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Post by sirAndrew »

Nice to see you around the forum `Dj *VEG*

sirAndrew @ Undernet.org

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Post by ZeroSlashe® »

So to sum it all up ;)
Clients, Sourcecodes (eggdrop, bouncers etc.) freeware programs for security (anti-virus, firewalls, cleaners), documents would be handy but in html format, so it's easier to browse through it instead of having complete text files to go through. i think those should do well on the ftp =)

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Post by toolz »

Its the ftp server of an IRC network, in my opninion it should contain IRC related stuff and network related.

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Post by Cola »

agree with toolz , it should contain something about UnderNet

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Post by xplo »

375 days later :)

Btw, What's happening with the ftp?
It would be cool to have some irc clients, some personal/channel protection scripts for them, some popups script.

Lets wait and see :roll:
Go to hell with your questions, my time is done here. It was fun, but this network is sooooo corrupted by morons, its not worth it.

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Post by eakinasila »

How do i set up a ftp server on my computer? Well i tried every thing from Cute FTP to FileZIlla and i can't get connected no matter what. I don't know if im doing something wrong or its just the software im using. I need help.
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