re-connecting with people that used to chat with (help)

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re-connecting with people that used to chat with (help)

Post by Wizzy »

A few years back I used to use the mIRC service and chat in different channels where I talked to many different people in which some I got to know in person.
Somehow or another lost connection with all this people and I stop using mIrc. I just downloaded mIRC again and saw that the program completelly changed.

I connected to the undernet server and typed in the channels that I used to chat in and there is no one there exept me.
I want to know how do I know I connected to the right one since I remembered that back them if you didn't connect to the same undernet exact server that they were on you didn't got to the same channel even though it had the same channel name.

Also I remember a while back the Undernet web site had a section where users can post their information and their pictures. What happened to that section ?

Hear from you soon and thanks for your help in advance !

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Post by Xaifas »

doesent matter on which server are u connected :) maybe those channels just got "deserted" in time :wink:


If the channel was &local then yes server does matter! like if it was: &channel and not #channel :)