[Help Connection] Closing Link: * (USER: Bad username)

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[Help Connection] Closing Link: * (USER: Bad username)

Post by F4T4L »

yo, just today I started getting this error when connecting to an Undernet server.

Closing Link: F4T4L by stockholm.SE.eu.Undernet.org (USER: Bad username)

any way to correct this? I tried changing my name around and everything, no dice.

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Post by OUTsider »

This means your username (ident) is not conforming to the RFC and is thus denied.
Since you know what I'm talking about, go fix it, and otherwise, press that button in your topleft corner called F1.
Don't bother reading, I'm just the lame botlender, right ?

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Post by Eenie »

This topic is discussed here: http://www.undernet.org/forum/viewtopic ... t=username

I am therefore closing this duplicate question. PLEASE use the search function of the forum before posting questions.