CService Website Firewall Problem

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CService Website Firewall Problem

Post by special »

Recently more then 50% of UnderNet clients different ISP's/Countries are joining help channels asking why they can't access the website.
As I/We know the problem is the firewall that is blocking more then half of the world ISP's.
I don't want to tell clients that from now on for an year the website will be accessed only by those who can access it now.
As for me i am blocked too so i access it with proxy websites since there is no other way to do it. But on help channels it is illegal to help with Proxy...
I keep telling users/clients this but what do i want to know is '' Is there anyone that is on this issue trying to fix it ? How long would it take? ''

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Post by Spidel »

You keep telling the users, in what channel? Are you a volunteer in Cservice if yes then how come i've never seen you before? are you trying to hide yourself using a newly registered undernet forum user? I entirely find this odd. Anyhow nobody knows how the firewall works but the coders, if there are no other alternatives in fixing the issue but to advise the users to use proxy, please proceed further or have them to use whatever they want to access the website. It's quite simple. We do not instruct them how to use a proxy (for that there is google) but we do tell them the options they got if they urgentely need the website to access it. ;)
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Post by xplora »

This is not a issue we can fix, as the firewall in question is automated, and is responding to DoS attacks when it blocks anything. Remember: Just because your virus free computer isn't, doesn't mean your neighbours virus-ridden computer isn't.

As far as CService no proxy rule goes, that is mostly about using unknown and probably untrustworthy irc proxies, bouncers, and BNC's, as the traffic going through the often gets monitored which means as soon as someone using one logs into X, whomever has direct access to the hosting proxy/bouncer/bnc suddenly has the users password too, which is just simply not a good thing. Also most BNCs are often not set up correctly, creating many security issues.

As for Web proxies, while the same still does apply, open proxies in particular will have so much traffic going through them that it would not be worth an abusers time to find the information they need/want to steal the username/password of a user.

In the end tho, what is important is that proxies are simply not recommended or supported, that does not mean they can't be used, it just means that our support staff will not recommend them, nor will they provide support for them. In such situations the best source for advise is internet searches, and/or the suppliers/creators of the proxy/bouncer/BNC.
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