Get java security alert with webchat

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Get java security alert with webchat

Post by Davio »

I am getting a java security alert when loading the web chat java applet at It says the security certificate is from an author that is not trusted.
It also says that if I accept to run this applet with the current certificate, it will run without the java security settings (or something close to that).

Being security conscious as I am, I didn't accept to run this applet and of course it failed to load.

I am using Firefox 1.5.04 with JRE version 1.5.0_06.

Should I be ignoring the security warning? :o

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Post by Mitko »

Before there was a message saying that you should accept it in order to run the webchat client, but seems like it's not on the webchat page anymore. Anyway, you should ignore the security warning.

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