What's your sport?

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Re: What's your sport?

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I like football

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I love to play badminton feather.But really love to watch all sports specially cricket and tennis

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hi i am new here.Glad to come here.Just want to say hello to you all.]

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well.. love playing soccer... even though I really get tired fast... lost the practice.

I don't really like watching soccer... not anymore at least ... and fore sure not soccer played by the romanian teams =))

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What is the easiest way to take apart the rubber from my table tennis paddle? I would like to take off/take apart the rubber from my table tennis paddle, but everytime I try, it doesn't come off or it tears appart a little bit. I tried using thinner, but it is really hard and messy. As you should know, my paddle came with the rubbers. Let's fight to get Table Tennis in the Sports Category!!! Thank you!

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Well ...swimming and Ping-Pong :thumbsup:

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I can say that I like tennis, soccer, snooker & pool, and poker. And I like watching at boxing(muay thai especially), Formula 1, darts, rugby and ice hockey.

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When i was in school i made a bit of all ... Football , Boxing ... And FreeFight . Now when i have time i run a bit . ;)

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Post by GBL »

Basketball & Boxing & Football & Tennis
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Basketball, Table Tennis, Boxing, MMA and Tennis.
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Soccer a.k.a. Football.

then Tennis and Hockey
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Really great My sport is Hockey but i like Cricket.

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I do athletics.It is so hard, but i like it

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swimming known as a complete sport!