Need Math Homework help?

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Need Math Homework help?

Post by lmary7906 »

Where I can find best tutor for assisting me doing assignments, homework help and also offer tutoring services?

I need Immediate help..Thank you.

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Post by Hodari »

Well if the homework involves "Find X" then it should definitely be easier on here ;)
Otherwise though, you could try /quote list *math* to get a list of channels with that in their name(or also try more specific subjects as well) and check those channels out. #help might also be able to assist as well

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Post by popeyepete »

Depends on what type of math you need help with. An excellent free tutor that covers topics in 10 minutes per video is Not only are there math videos, but there are videos on biology, finance, physics, etc. The guy is a genius, and he gets his point across extremely clearly, and with simplicity. Bill Gates uses his site with his kids. I used it to get up to speed on the banking system. I highly recommend the site.