I will always remember...

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Post by Sw1ft »

I'll always remember times when I was asking for asl :)
I'll always remember when I first banned out from #Jail..
I'll always remember when I was first added in #Jail..
I'll always remember my friends that I met on UnderNet..
I'll always remember KaVaBaNGa ;)
I'll always remember our pretty friendship channel #undernet.tr and our utr crew..
I'll always remember the moment when I was accepted as a trainee on #HelpChan..
I'll always remember the moment which I opped in #CService first time and my enjoyable moments in there while I'm volunteering.

I will NEVER forget this pretty IRC Network and my real friends that I met in here..

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Post by bLuE^ »

I will always remember my first love from UnderNet :)
I will always remember #Skype crew
I will always remember #Undernet.TR
I will always remember SEYFULA
I will always remember my first song
I will always remember 09.02.2007

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Post by HotCreep »

- i remember first time i joined undernet from a netcafe, and i connected with a random nickname "Guest" for 2 months not knowning how to change my nickname..

- i remember the day i wanted to have the "@" symbol near my nickname.. though i didn't know what it means at that time..

- i remember asking X why is he opped in every channel.

- i remember my first channel i joined, where they taught me how to make a username and i stayed there 1 year..

- i remember the day i met my best irc friends.. if they read this they'll know who they are :P

- the day i had my first own channel.
HotCreep -- #riddles @ undernet

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Post by whizzard »

I will always remember.....

.... The Start of UnderNet
.... The time when there were more servers and bots than users.
.... The decision to include time stamps on modes to avoid net split ops.
.... The loss of dear friends brought to me from UnderNet.
.... The gain of dear friends brought to me from UnderNet.
.... The time UnderNet broke 1000 users.
.... Late nights helping and being helped on a System crash or issue.
.... My bots being converted from ircII script to C.
.... The use of Mirc as a client by some users (People still use windows?).
.... The choice to register my channel, but not to bring X there.
.... The incredible pool of knowledge that abounds on UnderNet.

But most of all I remember the new people I meet and the friends that get made all because of this wonderful irc network called UnderNet!

-- Donnie
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Post by Phr34ky »

I'm a new member....as of today....I guess I still got alot to do.... =/

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Post by Irku »

I'll always remember the times I spent to many nights on Undernet.

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Post by snowy »

I'll always remember the time when I was angry at X cuz he didnt talk with me

Im cold as ice

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Post by Spidel »

actually X has no gender, it's an IT :inlove:
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Post by Qxygen »

I will always remember sleeping with KoGiTo(HaHaHa!)..
I will always remember the first channel I joined on Unet..
I will always remember Rectum Crew and how sweet it was back then when they flooded me and many others..
I will always remember W..
And I will always remember '98 when usernames were Science Fiction.. :)

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Post by ZimaBlue »

One of my assistant admins saw this topic and thought I should take some time to say something. I have to be honest, there are so many things I can still remember that I wouldnt really know where to begin or end before you all fell asleep with boredom. So I will just cover some basic events. I will always remember...

The day I moved in with ^terry and MHTS
The day I met Joyce
The day I first spoke to Tim on the phone (he knows who he is)
The day I met Jackie (She knows who she is, even if she is Alumnied and lazy)
The day I met Toni
The day Toni invited me into #Skewll's-House *The first elite private channel I ever joined*
The day I called to tell Toni that Joyce passed away
*** That was the first time I ever heard a grown woman break down and it was the first time I ever felt completely useless. I also had to call ^Terry and tell him myself. I didnt want him to find out his best
friend passed away from someone on IRC. I know now that I was on the phone with him the day his love for IRC died.
The day I called Toni to tell her that Daniel passed away, and how
*** That was the only time I ever felt as if I had known a hero and we both cried for his sister
The day I called to tell Toni that John passed away.
*** She was sick and I didnt want to tell her while she was trying to recover; so I decided to tell her a few weeks later or whenever she got better. This was also the day I realized that #Skewll's-House was transforming into a channel of loneliness. I was alone with memories of a better time.
The day I called Toni, for a second time, to tell her that John passed away
This was also the day I found out that Toni passed away.
*** That day, I realized I would never again have a love for IRC like I once did. My family had died and I was alone in a chatroom to prove it.
The day I learned that Kevbo passed away
*** This is the death that has destroyed every fiber of who I am.

But they werent all bad times...

I remember opening my first help channel
I remember firing everybody in one day becuse three users didnt get help and I had 80 ops
I remember the IRC pool parties hosted in Dallas (dont ask, not everybody wore a bathing suit)
I remember Gay Bots (Dont ask)
I remember when X and W died *I lost a boyfriend over that* (Dont ask)
I remember working in #DMSetup for Luvs2Sew
I remember creating my username when they became available (Got a good number too but its not for sale)
I remember the Christmas Flood Bot Gline Scripts
I remember the Austin* and Dallas* original servers

And someday I will say that I remember when I wrote a little piece about "I remember when..."

Yet the best part remains that I can honestly say, I am proud to remember most all of you. You guys and gals are why I love Undernet so much. You make Undernet what it is and you give us all hope as to what it will be.

Thanks for the memories

*Special Mention of Crayon, PyroBoi, Devlmstr (Who has been the most loyal friend any person could ever be lucky enough to serve with) and MreedB
Inspired By Truth
Rest with the angels my old friends

John, Daniel, Joyce, Toni, Kevin, and the few others who I still cry for when I am alone

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Post by LiCheN`` »

Hello Cservice:

...I will always remember the first time joined at Undernet Networks
...I will always remember when I was sleeping at the factory sure for Chatting, and my dad always tells me you are crazy :)
...I will always remember my friend pryz that helps me to achieve something in Undernet
...I will always remember first time when I was added on #Casino, It was a great channel
...I will always remember when I opened my own channel #house_MuSiC and I was inviting all the day *G*
...I will always remember when I meet GoLdMasteR (he was drunk) and he shouted Dzoceee :)

Simply Said : I Will Always Remember Undernet
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Post by agreS »

I remember working in #helpturk
I will always remember #Undernet.TR
I remember when X and W died *I lost a boyfriend over that* (Dont ask)
I'll always remember the times I spent to many nights on Undernet.
I will always remember 23.05.92
i will always remember My friends Kav, Sw1ft Raplekan octoberdream ascetic Undernet.tr family
i will always remember #Destek

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Post by RoDoS »

I remember channel #skeletons which was my first channel on irc
I remember doing my user
I remember having X in #stone after registering it 3 times
I remember meeting friends such as Punishest,`Goku`,XeeD...
I remember the Day i started helping people in Unofficial help channels
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Post by Revival »

This topic not related to Cservice :}

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Post by Qxygen »

I will always remember UnderNet ... I think that sums it all up :)