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Undernet links page

Post by FasTK|LLeR »


if you have good site who can help our expensive users newbies and

advanced, do not hesited to send it at webmasters@undernet.org with a

small description of the site which you have sugger .



si vous avez des bons site qui peuvent aidez nos chères users newbies et

avancés , n'hésitez pas à les envoyez à webmasters@undernet.org avec

une petite description du site que vous avez suggerer .


sorry for my english 8)


tnx in advance

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Post by kenv »

You may want to group the links in different sections, like Computer Help, IRC Help, etc. -> just an idea..

Want to ask you if you will post links in other languages than english.

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Post by zeuZ »

I have a little problem with logging in the CService Web Interface ... after i type my username and password, i click the log in button, i wait for about 2 minutes and the page goes BLANK saying clearly "The page cannot be displayed"... sweet ha ?! :wink: Now i think it could be my ISP`s fault but i need a second opinion ... Its bad i can`t log in anymore because you guys found a way to restrict proxyes (that was the only way i could log in :evil: ). So can you webmasters help me ? :(

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Post by OUTsider »

This is the wrong section to ask such questions, please try online in #cservice
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Post by TheAbyss »

Yeap grouping is a nice idea :D and maybe you could make a version of UnderNet.org website in other languages too... just an idea! :)
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Post by zeee »

hiya! i sent an email with my website awhile ago and no reply. my website is http://www.assistancesite.tk "general help website with irc channel support". hope you like it a lot of ppl find it very helpfull.
hey guys maybe u`ll help us a bit by puting it in the /links.php website :-) this way u`ll have a bigger /links page too :)