How to improve your spoken English

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Re: How to improve your spoken English

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From my experience, you ought to read many English books, magazines and especially newspapers.
Speak English regularly with people even if you're not good at it. Over time, your spoken English and confidence will improved.

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botoxbilly wrote:The best way is to just speak with native English speakers. The more you do that the better you will get.
That's very good advice. It's probably the fastest way to learn a second language. It helps to be able to think in the language you are using, also. When you can do that, you're thinking in the language rather than just translating back and forth in your head. I took Spanish in school, but was never taught to think in the language. It therefore was difficult for me to pick up. The way a language is taught has a lot to do with how quickly a person picks it up.

Then too, English is a difficult language to learn because it's structure is so different from most romance languages (Spanish, Italian, Portugese, French and the like) not to mention other languages such as Russian, Middle European languages, Arabic, Chinese, and other southeast Asian languages.
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1. Watch Hollywood movies
2. Follow Khadaffi's news on CNN
3. Find an English spoken girl/boyfriend
4. Play english games on Xbox

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Here are a few tips and to improve your English speech: read a lot of English magazines available on a lot of different topics; read Internet forums of subject matter that interests you; read English novels; chat with fluent English speakers.
Good luck!