What do helpers speak behind your back when you get helped!!

here you can make posts that do not belong in other forums
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* nick (~ident@xx.xx.x.xxx) has joined #help
<nick> hi
<nick> he;llo
<nick> help!
<Gravity> nick: ask...
<nick> who is in charge of the e mail?
<Gravity> erm...not sure I understand your question
<Gravity> can you be a little more specific?
<Gravity> there are LOTS of email servers around the world
<nick> i wanted to play poker
<nick> it said put an email adress
<nick> so i put urs
<Gravity> mine?
<nick> this 1 help@undernet.org
<Gravity> ic....and you put this email address where?
<Gravity> for what purpose exactly?
<nick> so i can play poekr
<nick> anyways
<nick> ty
<Gravity> well...it is very unlikely that you will ever be able to use that email address as your own
<nick> gbye
<nick> ok
* nick (~ident@xx.xx.x.xxx) Quit (Quit)
<Gravity> and I really dont understand what your question is...you left...was...I am at a total loss to explain that one
* Gravity sees some confused people checking email at help@undernet
I google in my sleep

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PAMELA__ wrote:Hehehhehe , I like this topic.. and i enjoy the /onotices .. most of the time are cute and harmless observations regarding users, or jokes between the ops.
I was part to some kind of talks and sometimes i was laughing my arse out :P
Be happy!
PAMELA__ aka Lu^

While we wait for help they are busy with jokes ;) Nice to hear