How long have you been using the IRC?

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Post by InternetX »

I use IRC from 1998 for asl pls :devious:

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Post by StarGazr »

been with the ircfamily for 11 years and its been the best of times and the worsest or times, god I love it here on irc

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Post by Wolfyx »

My first IRC contact was at 12 and a half years..brr..i was at the "asl/pls" stage dating..mmm :P
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Post by Spidel »

I've joined IRC for the first time, in 2000 , i took a break for 2 years and then i keep hanging arround on UnderNet since 2002 untill these days :)

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Post by zeee »

:bandit: I think i hit the 6 years stage
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Post by Nacsty »

I used IRC since October 23 2001.
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Post by SuSSpEkT` »

Im from '98 too :wink:
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Post by BaleL »

OUTsider wrote:rereading the above makes me consider: Damn I'm an old IRC rat :P
heh we'be both been around about the same time then :music:

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Post by Mitko »

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Post by Ashley` »

I used IRC first in 2001, than left in 2002. Than i got my own pc in december 2003 and since that day Im still chatting ;)
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Post by YounGun »

I've been using IRC since 2000. Started on my own server, also tried the IRC-version dating (5 times to be more accurate), and failed horibly everytime.
Moved to Undernet in late 2001 (guessing) .

Happy Undernet user ever since :)

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Post by Virtual4Ever »

My first encounter with IRC was laste 2000 early 2001, about that period, i can`t remember exactly!

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Post by LadyLu »

Same here, must be somewhere in the end of 2000 and the beginning of 2001, I was good at asl that time, now i find it so borring, I reoriented myself to other things :P
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Post by tommytee »

I started using IRC in 2000 - 2001 - First network, Undernet :lol:
I tryed lots of networks ( 2001 - 2002 ), and then I realised that there is no place like Undernet so I decided to remain 'loial' :)
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Post by Huggins »

All my posts have been edited to nothing, seen as the Undernet forums is totally a waste of space, with inbred's like simba running it.

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