Nickname that starts with ONLY 1 letter...

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At the end, everyone can edit the ircd.conf.
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Another one would be why do lamers steel nicks such as zT? Mostly romanians.....what is it with that? Do you feel cool to have such a nick? zT and other bots are on the network to help people. To make helpers life easier.... Sometimes i don`t understand humans......mostly my own people, romanians...

I agree with you, there's no reason to steal such nicknames. But what if I take a nickname, which may be on one of an IRCop's psybnc's or bot, and I just like that nickname, and that's the only reason I jupe it with my egg. Is that an abuse of Undernet's rules and regulations !? A very obvious example is TaddPole, and his eggie, Spot. I had that nickname on my egg, and I got g-lined of course, and I had to pay to my shell company for the time that domain has been g-lined. I think that's an abuse from the Operator, as nicknames are free on Undernet, and I didn't use any illegal ways to get that nickname. It may be a little bit frustrating for TP, but after all, he's a user of Undernet too, like everybody else.
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sirAndrew wrote:Most servers?!

2-3 servers were down at the moment i logged this:

There are 52746 users and 76890 invisible on 34 servers
101 operator(s) online
86 unknown connection(s)
49505 channels formed
I have 4669 clients and 1 servers
[17:20] -Lelystad.NL.EU.UnderNet.Org- Highest connection count: 9694 (9693 clients)
A is * alex
A on +#dreams
A using * The Undernet Underworld
A TheTrivia is logged in as
a End of /WHOIS list.
B is * Sebastian
B on -+#²²d(¬_¬)b²² -+#radmin -+#Linux-Help -+#ns2
B using * The Undernet Underworld
B is away: Nu Dau Autografe !
B run is logged in as
b End of /WHOIS list.
C is * SirVic Strikes Again ! ;)
C using * The Undernet Underworld
C 955 is logged in as
c End of /WHOIS list.
D is * alex
D on +#dreams
D using * The Undernet Underworld
D ctm is logged in as
d End of /WHOIS list.
F is ~^ * Mai luati voi pula :D
F on -+#Litere
F using * The Undernet Underworld
F is away: Pokemon TeaM RuLLz
F Learn is logged in as
f End of /WHOIS list.
G is * Printzu hello Off
G on +#radmin +#Litere +#abc
G using * The Undernet Underworld
G MaFutRepede is logged in as
g End of /WHOIS list.
H is * Sebastian
H on -+#²²d(¬_¬)b²² -+#radmin -+#Linux-Help -+#ns2
H using * The Undernet Underworld
H is away: Nu Dau Autografe !
H away is logged in as
h End of /WHOIS list.
I is * ·(· #Radmin ·)·
I on -+#radmin
I using * The Undernet Underworld
I Gherila666 is logged in as
i End of /WHOIS list.

J is ~mda@ * Sa-mi luati banana la tranta :D
J on -+#Litere
J using * The Undernet Underworld
j End of /WHOIS list.
K is * Iulicã de la Constanta !
K on -+#Litere
K using * The Undernet Underworld
K Alessandro is logged in as
k End of /WHOIS list.
L is * Lady in RED *
L on -@#btw -+#topic -+#Run
L using * The Undernet Underworld
L is away: ®
L dolargirl is logged in as
l End of /WHOIS list.
M is ~lewl@ * Mai luati voi pula :D
M on -+#Litere
M using * The Undernet Underworld
m End of /WHOIS list.
N is * The Original ME *
N on -@#btw -+#topic -+#Run
N using * The Undernet Underworld
N is away: ®
N DaNuTzVaFuTe is logged in as
n End of /WHOIS list.
O is * -=- AliG -=-
O on +#Litere @#²°°³
O using * The Undernet Underworld
O SuntLogaT is logged in as
o End of /WHOIS list.
P is * Mai luati voi pula :D
P using * The Undernet Underworld
P ns1 is logged in as
p End of /WHOIS list.
Q is * x
Q on +#C.R.E.A.M.
Q using * The Undernet Underworld
Q RZAnGHOST is logged in as
q End of /WHOIS list.
R is *
R on -+#Litere
R using * The Undernet Underworld
r End of /WHOIS list.
S is * dreams
S on -+#dreams -@#abc
S using * The Undernet Underworld
S is away: S de la Sã-mi bag pula'n MATA !
S D3viLL is logged in as
s End of /WHOIS list.
T is * danger ;>
T on +#Litere +#o
T using * The Undernet Underworld
T is away: T de la toy #Litere Team .
T Raz00r is logged in as
t End of /WHOIS list.

The rest of the letters of the alphabet are reserved by the server and D is the drone scanner....

They only think:

"Look at me, I dont need subtitles !!! "

How about this?
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did anyone notice that from the 19 single-lettered usernames logged by sirAndrew 14 belonged at the time to romanians?

@ march 3rd, 2005, aprox 06:00 AM (connected on
* [D] ( D
* [D] * :The Undernet Underworld
* [d] End of WHOIS list.

* [E] ( Drone Scanner
* [E] * :The Undernet Underworld

* [X] ( For help type: /msg X help
* [X] * :The Undernet Underworld
* [x] End of WHOIS list.* [D] ( D

all the others "no such nick" and when trying to "/nick ..." ==> "nickname already in use"
i guess the U: lines are in place :P
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Post by DrZito`77 »

i think that those kind of nicks must be reserved for irc services.
thats because a nickname should reflex/show some that identifies you, that make u different than the other humans.
for example, it should show "your power/forces", or something of your live... ur capabilities, ur favorite sports team, your favorite music/band, your name/age/real-life nickname/first name/last name, or something of that
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I doubt they will reserv all 1 letter nicknames for irc services, there are only few of them reserved, like X, W, Y etc..If they all are restriced, guess how many ppl will join cservice asking about it and eventually complaining about it, and there aren`t so many irc services as are 1 letter nicks

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Post by TheAbyss »

Some servers prefer to keep their U:lines restricted to all 1letter names and nickserv, chanserv etc... other just keep X,W and *serv. Its up to the server admins i think...
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Post by sirAndrew »

TheAbyss wrote:Some servers prefer to keep their U:lines restricted to all 1letter names and nickserv, chanserv etc... other just keep X,W and *serv. Its up to the server admins i think...

It`s odd by my knowledge if servers don`t have about the same ircd.conf they have the custom to "fight". As for example...if has added in it`s u:line the single letter nicknames a user on that server cannot change his nick into one of the letters of the alphabet. But, if on doesn`t have those letters in the U:line a user connected on this server can use those nicks.

So here comes the funny part: in a network servers must as i said have the same ircd.conf (the same nick-lenght, away-lenght, user modes, channel modes, etc). So...the important issues as nick-lenght are the same on every server. But admins modified things like max-channels....and even the u:line.

So my oppinion is that undernet should have it`s own ircd.conf if it doesn`t already have one and admins should not be able to modify those variables.
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