iv been hacked!!!!!!!!

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iv been hacked!!!!!!!!

Post by kennie2427 »

im on AOL and i found out someone went on my account from another computer and made some realy gay comments and every one says big deal it is a big deal the comments were to my friends on the computer.

id like to know how youd feel if it happend to you would you be

a) mad

b) ticked off

c) upset

d) mad to a degree that lacks words.

i dont know about you but id have to say (d)

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Post by Eenie »

I'd learn to NEVER give ANYONE my password to anything, if I were you.


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Post by Etherfast »

--13:54:46-- -X- Remember: Nobody from CService will ever ask you for your password, do NOT give out your password to anyone claiming to be CService.

This goes for type of password.
Passwords are PIN numbers, do not share them with your friends, or even family. Try to memorize them, don't write them down on anything.

Off topic, someone hacked my prizee account today. I can't figure out how he found out the password, but he used his phone number, real address and personal information.

I googled him, found out he has some auctions on some website :) Worthless to say he's going down :P

Anyway, I guess I'd be really hello if someone would hack into my messenger account for example, and say bad things to my friends.

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Post by Mitko »

I use IRC only and nobody found my account password yet. I really doubt that someone can do that unless I say it by mistake. My password is "simply" random generated chars, and my machines are pretty secure even if I test malware on them. Anyway, here's the answer to your question: I will probably be mad, but on myself for not being able to protect myself. Btw, if I am an AOL user and someone finds out my AOL password and change it, I will probably feel happy because it will make me get rid of that crappy AOL.

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Post by sirAndrew »

I`d be so mad i`d use a password even i would forget it at some point in my life :)
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Post by jasee »

You, my friend, are one of the privileged ones, to have had your AOL account hacked. :devil:

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Post by undermaster »

read on : http://help.undernet.org/ -> NEWS of 13-01-2006 and also read the link there -> http://www.spyber.com/ <-

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Post by dragonelle »

around an year back it was very easy to view anyone's email even when they had set it Invisible in IRC. by just going to the cservice website it was possible to get anyone's email that time, and if YOU know to hack an email it was possible to reset the secret question/answer and then reset the password via the website.

wot i did was click forgot passwrd- n enter user n a wrong secret question /ans and hit nter n it ask me again an option change my secret question/ans... and also i cud see the cservice username email then i suppose or somthin like sent email to ur email@email.com.. dun remember exactly wot it was lol.. been quiet sometime.. but i relly did get da email!

i managed to get into my frnd's cservice emails by usin their name n secret question nswer which was set " when is my anniversary" which i js got by askin them.. cos they dnt really kno they set it thr cos i asked in a casual way.. after tat i tried n got into ma frnds user lol.. but neva did ny abuse!...
later i didnt want ppl to see my usernames email so i sent a suggestion to cservice@undernet.org frm ma gmail id lol.. guess now its fixed??!!
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