What song was number one on the day you were born?

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UK: Show Me Heaven - Maria McKee
US: Close To You - Maxi Priest
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Post by Alexik »

UK : Let It Be - Ferry Aid
US : Nothins Gonna Stop Us - Starship

PS: need to find these songs :)
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Post by Gohan »

US: Part-Time Lover - Stevie Wonder
UK: Jennifer Rush - The Power Of Love
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Post by Charo »

Bee Gees - Tragedy :o
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Post by Nice|GuY »

US Chart: Dirty Diana - Michael Jackson
UK Chart: I Owe You Nothing - Bros
AUS Chart: The Flame - Cheap Trick

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Post by Sw1ft »

US: They don't really care about us - Michael Jackson
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Post by Stefanoo »

I asked mum she said I don't remember :P
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Post by morky »

US - Miss You Much - Janet Jackson
UK - That's What I Like - Jive Bunny
Australia - wing The Mood - Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers

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Post by andrew »

uk: Stand & Deliver - Adam & The Ants
us: Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes


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Post by snowy »

US: Livin On A Prayer - Bon Jovi

hell yeah, now I know why I like soooooo much rock music
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