I will always remember...

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I will always remember...

Post by Etherfast »

You probably know that highschool students that are in the senior year, are given some albums with photos of the teachers, of the classmates, and so on.
Those albums have a special section called "I will always remember". In there they need to write about their memories that they think will last over the lifetime, something like "I'll always remember the silence in the math classes", and others.

This has nothing to do with Undernet, but I'd like you to share with us your memories about Undernet, especially the old users of this network.
I will go first.

I will always remember...
... the late nights I was volunteering in CService along with my generation of newcomers
... the times when I was trying to register a channel for months, as I didn't know how things went around here
... the times of boredness, when I was playing trivia in random channels for fun

Please share your memories

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Post by Kahr »

I will always remember...

... The old times when I volunteer for various help channels.
... The old times when I started learning how IRC Networks operated.
... The old times when I had various eggdrops to play with (a few of them I still miss...)

... The new times when I get killed by (you know who you are!) IRC Operators for fun :P
... The new times when I find so many interesting people to talk to, while I will always remember the ones that are no longer there.
... The new times when Undernet is going ever strong, and makes us proud.

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Post by Mitko »

I will always remember...

... the Undernet lamers who made me laugh.

Best Regards.
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Post by tommytee »

I will always remeber...

... the period I was randomly /msg'ing nick's for asl
... the time I was getting g:lined continuously for excessive connections
... the time when I first joined 'help'
... the friends I made during my IRC existence, some better friends than my real life friends

I will always remeber Undernet and all his 'features'
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Post by sirAndrew »

I will always rememeber:

....my first hour on irc when i didn`t evewn knew how to set my nick
....the late nights i spent chatting and asling girls
....the day i needed help, joined Cservice, didn`t get helped so i decided to go to #help where the people made me think about being a volunteer and helping others that were in my position
....the day i met my gf on irc ( 3 years ago and we are still together in real life)
....the day i met DumbGirL and the hours we laughed together
....the day she made me post an application for Helpchan and the day i met those crazy guys

I will always remember irc and undernet which are still an important part of my life
sirAndrew @ Undernet.org

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Post by lemuel »

I will always remember...

...the time when I was first introduced to chat on IRC
...the time when I met sNiTcH
...the time when I was introduced to be part of a certain help channel on this network
...the time when I was ban and been accused for doing a take which is not true..
...the time when I get promoted in #Helpchan for a trainee level
...the time when I lost my second username :(
...the time when I met the nice guys and gals around the network
...the time when I was chatting drunk and sirAndrew post those funny logs :lol:
...the time when I was invited to join #vh
...the time when my nick was stolen for about a week
...those killed for birthdays and congratulations

many of those memories will be remembered since I'm a part of the network and I'm very proud to be a volunteer.

Long live Undernetters. :wink:
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Post by Etherfast »

There are a few more that I feel the urge to mention :satisfied:

I will always remember...

... the day I started chatting online with my girlfriend, 7 months ago
... the day when Laccc first opped me as an active newcomer
... the day Laccc thought he opped a girl :alien:
... the day I met KoGiTo and Kiath
... the day me, Sandange, Shaly and Coldas1ce joined CService with swapped nicknames and created chaos
... the day when Coldas1ce and Mervin came to my regular I-caffe to know me
... the same day I got promoted to CService trainee

Long Live the Undernetters :thumbsup:

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Post by Hyper^ »

I will always remember...

... the first username , made for me by a friend :D
... the first take over in my Pending period - i still have the logs :P
... the day The Judge accepted my channel
... the day i was Glined for being a drone - lol
... the nights when me and collegs of mine (+firends) hired the net-caffee to make trivia contests

Undernet is still in my Top3 as a ways of spending time online :)
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Post by Claudel »

I will always remember.

... The 1st time when i joined Undernet Network (kinda 9-10 years ago)
... The old times when ive made takeovers on #Zt and #Irc_Help and i got gline for 2 months on my ident & nickname.:P
... The old times when routerjoc (old ircop) unbanned me and then made fun with me about all ircops on #irc_help
... The lammahz who stolen my 1st and very old username and nobody could help me to get`it back
... The old times when saralee was arguein` with Sickmind on #Tulcea and playin with X :)
... The Old and New ppl that ive met here on this Great Network

ps: God Bless Them All, and R.I.P for those whom passed durring the years.

-= ClaudelXL / SnaK3 / Claudel =-
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Post by Getodacul »

I will always remember...

...some of crazy people that i met here, (now i drink beer :) ) on undernet and now we are real mad friends (and i still got 6 beers left to drink :D ) in the real life. (5 beers now!)

nothing else...(i'm mad :evil: now i have only 4 beers left!)
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Post by Irku »

I will always remember

... my first (lame) friends from Undernet big channels. They are the heart of this network.
... my 100th username (in 2003, if I remember well). Sick times.
... writing my first GT bot back in those times
... all those ActiveX bugs in IE that allowed write access :lol:
... Eenie and her good intentions

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Post by vEnNoms »

I will always remember

... when I broke my finger using the keyboard because I was banned from a help channel... :P
With respect,

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Post by Eenie »

I remember... My first day on IRC and someone tried to DCC chat me; I thought they were trying to hack me!

I remember... The first Undernet Newsletter... The Undernet Newsletter (Vol. I, 9/96)

I remember... Most Undernet users were experienced and knowledgeable computer users, not newbies.

I remember... When we had 20,000 users on Undernet at once!

I remember... When #mIRCHelp was added to mIRC's default channels list.

I remember... When I met my (to-be) husband on IRC in 1997.

I remember... When there were NO reopping channels on Undernet!

I remember... When we lost W and X and all channel services.

I remember... After 7 years on Undernet, I realized with sadness that I needed to install a firewall.

I remember... When Undernet decided to allow username registrations.

I will always remember how much helping on Undernet has given back to me.

Eenie :)

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Post by TheAbyss »

I will always remember...

...the times I was asling people arround :)
...the good moments spend in #CService
...all my friends in some of my favourite channels
...the time i tried 5 times to register a channel (finaly it got registered)
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Post by KoGiTo »

I will always remember...
...the first time I joined #CService to ask how can I become a myrCop
...the day I met Etherfast, TupacS3rv, ColdasIce and Etherfast's GF in real life. (Tupac got drunk, Cold was trying to kill me, don't ask about Etherfast :P)
...the day I was invited to CService Team
...the day I wrote a letter to stork in order to give me a baby
...the day I met my GirlFriend that showed me where's the stork.
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