what is your dream gift for christmas

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what is your dream gift for christmas

Post by elison »


what is your dream gift for christmas,what will make you realy happppppppppy
and make your dream come true :xmas:

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Post by vasyakrutoy77 »

Are you Santa Clause? ;o)

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Post by tonyt42 »

IPhone5 release please.

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Post by rickbanks »

I am almost embarrass to say but I have never owned a laptop. I am either always at work or home and both places have the desktop. But I plan on getting out of the house more. So I going to check out some prices on laptops the days right before, or after, Christmas.

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Post by ToyElf »

My dream gift for Christmas would be a redesigned home office with new corner L shaped desk with a new Mac sitting in the middle!

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Post by michaeloktober »

My dream gift for Christmas are a lot off money to pay my credit card bill

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Post by patto12us »

This is an easy one to answer. A Mac Pro with 32Gb of RAM. :-)

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Post by planetbob »

Oh i had bought a new phone the HTC nexus 1 which has now started behaving abnormally. I wish Santa Claus may come and get me a new phone..:)

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Post by coffee11 »

Now I would like an internet radio.
They work via wifi. So who is going to buy it for me then? :xmas:

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Post by mlandis9 »

Iphone 5 and a new Mac Book Pro

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Post by donintosh »

sahil1420 wrote:ps3 will be perfect..

Aim higher :D

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Post by AlderonIron »

I'd really like a 3D TV, with a new SS stero system. Won't happen but I'd like it.
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Post by matt0177 »

Gotta be an iPad.

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Post by kevinA »

My dream gift for Christmas will be the new Droid Bionic along with the WebTop that accompanies it. This will be the perfect marrying of a tablet and a cell phone. No longer needing multiple data subscriptions and life will be easier.

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Post by davidpgrossman »

To see my mother one more time. :cry: