How long have you been using the IRC?

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Post by TheAbyss »

I remember i met IRC 4 or 5 years ago, cant remember exactly... then i was joining my schools channel and asking everyone around asl pls :P Now I'm jumping around, having fun. That's what's all about isnt it? :)
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Post by truenitos »

I start using Undernet on 1995, I will have 10 years using it on July 20, 2005..... =)
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Post by lilithia »

i'm an IRCoholic since i was 12 :9 now i'm 'bout to turn 18 yrs old, i guess i'm not a newbie anymore :b
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Post by NavySeals »

iam from 2003 here this is a long time for me iam an irc addicted

good bless you all


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Post by sirAndrew »

Hello my name is Andrew and i`m an irc addict. No help is wanted. I`m fine as i am.

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Post by child »

Since `98. And I don't regret any second spent on Undernet.
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Post by DumbGirL »

child wrote:Since `98. And I don't regret any second spent on Undernet.
Hey kido :)
Good to see you on the Forum
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Post by skiler »

Im using Undernet since December 2004 :lol: I really can´t understand why people lie about how old are they on this Network.

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Post by Forte »

mmmm really interesting topic... i start using IRC since 1998 and the reason was to try to find the girl of my dreams and i had to wait for 6 years to find the right one :D But anyway 2day im really happy that ive joined the UnderNet World cos i met a lot of gr8 and nice people 8)

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Post by jasee »

August 1998. mIRC v. smth, it was an I-Cafe and I was too much of a newbie at that time. Not a lot has changed, just that I now use irssi more than mIRC. I started on Undernet, but nowadays I hang out on EFnet too. Less politics :oops:
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Post by ycs »

Let's see.. I was 11 years old when for the 1st time I connected on Undernet, then I gave up for 2 years, 'cause my mom' didn't want me to talk to strangers. So I can finally say that in 2002 I started my Internet Relay Chat journey.. I met lots of friends (I met my ex on IRC..), and I am glad to say it: IRC is part of my life.
Dunno if you're interessed; I also wrote a Romance named "Digital Deceit" where I talk about me and my friends from IRC.
So guyz.. Let's say it; Internet Relay Chat helped me a lot when I was alone, when I was sad (It made me angry too..).
I'll never forget the 1st time I went on IRC.. =)
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Post by daS »

-X- Information about: tecnic (4264) :wink:

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Post by Jay`Z »

I don't use IRC :o
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Post by Getodacul »

Im using IRC since '96 , but Undernet since summer of '97(one year i was on DALnet)
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Post by achmed »

I started in March 1997, since that day I missed 5 or 6 days, for the rest I logged at leat 5 minutes a day on IRC :) Even when Im on vacation I log in daily. I still miss W