`s true, but you say if you get kicked from somewhere you make your own channel, yeah you do, and you do it why? ... because you can chat there with your "friends", and i think if you are on a smaller channel tolarence is there. The fact `bout you are talking about is on big channels, and i think that if someone is IRCing he/she should join only channels he/she is interested about, i mean i will never join channel #cars , because i`m not interested in cars ...
This is my idea of the thing, thank you for reading, bestregards :lol:

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Jonny wrote:It's blacks or afro-americans, not negroes. And this post is just a waste of hdd space.


yes you are right!!!