How long have you been using the IRC?

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achmed wrote:I started in March 1997, since that day I missed 5 or 6 days, for the rest I logged at leat 5 minutes a day on IRC :) Even when Im on vacation I log in daily. I still miss W

hum i am here from 1998 if i remeber good

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I'm here since the day before yesterday !!! yay! :D
And I already love it!!!

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since 2004 .. :P
at the first time.. i disliked mirc.. but now.. i love it :P

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im on IRC since 1995
i used mIRC 4.0 lol

Enjoy! :)

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Inzy wrote:im on IRC since 1995
i used mIRC 4.0 lol

Enjoy! :)
Btw, mIRC 4.0 was released in 1996 (in the end of March if I am not wrong).


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Post by Eenie »

Correct, Mitko: mIRC 4.0 was released on 3/20/96 and 4.1 on 4/27/96, just a bit over a month later.

Eenie :)

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Winter, 1996
I'm missing those past days, really... :(
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November, 1995, was the first time I connected to Undernet

End of December 1996, is when I began my involvement with the Undernet Channel Services Committee, and it became official May 1997.

The following September 1997, I Became a CService Administrator.

Where I stayed till I became 1 of the #CService Channel Managers in February 2004.

By the end of 2004 I became a Senior Administrator, and the sole Channel Manager of #CService sometime in early 2005.

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I think, im not sure, but i think it was the month of mars.. like end of mars 1997 , my brother called me from the usa asking me to connect and download mirc.
That day i landed on EFnet, iv seen those great man in @ lol and i chated all day hi asl and stuff.. at the end of the day i got voiced. i felt waww

The next day my brother insisted to make me join DALnet where he was IRCop and personly i didnt even know what voice was but i felt happy those days with it.

Around the year 2000 DALnet got ddosed, we ops of #France had to move to Undernet to keep in touch.
I never went back.
I felt Home on the Undernet.

Mars 2005 I officialy moved myself to Beirut. (a tiny network where i have found peace)

I dont know till when, but im sure im not over with irc. me nor the old school people of my kind i believe
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Post by KC^ »

Since September 1999 :P

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In 1999, can't remember exactly the time, I think September or October. The first network I connected to was EFnet, for about.. 10 minutes, after that I chose Undernet and I remained here. Had a 2 months break in 2001 but since then I connect at least once'a week. :)
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Post by Paul »

I've been on undernet about 12 years now, neary since undernet was born. (1993) I've managed to ruin my education, college & university because of IRC, I used to skip alot of lessons just to sit and chat, I've learnt now tho & got very lucky with a good job.


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I first joined IRC 2001 (and ASL PLS girls for 4 years, but after a while... i say'd wtf, let's try smth else... i`ve make my self a username, jump in channels, begging for @, got some answers, got some bans, and now, here i am...)

Ohhhh GOD i am GOOD :D :joking:
just a kid

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i join mirc the first time in 99 then in 01 or 02 i made my username ;-) joined chanels and the story goes on .... i will die in mIRC i wana be baried on mIRC =))

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Post by Jonny »

The first time I connected to an irc server was on the undernet network in '98. That year was also the first time I connected to the internet using a dial-up account.