Moving to a Different Country...

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Moving to a Different Country...

Post by jstatum »

Hello everyone, I was wondering some advise you could give me considering I'm moving to Italy. I'm Italian American, but am kinda nervous because it's just new and there's the unknown aspect. I have distant cousins that I'll be probably spending most of my time with while getting accustomed to the culture. I visited when I was younger but it's not the same as living there.

The american lifestyle is very different, especially the living conditions. We'll it's going to be an adventure to say the least. I was just looking for some tips to make living in a new country easier to adjust to.

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Post by cconlan »

If you don't already speak Italian then it might be good to start learning some before you move. Once you get to Italy you can take some classes. If you get confident with the language then settling in will come easier to. Could be a good way to meet new friends.

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Post by Saramays »

1. Lonely Planet books are good to find out about lifestyle and customs.

2. Ask about customs when you get there people are more than happy to share the "proper" way to do things

3. When you arrive start studying the local language. Once people start getting the point that you truly want to fit in they start giving you a bit more respect and start giving you vocab lessons on auto pilot.

4. Relax and have fun.

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Post by Jwhittier »

I would have to agree with Sara. That seems like the most logical advise. You will find your rhythm after you've been there for a while.

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Post by Ximi »

Hint- Don't you dare to even think about driving a car in Italy, specially in big cities.

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Post by kate1ft »

I hope you will get a job there now when their economy is crumbling.

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Post by nasif123 »

Ximi wrote:Hint- Don't you dare to even think about driving a car in Italy, specially in big cities.
Didn't get you ? What will be the problem if someone do so ?

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Post by tidrapport »

I have been moving two times to two different countries. I have some advice- like the others- learn the language and then try to get into a sport club or other clubs. And then you will make some friends! Good luck!