Undernet Radio

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Undernet Radio

Post by [WyCk3D] »

Hell-o... i`ve heard of undernet radio. This thing actually exists?! How can i hear and with what software the Undernet Radio?

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Post by kenv »

Right now you can listen Undernet Radio [url=http://www.undernet.org:8000/listen.pls]here[/url] but is not in english :bandit: (i think it`s arabic or somethig like this). You can listen it with Winamp.
Also look at http://www.undernet.org/news/show_news.php?id=92 and if you can help with radio jingles send Simba an e-mail to simba@user-com.undernet.org
However this idea with the radio is very good :) You made a good job Simba & all who (are) work(ed/ing) to this project !

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Post by evi|one »

It's hebrew... and it s*cks (my opinion) :)
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Post by simba »

The radio which is playing now is a cast from an Israeli radio station.
The DJ's which are on there will be playing on our radio also in english.

This is the reason you can hear this radio now so you can see the style of DJ we want. Where people do lots of talking , put people on air on phone etc.

We are making good progress now; people have offered to make jingles and websites for this project and have a number of DJ's ready.

I will post more when its ready :)

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Post by GospoD »

what is a radio:P

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Post by sirAndrew »

What`s undernet?
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