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[Help] Register username

Post by DevilMOdy »

i wann Regist my nick name in undernet server on mirc but dono how
hope to get help

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Post by Spidel »

http://cservice.undernet.org/live/newuser.php this is the quick link of registering a username with CService. by the way UnderNet does not support nicknames registration unlike Dalnet or other network you might know, who does support it, but we honestly don't :)

P.S : You must use a valid e-mail for register a username on undernet, we highly recommend ISP mails. Optional you can use paid mails but never free as they will be blocked as soon as we find out about them.
Most of free mails are blocked e.g yahoo.com gmail.com hotmail.com (doesn't worth trying to register a username using these domains)

Speaking of why most of free mails are blocked is because users tend to abuse our services by registering multiples username using the same domain on their email addy so we block it immediately at any point of abuse. Anyway you could've ask all these questions in #UserNameS so as for the next time do as it says below :

for quick and online help, join #UserNameS :roll:
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Post by Aethyrr »

And what is an ISP mail? I'd love to register but I only have an gmail account so is there anything I can do?
Thanks in advance

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Post by Mitko »

ISP means Internet Service Provider, so either use the e-mail that is provided to you by your ISP or a paid one.
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Post by Aethyrr »

Basically I'm screwd :P
Thanks for the reply

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I also use gmail because I'm a Marine Vet that doesn't have a house ie home to get an ISP so I have to rely on wireless connection that I piggy back on someone's signal to access the web. Thank the Creator for wireless technology! I won't have an ISP till next year when I finally get a travel trailer rather than a tent, since I'll be 62 then and get social security. Hey what the heck support you troops during the current war and forget about old war vets like Vietnam Vets.

Thanks anyway,
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Post by See »

We all think about old vets, heh. Now if you really don`t have an isp service mail you can always try to search for an paid email; on other hand, you can join #usernames via irc to get live help.
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