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Hi, I Have No idea If There Is A "MOVIE" And "TV" Section in These Forums But Seen As i Am A Film Buff I Must Add One :wink: , If You Wish You Can Say Your Top Movies of All TIme And Your Favorite Tv Shows , As For Me I have MANY Films That Are On My Mind Constantly So These Are My Favorite Movies :

LOTR(Lord Of The Rings) , The Sixth Sense , The Others , What Lies Beneath , The Ring , One Flew Over The Cookoos Nest(CLASSIC) , Porkys , The Usual Suspects , SCARFACE , Terminator 1,2&3 , Matrix 1,2&3 , The Breakfast Club , Gladiator And Pirates Of The Carribean .

Like I Said i Am A Film Buff And Its My No1 Hobbie.

Now As For Tv Series I Like : Smallville And Friends

Now If You Guys Want To post Some Comments On The Films i have Mentioned Or Tell Us Your Favorite Films,etc Please Dont Hesitate And Thanks For Viewing This Post.

:devious: So?

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