What's your favorite football team ?

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Re: What's your favorite football team ?

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I have often wondered which sport was invented first. American Football or what most of the world calls football (soccer)
I also wonder why there are so many organizations that specify the sport as "soccer" and yet so many people call it football.

Being an American, I will always call soccer "soccer" and football "football" and I will probably always chuckle about other people calling soccer football.

You never hear anyone talking about American football and calling it soccer but when you think about it, you don't ever hear of foreigners talking about American football.

But then when the Superbowl comes around, everyone in the world wants to watch it and they don't call it soccer, but the commercials on the Superbowl are the most expensive ads ever paid for because the advertisers know there will be people watching from all over the world.

Why don't all those people all over the world figure out that football is football and quit calling soccer football?

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wow this is interesting Italy is my favorite football team.as for the clubs i like AC Milan and Chelsea...i have been a fan of Italian football since long time ago and its gonna be for the rest of my life...AC Milan is my favorite team hopefully Milan wins this year champions league..i am a student at [url=http://www.ittrainingnepal.com]IT Training Nepal[/url] n m quite busy but i follow EPL n Italian Serie A every once in a while....

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Ac Milan and Chelsea

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FC Barcelona & Argentina

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