How long have you been using the IRC?

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98 Unet. :classic:

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since 99 :)

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i started irc when was still a server
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I have been on IRC/Undernet since 2000 year(maybe older) and I gave some breaks time to time :)

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pff i`m using irc since 2001 , started in undernet same as sirandrew with asl pls but not with this nickname : this was my second and last ..Sow since 2001-2002 i`m using Only Undernet .. Rocks , Rules and sometime sucks but is better then others.

:D Long Live Unet :classic:
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Since 1995 on Undernet and still online in 2007

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Since 1999 but with some breaks time to time with another nickname.

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Seeing all this people, they are using IRC for such a long time... some are lying some not. I don`t wanna lye, I`m a newbie, my first encounter with IRC was in June 2006, since then i have tryed to make up all the time wasted by others, tryed to make Undernet a better place, tryed to help, got banned, tryed to make friends, got a bunch of lammers that are flooding and stealing nicks, life`s not fare... This shall end! :evil:

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Not all channels are friendly ones. In fact a lot aren't. I know I personally hang out on a few channels that are not really public channels. Do we make them invite only? Nope, we just ban those who we don't want there.

For newcomers like yourself it can be harsh. But stick with it, find your clique and in no time you will be an irc addict like the rest of us.

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7 years
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Since '93 ... 19 years