I will always remember...

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simba wrote:
And lastly.........When there was no Romanians on the UnderNet :-)

Should i say i consider this lame or not? ... i let romanians to decide this.. i already made myself an impression about this.
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Your comments are noted.

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I will allways remember my friends from UnderNet.
I will allways remember the world where I had fun and I was laughing everyday.
I will allways remember UnderNet.
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Please stick on-topic.

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simba wrote:
And lastly.........When there was no Romanians on the UnderNet :-)

funny u say that ... all of u wanna be helpers here are lame so shut up, infact undernet it lame irc is lame that is why its cool .... u are not diferent from the stupid romanian kid that haves multiple users and channels and flood drones.

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One more comment on my post and this section is locked.

Next topic please.


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I cleaned the topic of non-sence posts....if you keep it like that i`ll lock the topic...
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i always remember..
... when undernet was stable
... when you diden't get flooded every week
... when over 50% of undernet was real ppl and not abusive bots
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I will always remember ...

... when I asked a internet cafe` operator to connect me on a irc network
... when a friend told me all about channel modes and all (and when i thout its good to colect bans [in romanian ban=money]) :oops:
... when i finaly found true friends (not liers,kids with sick imagination, abusers)
.... some friends from IRC are my best friends now in real life, and some are miles away and that doesn't matter
... when i made my first(and only) username (in 2002 after i saw Star Wars episode II)
... when my channel was registered (gues what channel.... )
... my first question on #CService "what is lag?" and a oper (who was and a cservice official) killed me with reason "don't lag me, try another server"
... I got an access on a channel because they sayd i was apreciated (untill then I was just colecting accesses like .... points lol) I was verry happy to "hear" that. :lol:
+ many other things - but i can't remember now ...
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Hello guys

I remember the times that girls in our class always used to have a chat on the internet and i was searchin for them on different servers and eventually i found out that they use undernet too.

They were joining the #etiler and the channel was stolen that time. I was seeking for help in #Cservice and a nickname called IrishM sorted out the problem, i think he had 800 level access in the channel then.

I met couple of helpers that time and they were ChatHasan, Casper and few more, they were all able to speak proper english and my nickname was Marjinal, as the time goes by i learnt english because i was keep searchin the words in dictionary and tried to set up proper sentences

I have completed my military service and gave irc up for about 2 years and then i decided to participate with other helpers again. Now i believe i provide a reasonable help and hopefully improve myself even more in the coming days. I really have got the ambitious within me to achieve that

I still can remember that all my passwords were ' Besiktas '
All the access has been added to my IP address.

Good bye

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i will always remember :

days i have walked 2 km everyday to login my channel in that damm net cafe (before username project of cservice,channel accesses was added to the i.ps)

days cookie,jwpara,mcready,skewll passed away(rip),zep resigned

days i have started to help in #cservice like a lamer :)) got banned for many times by leoo,thee,also zep

day chin00k opped me as first time in cs and her tortures :P

and of course i will always remember the moment that i was invited to the cservice team
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I'll never forget..

.. When CrayonMan(John) got me to logon to UnderNet for my first time.
.. When I registered my username
.. When I got my first access (it was 300 on #mIRCSupport)
.. When I was invited to #Skype and given 300 (Back when I was still new)

Actualy, I have many more memories than that, but that's the most important and close to me. Though, I'm still new on UnderNet (about 6 months or so), and I've only been on IRC for about 14 months. :glasses:
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Times fly like hell..... so I remeber
...when I first joined I use to chat a lot :^) requesting ASL PLS + jpg of course
...when I was skipping from school to go at It-cafe :) (actualy I do this at University to *bleh*)
...when c00kie passed away and CSERVICe locked the website in her memory
...when I got killed by an Oper for asking his asl (that wasnt funny) I remeber his nick was Rale9000 !
...when I was hang around SixSense channel and he banned my everytime when he was around cause I liked to slap him!
...when I tryed to kick/ban a bad guy and I kicked/b myself :) and didnt know what happends :-S
...when I meet the great gang from #Family_Chat :) (Bets the CM Rocks!)
...when I got kicked by c00kie for spanking her heh!
...when I start hang around in cservice and got my first @ there ;)
..etc ;) lots of funny moments :D some of them I still save logs
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all i could remember from my first chat on undernet in 1996 was...

- i only chat in our cities channel because it is was in auto-join mode. (hehehe)
- i dont know what to do and a friend introduced simple commands to me. that was all i could remember and i can't remember who that friend was. waaaaaaa......

everything just passed me away and now i love this chat like no other chat can do to me :devil:
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I'll remember....

When i connected first time to irc network and searching for channels only on Favourite channels list :) (Didn't know how to join to other channels)

When i was joined to #jbt where i got my first access on W@channels2 :)

I Will never forget my friend Sw1ft which i met him on #JwPara

To moments where i was laughing out loud and my dad said: "Are you crazy? You're laughing with computer... blah"

And many many more things..

With one phrase: I will never forget UNDERNET!
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