Undernet blocked us, or?

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Undernet blocked us, or?

Post by toolz »

Since today people using RDS(romania data systems) ISP started to complain about not being able to connect to Undernet

I also use RDS and its true, we are not able to connect to Undernet but we can on other irc networks

Here's the error:

[20:14:00] * Connecting to undernet.rdsnet.ro (6667)
[20:14:01] * Send error ([10054] Connection reset by peer)
[20:14:01] * Disconnected

I discussed with an ISP representative and he said they have nothing to do with it, it is not caused by them

What could it be?

Edit: Seems that works on some servers now (but not for everyone who's trying to connect from RDS's real ip).. no idea what is causing this problem

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Post by Mitko »

This error has nothing to do with the whole Undernet IRC Network. If you are blocked by Undernet you would have been G-Lined or K-Lined.

You should search for the answer in your ISP provider RDS since it is providing you both, the IRC server and the internet connection.

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Post by Spidel »

it has been fixed, topic should be locked.
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