I will always remember...

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OMG , is that really Pufu Powah ?! *veg*
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i will never forget when i met etherfast in romania with his blue tshirt, written in orange on it. #Cservice undernet lool
cheers boghy ! :)
oh and i will never forget when we made coldasice take off his underwear in a pub. that is something i cant forget :)
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i will always remember...
...my first hour on mirc...tryin` to talk to the mighty X...asl-ing everyone around till i got banned on almost all the channels...
...my first date with a girl i meet on irc....wich turned to be a disaster...
...the nights when i was going ot internet-cafe`s and entered mirc pretending i was a chick...and making fun of boys
...the times when guys tried to "pick me up" because of my nick, thinkin` i was a girl...
...the first day i had net at home...20 hours of non-stop irc-ing...
...the first time i entered #cservice...and was amazed by the kindness they treated everyone
...the times when i got involved in a bot-lending project
...the times when i had fun on #cservice , when the guys were like crazy...for example when someone was chargin` users 5$ for an answer (he knows himself)
...the day i met my girlfriend on irc...and since that day, we`re still together in the real life...
...the times when we were having fun late at night, making jokes to other people...
and all the other good times i had on mirc... long life to Undernet and to everyone on it :)
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I will always remember when when i talked with my self in status ... :)
I will always remember how many girls liked my jpg on our ASL conversation.. :lol:
I will always remember how PROUD i was when i registred the username psychic
I will always remember #mirchelp , where i can say i found my REAL VIRTUAL friends , my IRC family :P
I will always remember my days of volunteering in #help and #userhelp ..
i will always remember my IRC friends , my true ones...
I will always remember chat moments with the crazy guys from #skype :D
I will always remember IRC....
anyway IRC is an drug , So i`ll smoke it : :devil:

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Post by Genie »

i remember the first ban for me in #help , and it was cute &hard in the same time

i remember when Eenie banned me from #mirchelp and she was mad at me :roll:

i remember when i open a new page with all on undernet

i always remember and thanks sir jail & Eenie & chemunga when they was and still give me an informations i dont knows and i will neva knows if they didint tell me about mIRC

i remember when i broke my 2 hands by a car accident and i make my small bro write on mirc for me (13 years)

i remember when they call us me and Tenie ( Genie & Tenie ) gays :o

i remember when i cheat in with some test in some channels :D

i always remember when jail called me stupid and i get mad and make ma self happey :oops:

i always remember the good times thats i spend in #mirchelp & #help

i always should remembers the help.undernet page , 24/24 open in my status windows

i always remember when i spend 53 hour online :| and my face sticked with the screen
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I will always remember...
... beeing a Volunteer on help channels
... c00kie :(
... the day which X and W quitted IRC
... Undernet!
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I will always remember..my first year on IRC and my newbie/lame
behaves :P

I will always remember..my first user register..i was agitated like a child, actually i was a lil child :lol:

I will always remember..my first channel register..

I will always remember..the good times thats i spend in #jail

I will always remember..when i am helping 24 hours as volunteer on #Cservice (it was my academic term holiday) :lol:

I will always remember..dear McReady and John Walker

And..I will always remember all of my friends on Unet I never forget this cyber world

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... when undernet was not full of drones
... when opers where not afraid of glining
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I will always remember on the UnderNet.....

Users riding netsplits to get into / ops in channels (Such as oper ones)
Opers fighting in wallops and killing each other
When there was no ddos on the Network and the staff ruled the network.
When opers were allowed to kill and gline for what they wanted to.
When the founders of the Network actualy RAN the network and had a say.

And lastly.........When there was no Romanians on the UnderNet :-)

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I remember the days of Paradise when there was no hatred, no vanity, no race, no racism, and when IRC was a mere image in the Creator's mind. I also remember the fall of the angels, the war, the temptation, the fight against them. Does it help to fight them? Of course....we get better as humans....but only to blame a nation due to some characters does not suit anybody and does not bring honour.

I believe that says it all...

PS: I remember those days you talk of...I lived them

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I am sorry to have been off track...

I gladly remember the time when I met X and W
When I was aking my friends to write letters to X asking for access
I remember the "big split" when some opers (i will not speak their names here) were toying with us taking over channels...

My first ASL....
Keeping logs with conversations with girls....of course they were amazed how I knew them so well
When I used to sneak inside the University at night just to chat a little bit more, covering the alarm sensor and peeing from the window (that was the only way unless I wanted the police on my head)

I remember having fun on Cservice (still enjoying)

I wish to get rid of the bug but it is too deep inside....

I remember all the buddies that are and there were...(still in my heart they are)...

The story continues...

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Post by Etherfast »

I will also remember...

... the atmosphere inside CService
... the days as a regular volunteer in that channel
... Jwpara, McReady, C00kie
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I will remember ...

the time... when i first connected to IRC secretly because of my brother back in PAkistan when i was 9 or so..
the time... when i used to mess around in #Delusion and chat with people, those were the days.
the time... when i used to be crazy about bots, i used to bug LeeBaN ( used to be known as NaBzPrAdO )
the time... when W went away and i was really confused as to what th eheck happened?
the time... when i used to randomly get ops in #delusion and i would get so excited.
the time... when i first registered a channel
the time... when first talked to an IRC OPerator ( BobsKC )

and many more!

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Post by Hound »

I will allways remember the days in UnderNet when there were no such *STUPID DISCRIMINATIONS* for Romanian users.

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I will always remember everyone and every stage in undernet network.....
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