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Website update.

Post by Drkynes »

Greetings everyone,
I was wondering why dont you work a 'lil bit on this website? Why dont appoint someone in charge of the website?
Look at the bottom of the page "Copyright 1999 - 2004" - I think 1999 - 2006 would be more appropriate. The server page - well add the new servers and remove those who are not working anymore. And I can continue..

P.S: In case nobody has time to deal with this minor problems I offer myself to take care of it.
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Post by Eenie »

The server page is updated frequently and is up to date now and was up to date when you wrote this.


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Post by Mitko »

Btw, the website footer is "Copyright © 1994 - 2006", so only on the forum it isn't updated.

Dimitar Tnokovski aka Mitko

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Post by sirAndrew »

The forum has been updates too.

I can assure there are people who update the website quite frecquently, and the server page is updated as soon as a server is linked/delinked. If a server "doesn`t work anymore" like you said it doesn`t not mean it has been delinked. It can be out of order and at some point it can be why remove it?

We thank you for your offer but the webmasters project does not need any help maintaining the website.
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Post by Eenie »

If anyone has a suggestion or notices a problem with the site, please join and tell us.


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Post by FasTK|LLeR »


if we did not take attention to copyright date, that does not mean

the undernet webmasters do not work on the site, which you must know,

is the webmasters take much time to set up to date the content

management system and as Eenie u can join to

notices a problem with the site or send an mail directely to
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